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Salzburg Catholic Organization Targeted with "Pro Choice" Vandalism

May 5, 2020, Austria

The cars belonging to the Catholic initiative, HOME Mission Base Salzburg, were sprayed with "Pro Choice" and the windows were smashed by unknown vandals.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Report on Theft and Vandalism in Austrian Churches

December 5, 2019, Austria

Crucifixes and a fountain from a chapel in Alpbach. A gilded statue of the Virgin Mary from the parish church in Kufstein. A baroque monstrance from a church in Pfaffstätten, host bowls in Biedermannsdorf -- these are just a few examples of sacred art objects that were stolen from Austrian churches in 2019.

Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Locals Outraged by Theft of Christkind Figure from Vienna Christmas Market

November 26, 2019, Austria

The Christkind (Christ child) figure was stolen twice in three days from the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) on Enkplatz in Vienna. The original figure was replaced after the first theft. The replacement was then stolen. Now it has been replaced, at least temporarily, with a wooden stake with a woolen cap on top. Locals expressed outrage at the thefts and the priest of the adjacent church offered to receive the figure "discreetly" from anyone who wished to return it.


Evangelical Event Attendees Harshly Ridiculed

June 17, 2019, Austria

Many Christians complained about being offended and insulted for their religious faith after verbal attacks by Rudi Fußi on the Austrian talkshow "Fellner! Live: Rudi Fußi vs. Andreas Mölzer" which aired on June 17th on OE24.TV. As a guest on the program, Fußi launched into a tirade calling the estimated 10,000 Christians gathered at an evangelical event “lunatics” and mocking the act of praying for the Republic of Austria and the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, calling it "completely cuckoo, totally sick" after the show host had introduced the topic.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Arson in Vienna Church; Tourist Extinguished Fire with Holy Water

June 12, 2019, Austria

A tourist discovered that fires had been set in confessionals in the Dominican church of St. Rotunda during the afternoon of June 12th and extinguished them with holy water. This incident was announced on June 19th, the same day as a series of arson attacks in Graz, including at the city hall, courthouse, district administration building, and the main station. A 45-year-old Iraqi was arrested by police after the fire at the station.

Hate Crime

Two Thefts from Vienna Churches

May 27, 2019, Austria

Witnesses called the police from two different churches in Vienna (Michaelerplatz and Florianigasse) to report thefts from the offertory box in the middle of the day on May 27th. Both suspects were arrested while they were still in and around the church buildings. The police found coins in double-digit total value on each of the perpetrators.


Sacred Objects and Keys Stolen from Mödling Church

April 13, 2019, Austria

Unknown perpetrators stole a chalice, two ciboria, and a monstrance from the tabernacle, as well as all the keys in the sacristy from the parish church in Biedermannsdorf (district of Mödling) on ​​the evening of April 13th.


Priest Calls Church Rampage "Spiritual Anarchism"

March 23, 2019, Austria

Unknown perpetrators entered the parish church in Leoben sometime between 11am and 2pm on March 23rd and urinated on the altar, dumped out holy water, rearranged candlesticks and pews, tore the wiring for the sound system out of the wall, draped the pew cushions on top of the altar and laid the cordons on top of them. Fifty tea lights which had been placed next to a statue of the Virgin Mary were stolen and thrown into an empty fountain 100 meters from the church.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Public Crucifix Vandalized in Carinthia

March 2, 2019, Austria

An arm from the Christ figure in a countryside crucifix was broken off by unknown vandals. Police are investigating.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Two Telephone Bomb Threats against Vienna Cathedral in a Week

December 29, 2018, Austria

St. Stephen's Cathedral had to be evacuated twice in one week after anonymous telephone bomb threats by were received.

Hate Crime

Monks Brutally Attacked during Robbery

December 27, 2018, Austria

Six monks were attacked, gagged, and bound during the course of a robbery at the monastery of Maria Immaculata in Vienna on December 27th. Several of the victims were seriously injured and police began a large-scale investigation.

Hate Crime Theft

Perpetrator Confesses to Arson of Evangelical Church

September 15, 2018, Austria

A 58 year old man confessed to setting a fire that heavily damaged the Johanneskirche am Lendkanal on September 15th. The altar cross, a gift of British soldiers and of great sentimental value, was missing after the fire but later found near the church.

Hate Crime Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Parish Church in Gutau Vandalized

September 7, 2018, Austria

Unknown perpetrators vandalized the facade of the parish church in Gutau with red and black paint sometime between 6 pm and 10:45 pm on September 7th.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Religious Flags Torn Down at "Campus of Religions"

July 4, 2018, Austria

Unknown vandals tore down the flags of the New Apostolic Church and the Vienna Jewish Community at the construction site for a "Campus of Religions" in the new housing complex 'Seestadt' in Aspern. The campus is supposed to become a place where different religions can coexist and meet each other peacefully. It is not the first time the site has been subject to vandalism. The Israeli flag had been attacked twice before, once at the start of the construction in 2015 and again in May 2018. Religious leaders of different Christian denominations have expressed their outrage about the act. The police began an investigation.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Two Fires Set in Neunkirchen Parish

June 27, 2018, Austria

An unknown person set fire to the tablecloth on the altar of the "Allerseelen" chapel in the church in Neunkirchen, but went out on its own. The incident was suspected to have happened just after the church opened as the priest noticed it and immediately reported the incident to the police. Two days later, a similar fire was set.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Graffiti Threat on Vorarlberg Wall

April 19, 2018, Austria

During the 18th or 19th of April, unknown perpetrators vandalized a stone retaining wall in Rankweil with pink paint. Over ten meters, they sprayed the words "Deth (sic) to all Christians!" as well as a pentagram symbol. The retaining wall on Thomas-Lehrer-Weges leads to the Basilica of Rankweil, the pilgrimage church of Our Lady of the Visitation.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

"Allahu Akbar" Graffiti on Church

October 8, 2017, Austria

Over the weekend in Ybbs (district of Melk) graffiti with messages such as "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great"), "Bomb the Kids," and "Bomb the Church" was found in various areas of the town, including on a church. Police began an investigation and offered a reward for information.

Insult or Incitement Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Offertory Box Stolen from St. Stephan's Cathedral

September 30, 2017, Austria

In the early morning hours of September 30th, an unknown burglar entered the door to the northern tower into the cathedral in Vienna. After stealing a donation box, the individual fled. The cathedral is secured by an alarm system with a direct connection to the police station, which was triggered at 5:15 am. Seven police cars and several police dogs arrived to investigate, but were unsuccessful in locating the perpetrator.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Styria: Arson in Church

September 11, 2017, Austria

Several confessional doors in the Church of the Holy Family in Kapfenberg (Diocese of Graz-Seckau) were set on fire. Because the fire was quickly discovered by church visitors, a greater degree of damage was avoided. The property damage includes the confessionals, a song book stand, and charred song books. Police were called to investigate.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Three Roadside Crucifixes Heavily Damaged in Styria

September 4, 2017, Austria

According to police in St. Stefan im Rosental, three roadside Jesus figures were forcibly removed from crosses, demolished, and stolen. Only parts of the figures remained on the crosses. All three cases were reported between August 31st and September 5th, 2017. In total, a loss of several hundred euros was incurred. Police investigated.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)