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Hilary Clinton Describes Freedom of Religion

November 17, 2010

At the presentation of the US State Department International Religious Freedom Report 2010, Hilary Clinton gives a useful description of religious freedom.

Vandalism against Christians Nurtured by Media

October 29, 2010

Mgr Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne: “In 2009, the official ‘Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against sects’ numbered 226 acts of desecration against Christians, 6 against Muslims and 4 against Jews. In other words, over 95% of the desecration recorded in our country are targeted against Catholic places of worship and Catholic cemeteries, and their number is unfortunately increasing from one year to the other."

Intolerance of Christians by non-believers is unacceptable, argues Cristina Odone, UK national newspaper commentator.

October 28, 2010

“When their institutions are forced to adopt secular standards in everything from rules of employment to selection of intake, the community should speak up for a fair society in which secularist values do not automatically trump Christian values.”

UK Catholic Archbishop Peter Smith on the Reduction of Religion to the Private Sphere

October 6, 2010

"Religion is regarded as a legally permissible private eccentricity; allowable behind closed doors once a week, but not in any way to be given expression in public or working life."

Pope Benedict XVI Urges to Fight Against Intolerance and Discrimination of Christians in Europe

September 30, 2010

Observatory Announced at Meeting of the Council of the European Bishops' Conferences on September 30th in Zagreb

September 30, 2010

Austrian Commentator Hans Winkler on Marginalization of Christians in the UK

September 27, 2010

"Every Englishman could understand what he was talking about: The expression “Merry Christmas” is disdained; people use petty phrases to make seasonal wishes instead. An Anglican Bishop voiced doubts over homosexual-marriage and was therefore sentenced to a remarkable fine. Even with these rather controversial statements, the Pope met the audience’s approval. According to the liberal newspaper The Independent, he caught the spirit of the times. Benedict’s condemnation of aggressive secularism would vocalise the discomfort many British people feel towards their own country."

Prominent Atheist Says Catholicism Is Least Tolerated Religion in Europe

September 24, 2010

Sep 24, 2010 (CNA).- Bernard-Henri Lévy, a well-known atheist associated with what is considered to be the European left, said in an interview that Catholicism is by far the most attacked religion in Europe. The prominent intellectual also noted it was unfortunate that so many injustices are committed against Benedict XVI.

Commentator Melanie Phillips Warns of Secularism

September 21, 2010

MEP Roger Helmer: Christians Persecuted Like Smokers

September 19, 2010

Philosopher Henri-Lévy: Catholicism is the most Assaulted Religion

September 19, 2010

Bernard Henri-Lévy, French philosopher and writer: "In France, one talks a lot of violations of Jewish cemeteries and Muslims, but no one knows that the graves of Catholics are frequently desecrated. There is a kind of anti-clericalism in France that is absolutely not right. We have the right to criticize religions, but the religion the more assaulted today is the Catholic religion (...) much more than Islam. Intellectuals take the defense of Muslims. The defense of Catholics, much less.”

"Astoundingly, people are being arrested by the police... because of what they have said."

September 18, 2010

„Everyone can agree that today’s Britain – which we’re always being told has become so much more liberal – is the very model of a forward-looking, tolerant society in which freedom of expression is paramount. Correct? If only. In fact, the intellectual trend in Britain is a remorseless slide towards a dark age of intolerance, reverting to a reason-suppressing, heresy-hunting culture in which certain opinions are being turned into thought crimes. Astoundingly, people are being arrested by the police – even if the case against them eventually falls – because of what they have said. They are not inciting violence or any criminal activity. They are merely expressing a point of view. Yet for that they may find the police feeling their collars. ...“ Melanie Philipps, The Spectator, 18 September 2010 (UK)

Benedict XVI Raised the Problem of Intolerance and Discrimination of Christians

September 17, 2010

Read here a striking excerpt of his speech during his UK visit on Sept 17th speaking to Politicians at Westminster Hall

93% of Christians in the UK Agree with the Pope's Concern on the Marginalisation of Christians

September 17, 2010

In a poll conducted by ComRes regarding the Papal Visit (Nov – Dec 2010), 93% of Christians agreed with the Pope’s comments that religion, and Christianity in particular, is being marginalised in British society, on his most recent trip to the UK. Only 5% disagreed.

French MP Regrets the Absence of Media Coverage on French anti-Christian Desecrations

September 10, 2010

Louis Guédon, French member of parliament, speaking to the Assembly in September 2010: "One can only regret the silence of the media and the institutions when it comes to the very numerous desecration of Christian sites."

Archbishop Chaput: "Systematic Discrimination Against Church Now Seems Inevitable"

August 25, 2010

UK Communities Secretary Recognises the Valuable Contribution of Faith Communities

July 28, 2010

“For years, faith communities have been quietly making a huge difference day-in and dayout, to every single neighbourhood in the country - something that has not been sufficiently recognised by central Government… “Some see religion as a problem that needs to be solved. The new Government sees it as part of the solution. I want to send an important signal that we value the role of religion and faith in public life.”

UK Publication on Marginalisation of Christians

April 30, 2010

Barnabas Fund Publication: "Many popular dramas caricature committed Christians and their leaders andless and malevolent, while recent storylines in a number of TV soaps have sent the clear message that Christians are ridiculous. Such disinformation and ridicule create mistrust and ill will and pave the way for outright discrimination."

Outlawing Christian Practice Will Lead To Outlawing Christians

April 12, 2010

Commentator Melanie Philips: "Indeed, such a ruling comes very close indeed to criminalising Christianity. For if putting Christian belief into practice is outlawed, it won't be long before Christian believers find themselves outlawed".