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Ireland: Couple to go to Jail for Attending Mass During Lockdown

April 28, 2022, Ireland

Jim Ryan (64), and his wife Ann (59), were both fined €300 for travelling 70km to a Mass on Easter Sunday when there was a 5km limit for non essential travel during lockdown. They have since appealed their sentence but have also said they will go to jail rather then pay. Jim told the Sunday World "I have no intention of paying them a fine for me going to Mass - for doing what I have done my whole life."

Valuable Items Stolen from Church in Villach

April 28, 2022, Austria

During the night of May 28th, unknown perpetrators entered the Heiligenkreuzkirche in Villach and stole several items. They took gold-plated candlesticks, the quantity of which was not yet known, as well as a gold-plated lamp. An investigation was started and the amount of damage was still being quantified.

Man Steals from Three Churches in Wasilków and Zabłudów

April 27, 2022, Poland

The police received several reports in the last weeks of April, of thefts from churches in Wasilków and Zabłudów. In the incidents, the perpetrator had pulled the piggy bank off off the wall of one church and and in the other one, he broke the door off the money box and took around 4000 PLN. He then tried again in the church of Sokólski but the police caught the 37 year old who could be facing up to 10 years in prison.

Church in Zweibruecken Defaced with Obscene Tags

April 27, 2022, Germany

A 22-year-old man graffitied the facade of the Alexander Church in Zweibruecken on April 27th with obscene symbols. He tried to escape but the police were quickly alerted to the act, which happened around 19:30 and the man was arrested. He will have to pay around $500 for this crime.

Windows of Church in Albersdorf Broken

April 27, 2022, Germany

On April 27th, it was discovered that three of the windows on the Remigius Church in Albersdorf were damaged by thrown stones. Two had holes in them and one was cracked with the damage amounting to around 3,000 euros. There were no leads to the perpetrators and the police were looking for witnesses.

Scottish Ministers Criticized for Seeking Dialogue Between Pro-life and Pro-Choice Groups

April 27, 2022, United Kingdom

Scottish ministers said they plan to explore options of mediation with pro-life activists regarding "buffer zones" around abortion clinics. According to minutes from an abortion "buffer zone" meeting in February, the Centre for Good Relations asked for engagement “with all interested parties, not just those who are directly involved with the conflict itself." The ministers were criticized for their plan which aims to understand “the issues and perspective from all sides."

Christian Asylum Seeker Wins on European Court of Human Rights

April 26, 2022, France

In 2018, a Pakistani national who had converted from Islam to Christianity requested asylum in Switzerland but was rejected by the authorities. Despite them recognizing his conversion, The Federal Administrative Court rejected the request; however, upon taking the case, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled in favor of the applicant. They held that articles 2 and 3 of the ECHR would be violated should he be sent back to Pakistan.

1500 Euro Worth Destruction and Vandalism in Attendorn Cathedral

April 26, 2022, Germany

The police were called to investigate a crime in the St. John the Baptist church in Attendorn on April 26th. The church said that the destruction was done to candlesticks, the Agatha altar, a holy water font, parts of a bench, and a disinfectant dispenser. Books and writings were also thrown around. The damage, around 1,500 euros, was thought to have been done by a slim young man, with dark hair, between the ages of 15 and 20.

Man Urinates on Church Trani

April 26, 2022, Italy

A man was seen on video, on the 26th of April, urinating in the churchyard of Sant'Agostino in Trani. Judging by the stench, others have done the same thing which eventually causes lasting damage to the walls that then have to be repaired. This man obviously had little respect for this sacred sight.

Church Windows in Newtown Smashed

April 25, 2022, United Kingdom

The windows of the St. David's Church in Newtown were smashed by vandals on April 25th. It was not known who did the act and someone who was closely affiliated with the church said it was "absolutely disgusting to see yet again," which implies that vandalism similar to this has already occurred.