Disturbance in Cologne Cathedral by Supporters of the Russian Punk-Band “Pussy Riot”

Country: Germany

Date of incident: October 13, 2012

Three masked fans of the Russian punk-band “Pussy Riot” disrupted the Sunday Mass in Cologne’s Cathedral as a sign of solidarity to members of the punk-band who had been convicted of causing disturbances in a church in earlier this year.

At the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer they stormed forward to the altar screaming and imitating prayer-like gestures. According to police reports they were accompanied out of the church and were arrested for disturbance of the peace, disturbance of the right to assembly and disturbance of the fight to exercise worship.  Sources: Spiegel: (http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/pussy-riot-nachahmer-stoeren-gottesdienst-im-koelner-dom-a-850881.html) Kath.net (http://www.kath.net/detail.php?id=37777) RP online: (http://www.rp-online.de/panorama/deutschland/pussy-riot-nachahmer-im-koelner-dom-1.2958471)