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„Youth Defense“ Posters Devastated and Sprayed With Offensive Graffiti

June 21, 2012, Ireland

Posters of an Irish organisation that opposes legalisation of abortion „Youth Defense“ were devastated and sprayed upon with offensive graffiti all around Dublin. The posters were covered with paint and torn down and the video of that act appeared in social media.

Homeschooling Restricted in Austria

June 19, 2012, Austria

Several English – speaking Christian families who home educate their children in Austria have come under pressure by the Austrian school authorities for educating their children in English. They have been fined and threatened with the children being taken away – even though there are schools in Austria which teach exclusively in English.

Writing on Church Walls in Lithuania

June 17, 2012, Lithuania

June 17th 2012, the walls of a church in Vilnius were spray painted with writing.

Christian Manifestation Attacked by Homosexual Activists

June 16, 2012, Austria

About 70 Christians demonstrated in a prayerful and peaceful walk against the Vienna "Gay pride parade" in Vienna on June 16th. They were attacked by counterdemonstration of activists for a homosexual agenda.

Danish Church Obliged to Perform Same Sex ‘Marriages’

June 15, 2012, Denmark

The Evangelical Lutheran Church is forced to marry same sex couples after vote of Danish Parliament.

Christian GP Called Guilty of “Malpractice” for Sharing his Faith

June 14, 2012, United Kingdom

The General Medical Council’s Investigation Committee has reprimanded a Christian doctor for sharing his faith with a patient at the end of a private consultation.

Protestant Church Vandalised For a Second Time In This Year

June 12, 2012, Germany

In Haltingen in Weil am Rhein, for the second time this year, a Protestant church was desecrated - the police expressed their surprise as there is not much to gain by breaking into a church. According to the police, there must be other motives than robbery as statistically this has not happened as much in others houses of prayer, such as mosques or synagogues.

Reported Cases of Verbal Assaults in Italy

June 12, 2012, Italy

The Holy See reported three cases of verbal assaults against Christians in Italy on the following dates: 23 January 2012 February 2012 12 June 2012

Graves Plundered in Osijek

June 3, 2012, Croatia

The Apostolic Nunciature of Croatia reported that over an unknown period of time, graves were plundered by chapel workers in Osijek, Croatia.

Catholic NGO Defamed By Government Report, Confirmed by Court

June 1, 2012, France

Georges Fenech, the president of the interministerial mission MIVILUDES, an acronym for Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires (Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances), appointed to this position by François Fillon in 2008 and renewed in 2011, was convicted by the Paris criminal court on June 1, 2012 for public defamation.

Vienna Church St. Johann the Evangelist Vandalised

June 1, 2012, Austria

On June 1, an unknown person entered the parish church of St. Johann Evangelist on Keplerplatz and destroyed several windows in the second entrance doors located inside the church.

Burglars Steal Monstrance and Altar Cross from Church in Krefeld

May 30, 2012, Germany

Unidentified perpetrators broke into the parish office of the Church of Our Lady. There they took a key of the church opposite which they entered and ransacked. They caused damage in the church sacristy, broke a cabinet and stole a monstrance and an altar cross.

Windows Broken at Catholic School Centre

May 27, 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Windows were broken by someone throwing stones at them in the gym of the Catholic School Centre in Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina, between the 27th and the 28th of May 2012.

Conscientious Objection Loses Ground

May 24, 2012, France

Medical Student, Carolin, 24: “I had to do an internship in a gynecology department, and I can tell you that when there is only one nurse for the whole department, you better forget about your conscientious objection.”

Law Society Revokes Christian Debate Over Marriage

May 23, 2012, United Kingdom

The Law Society has revoked the booking of a Christian conférence on marriage to be held by Christian Concern and other organisations because it considered it "contrary to its ‘diversity’ Policy".

Burglary in the Church of St. John in Petersberg

May 20, 2012, Germany

A unknown perpetrator broke through a window into the Petersburg church of St. John. All the rooms were searched and eventually he fled with only five Euros from the church.

St. Martin's Church in Bürstadt Desecrated

May 19, 2012, Germany

In Bürstadt (Idstein) the St. Martin's Church was desecrated. The offertory for the poor was torn down and the holy sanctuary desecrated.

Local Church in Bispingen Desecrated

May 19, 2012, Germany

In Bispingen (Walsrode) the local church was desecrated. There were anti-Christian graffiti sprayed across the walls and satanic symbols drawn on the dais in the sanctuary. Also, the outer wall was ruined.

Bishop Banned from Official City Events in Alcala

May 18, 2012, Spain

The city council of Alcala adopted a motion banning bishop Juan Antonia Reig Pla from official city events. The motion answers the bishop's remarks criticizing homosexual lifestyle.

