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Arson and Vandalism to church in Italy

November 8, 2022, Italy

Police officers in Cerignola, Foggiano, arrested a 32-year-old immigrant man responsible for damaging the church and setting fire to the door. He also insulted the religious denomination. As he was confronted, he resisted and injured a public official. During a patrol, police officers noticed the flames in front of the main door of the church of San Domenico and the perpetrator running away with a canister probably containing flammable liquid.

Norwegian Christian Prayer channel Blocked by YouTube

November 8, 2022, Norway

CNE News reports that YouTube has banned a Norwegian prayer channel called "Kanal 10 'We pray for you'" for allegedly violating the social media guidelines under the category of "online spam, deceptive practices and fraud." Øyvind Rygg, the general manager of Kanal 10, says there are also no economic interests in the program. "We were told last week Monday that if we continued to broadcast the prayer program, YouTube would block us. That means that they are ending our entire channel on YouTube", told Rygg to Dagen.

Thief detained for sacrilegious theft from church in Italy

November 7, 2022, Italy

On the 7th of November, it was reported that the cross was stolen a few months before from Montesano Cathedral. The cross was taken from the hands of the statue of St. Rita. Now it has been recovered and the thief has been detained.

Arson and theft to church in Orenburg

November 7, 2022, Russia

The Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia "Orskoye" of the Orenburg region completed the investigation of a criminal case on charges of a 31-year-old citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan of stealing money and setting fire to a building of the temple complex of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the Orsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the city of Novotroitsk.

Spain: Man arrested after Insulting and Punching Priest

November 7, 2022, Spain

On the 7. November in the city of Granada, a 36-year-old man was arrested for insulting and attacking a priest on the public street during the day. The parish priest, José Gabriel Martín, as waking on the Elvira Street wearing his office clothing and collar, as he was approached by the attacker, who insulted him. The priest entered a bar for refuge, where the attacker followed and punched him in the eye.

Youth Vandalism at Burgdorf Church

November 6, 2022, Germany

On Sunday 6th of November, unknown perpetrators caused damage to a window pane of the St. Pancratius Church in Burgdorf. According to witnesses, a group of youths were at the church and then fled. As the police arrived, some remaining youths gave the police some information regarding the ones who fled. The damage was estimated at 1000 euros.

Vandals Ransacked Church and Drink Mass Wine in Belgium

November 6, 2022, Belgium

The church of St. Bavo in Oud-Turnhout was vandalized by intruders that ransacked the back of the sacristy and emptied bottles of mass wine. "With a fire extinguisher, they also made a big hole in the wooden connecting door to the church itself," said Jos Huybreghts, treasurer of the Oud-Turnhout church council. The attack happened between the 5th and 6th of November at night. It seems that the vandals broke in through the back of the church. The police were notified and have started an investigation.

Thieves Steal money and Break icons of Church in Serbia

November 6, 2022, Serbia

The Church of St. George in Bor was ransacked, and thieves took the money that the faithful left in boxes under the benches. They also broke several icons in the church. Furthermore, they broke into the church's souvenir shop and took all the money they found there. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

Sacred sculptures Damaged and stolen from church in Germany

November 3, 2022, Germany

In the St. Ludwig Church in Munich, six of the sculptures belonging to the 14 stations of the "Way of the Cross" have been damaged or stolen. The sculptures were part of an art installation about the Passion of Jesus. They were set up in the St. Ludwig church in June and on the 16th of September, they were vandalized by unknown perpetrators. Six of the statues were damaged and a couple of days later, on the 28th of September, two of them were ripped off and stolen. The police are investigating

Graffiti and Vandalism in Two Churches in Leipzig

November 2, 2022, Germany

Two places of worship were attacked with graffiti in Leipzig, the St. Thomas Church and at the Russian Church. A grave slab in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig was vandalized with the words "Death King" written by an unknown vandal on the sculpture from the 19th century. The grave shows Dietrich III, also known as Diezmann. Also, unknown persons smeared a "Z" on the Russian Church - which was built in memory of the Russian victims of the Battle of the Nations.