Arson attempt in Brive

Country: France

Date of incident: May 6, 2024

Saint-Sernin church in Brive became the target of two arson attempts on May 3 and May 6. Due to lack of resources to ensure continuous surveillance, the church is now closed.

An unknown perpetrator attempted to set fire to the Saint-Sernin church in two succeeding arson attacks, which fortunately did not succeed. He furthermore urinated in the building. Parishioners suspect the perpetrator to be an "unbalanced person", but the identity is currently unknown.

Fortunately, the fire attempts did not cause significant damage in the church, "apart from a few objects that have been blackened".

As the parish does not have the means to ensure continuous surveillance of the church, it was forced to close Saint-Sernin church outside of services. 

Sources: L'observatoire de la Christianophobie, La Montagne

Image: Wiki Commons