Christian Blogger Under Investigation by Gov’t Ad Authority for Running Pro-Marriage Ad

May 18, 2012, United Kingdom

A prominent British Christian conservative blogger is under attack from a government agency, at the behest of a homosexualist activist group, for supporting the defence of traditional marriage.

Statue of Jesus Beaten and Beheaded

May 12, 2012, Germany

A 2-meter-tall statue of Jesus was attacked at a cemetory in Pausa/Saxony. The vandals beheaded the statue and hit the head until it broke into pieces. They left with the face. Pastor Frank Pierel is shocked and saddened and reports that such attacks take place rather frequently in his area. The material damage amounts to 3000 Euro.

Church Broken Into in Dolina

May 12, 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Between the 12th and 13th of May 2012, someone broke into a church in Dolina, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina. While doing so, the perpetrator(s) caused significant damage to the front door.

Cross Put on Fire in Strunjan

May 10, 2012, Slovenia

On Thursday, the 10th of May, Dean Verzel, together with a few adherents, set the XVIIth century votive cross of Strujan on fire. The artist Dean Verzel and photographer Goran Bertok carried out the same act 10 years ago but were acquitted in court.

Church Set on Fire in Lithuania

May 9, 2012, Lithuania

On May 9th 2012, a church in Pastuva was set on fire and burned to the ground.

Christian Graves Vandlised in Canohès

May 4, 2012, France

Four Chrisitan graves were vandalised and tagged with anti-Christian wordings the cemetery of Canohès in the Easter Pyrenees.

Doctor Sacked For Emailing Prayer Loses Court Battle

May 3, 2012, United Kingdom

Christian doctor who was sacked for emailing a prayer to his colleagues has lost his clam for unfair dismissal, after an Employment Tribunal ruled that there was “no need” for religious references to be made at work.

Irish Legislative Proposal: 5-Year Prison for Not Breaking the Confessional Seal

April 30, 2012, Ireland

The Irish Justice Minister has introduced a 5-year prison sentences for priests who fail to report sex abuse of minors if they hear about it in the confessional.

Catholic Schools Under Attack for Upholding Marriage

April 26, 2012, United Kingdom

Secular campaigners have launched an attack on the Roman Catholic Church for urging its secondary schools to back the current legal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

Court Upholds Homeschooling-Ban Rendering Religious Convictions Irrelevant

April 25, 2012, Germany

Reformed-baptist parents, who wanted to homeschool their three children, lost in the regional administrational court of Baden-Würtemberg in Mannheim. The parents wanted to homeschool to protect their children from a form of „emancipation“ they did not favor, as well as in order to teach them Christian sexual ethics.

Catholic Bishop to be Charged of ‘Inciting Hate’

April 19, 2012, Spain

Homosexual activists lobby for the proscecution of Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla of Alcala de Henares for preaching the Catholic Church’s position on homosexual acts. An international group of Catholic doctors defends the bishop.

Catholics Refused Access to Museum in Rennes

April 18, 2012, France

The Conservatory of Public Schools in refuses entrance to pupils from private Catholic schools. Director Jean-Louis Robert said: “This museum is for pupils of state schools only. We refuse that children from Catholic schools go to this museum. It’s our right and that’s how it is.”

Church Set on Fire and Vandalised in Clouzeaux

April 18, 2012, France

The Church of the 'Bon Pasteur' was visited by vandals who tried to put it on fire after having done much damages.

Christian Adverts Censored in London by Mayor

April 13, 2012, United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party mayor of London, ordered bus advertisements for overcoming same-sex attraction to be stopped. The campaign had been cleared by the Advertising Authority, and was designed to be an answer to a pro-homosexual campaign.

French Anti-Sect Governmental Mission Raids in Catholic Communities

April 13, 2012, France

Since the presidency of MIVILUDES (Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against Sectarian Drifts) by Georges Fenech, several small Catholic communities have increasingly been targeted, the last one being "Amour and Miséricorde" (Love and Mercy).

Vandalism in a Church in Haute-Savoie

April 7, 2012, France

On Good Saturday, just a few hours before the Easter Vigil, three men entered the Church of Cruseilles (Haute-Savoie) and set fire to leaflets, prayer and singing books. An altar’s tablecoth was also burnt and the main altar damaged.

Homosexual Lobby Campaign Offensive Towards Christianity

April 7, 2012, Belgium

The LGBT association “Arc-enCiel Wallonie” runs a campaign based on 33 different pro-LGBT T-shirts. Among various messages, three of them offend Christianity: “Jesus too had two dads”, “Marie, first surrogate mother” and “GOD made me gay” (two first ones originally in French: “Jésus aussi avait deux papas”, “Marie première mère porteuse”).

