Perpetrators Spray-Painted Church of San Benedetto

Country: Italy

Date of incident: August 11, 2022

The columns and the flower boxes of the Church of San Benedetto in Livorno have been spray-painted with red tags. Some of the inscriptions that defaced the Church said "No Nazi" and "1312". It is presumed that it is the same vandals that have vandalized a statue of Canapone in the Piazza XX Settembre. A concierge hopes that the security cameras might help identify the perpetrator.

The Concierge of the Piazza XX said: 'Our hope is that the images from the cameras will help to identify the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism and that they will be forced to pay the cost of cleaning up the statue, the church colonnade, and the flower boxes.

He also commented: 'Father Tomasz and his parishioners have to clean the porch and churchyard every day from all kinds of filth abandoned at night by those who bivouac, drink, and shout until late at night, without respect for the place of worship and for those who live nearby. All this is always under the eye of the cameras".

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