A Painting of Jesus in the Church of Aléria Has been Stolen

Country: France

Date of incident: March 21, 2023

On the 21. March, the City Council of Aléria (Corsica), stated that a painting representing Jesus Christ and exposed in the Village Church had been stolen. The town hall of Aleria posted on its Facebook page about the theft. The municipality of Plaine orientale wrote: "It is a shock in the parish of Aleria, (...) a sacred object has been stolen." A complaint has been filled.

In its communication, the town hall of Aleria also added: "Apart from any religious consideration, (it) wishes to affirm its incomprehension and condemns this act in the church which is intended to be an open place of welcome and which, according to the will of our parish, will remain so during the day. This object must be returned to its place in the church, which it should never have left."

Source: Alta Frequenza

Symbolic illustration by Benoît Deschasaux on Unsplash