Church Leader Threatened and Abused in Turkey

April 7, 2012, Turkey

On April 7th, 2012 in Istambul, four men requested to enter a church. When the church leader told them to come back the next day because it was too late in the day, they threatened to kill him unless he recited the Muslim creed. Then they hit him and fled the place, the church later installed security systems.

Christian Club Reproached by Anti-Discrimination Authority

April 6, 2012, Germany

The Catholic Schützenverein voted in March 450 to 28 to not to allow homosexual or lesbian „kings“ or „queens“ to preside activities together with their partners. The German federal anti-discrimination commission screened this decision and declared it to be in disrespect of the law.

Blasphemous Exhibition in Neufchâtel

April 4, 2012, Switzerland

"Would Christ have been Gay?" is the name of the exhibition in Neufchâtel, displayed from March 29th to May 12th in the 'Galerie C' of Neufchâtel (Switzerland). The four artist argue that they wanted to explore - through art - the question of Christ’s sexuality.

Pop Star Madonna Profanes Christian Faith

March 28, 2012, International

It is not the first time the pop star Madonna uses the bashing of Catholicism as a base for the writing of her lyrics. “Girl Gone Wild” begins with the first few lines of the Roman-Catholic Act of Contrition as it shows the 53-year-old singer in black tight pants and stiletto heels while surrounded by topless men.

Churches Tagged in Couvin

March 26, 2012, Belgium

The doors of seven churches of Couvin, in the diocese of Namur, Belgium, were targeted by vandals. The front door of the church of Couvin was marked in white paint saying "Religion is the opium of the people".

European Championship: Bibles and Crosses Forbidden

March 23, 2012, European Institutions (EU, ECHR,

The 14th edition of the European Championship Euro 2012, organized by the European Union of Football Associations (UEFA), will take place from June 8th to July 1st, 2012 in Poland and in the Ukraine. The leaders of the Polish Football Association have indicated the certain objects that will be forbidden to spectators in stadiums. Among these objects, crosses and Bibles are stated as part of the category of "racist and xenophobic materials, based on political and religious propaganda."

Cemetery Vandalised in Suhopole

March 20, 2012, Croatia

On the 20th of March 2012 the Apostolic Nunciature in Croatia reported that a cemetery in the city of Suhopole, Croatia, had been vandalised.

Christians Insulted After Religious Service in Bordeaux

March 18, 2012, France

About fifteen people came to St Eloi’s church to insult parishioners at the end of Sunday Mass. It is not the first time this Catholic church is targeted by anti-Christian acts, as it had already been covered whith tags and anti-Christian posters.

Church Property Damaged in Pozor

March 18, 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 18th of March, 2012, a church in Pozor, Bosnia Herzegovina, noticed that some of its inventory had been damaged, as well as some of its money stolen.

Radical Left Calls for Burning of Churches

March 16, 2012, Germany

An online call to “see churches burning” was published as a “Christmas wish” in 2011 by a group of leftwing extremists called 'Antifa Freiburg'. “We will not give up hope that there will be a miracle and we can warm ourselves next year at the glow of burning churches.” Prosecution investigated but dropped the case.

Mockery of the Last Supper on French Television

March 16, 2012, France

The French Channel Direct8 has streamed a new episode of the show "Very bad blagues" called "When one’s an apostle" ("Quand on est apôtre") which mocks the last supper.

Young Boy Under Threat for Wearing a Cross

March 16, 2012, Turkey

A 12-year-old boy, Hussein, witnessed his Christian faith by wearing a silver cross necklace in school. Muslim classmates taunted and spat on him. When the boy threatened to report one of the bullies, the bully's father threatened to "kill him". He says he also received a beating by his religion teacher.

New York Times Ad Calls Catholic Church "Autocratic, Woman-Hating, Sex-perverting Old Boys Club"

March 13, 2012, International

Catholics and non-Catholics alike have reacted to a viciously anti-Catholic full-page advertisement in Friday’s New York Times. The ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad, which takes the form of a letter to a “liberal Catholic”, asks “Cafeteria” Catholics, “Why are you propping up the pillars of a tyrannical and autocratic, woman-hating, sex-perverting, antediluvian Old Boys Club?” The Freedom from Religious Foundation is led by Annie Laurie Gaylor and her husband, Dan Barker. Gaylor is author of the book, Abortion Is a Blessing.

Bishop of Karpasia Prevented from Entering Occupied Area in Northern Cyprus

March 13, 2012, Cyprus

A new provocative action was carried out by the occupying regime in Cyprus when Bishop of Karpasia Mr. Christoforos was not allowed to enter the occupied area from the barricade of Astromeritis village. Later, he was also prohibited to go into one area of Agios Dometios. The bishop was stopped without explanation.