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Sacred Objects Stolen from Church in Kuckum

November 17, 2020, Germany

On November 17th unknown perpetrators broke into the church in Kuckum. It was the second time the church was broken into and various liturgical objects were stolen. A local community offered 1000 Euros as a reward for the replacement of the objects, including the stolen monstrance.


Repeated Acts of Vandalism and Theft in Church of Villamarina

November 15, 2020, Italy

Priest Don Mirco Bianchi of the Church in Villamarina wrote on his Facebook page on November 14th, that his church had been destroyed and several things were stolen. He did not post photos or report to the police. It looks like the priest has had several problems with vandalism and threats in the past, due to his moral teachings and posts on Facebook. Some people consider the posts of the Father as a provocation.

Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

St. Christ the King Church in Gothenburg Devastated by Vandals

November 13, 2020, Sweden

The Church of St. Christ the King in Gothenburg was vandalized and devastated on November 13th. The unknown perpetrators destroyed the altar and threw the candlesticks, vestments and tablecloth on the ground. The pastor, Tobias Unnerstal, believes that the act was intentionally symbolic, trying to show an "eternal Good Friday". They also scattered the songbooks and used the fire extinguisher for the candles inside the chapel. In the same church, the crucifix was already stolen a week before. The police has been informed and they started an investigation.

Desecration Hate Incident Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Major Theft of Sacred Objects and Altarpiece in Rüsselsheim

November 8, 2020, Germany

During the time of November 8th and 12th, unknown thieves broke-in into the St. Christopherus church in Rüsselsheim and caused a damage of around 15.000 Euros. The perpetrators stole the 60 kg handmade tabernacle, made of gold-plated brass. Around a hundred sacred hosts were inside the tabernacle. The thieves took another bowl with hosts and stole several hundred euros from the offerings. The police report did not mention the theft of the consecrated hosts, which are most valuable to the believers, but is investigating the incident.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Desecration and Profanation of Tombs in France Have Increased

November 6, 2020, France

The devastation of cemeteries in France is an unfortunate ongoing phenomenon. This includes crosses being knocked over, slabs and monuments destroyed, tombs are looted or profaned and symbols and "anti-christian" tags are also common. Dr. Pierre Vermeren, a historian of the Sorbonne University, remarks the increase of these acts in the last 20 years in an interview on November 6th. France has 40,000 active cemeteries. In 2019 alone 1,052 of them were vandalized, explains Dr. Vermeren.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Various Devotional Objects Stolen From Sacristy

November 1, 2020, Germany

During the night of November 1st, unknown thieves broke into the sacristy of the Schönberg church. The worth of the stolen devotional objects like goblets, incense burners, chalices, monstrances and wooden figures sums up to about 20,000 Euros. The police is investigating the incident and the course of events.

Religious Symbols Theft

Theft and Vandalizm in Church in Nogent

November 1, 2020, France

A theft in the church of Saint Germain and Saint Eloi in Nogent took place in the week of November 1st. The church was not only looted but also vandalized. All metal objects and the consecrated hosts were stolen. A mass for reparation is to be held.

Desecration Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

New Figures Show Churches Targeted For Theft and Vandalism

October 30, 2020, United Kingdom

According to figures published by Countryside Alliance, a total of 212 crimes were reported against churches in Devon and Cornwall over the last year, reported by Cornwall Live on October 30th. The request of the Freedom of Information Act was made to the Police, which revealed the target of churches for lead thefts, but also vandalism, violence, assault and burglary. The government made a commitment to protect places of worship with a crime action plan 2016-2020, which should provide security measures at places of worship vulnerable to hate crimes.

Desecration Hate Crime Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Ancient Relics Stolen From St. Wolfgang's Church

October 26, 2020, Germany

On October 26th, thousand-year-old relics were stolen from the St. Wolfgang church in Regensburg. The non-material damage is estimated at several thousand Euros, as the relics were the last mortal remains of the Saint. The relics were forcefully taken out of a bulletproof glass and steel case from the grave of St. Wolfgang, which is located in the entrance area of the church. The police is investigating and asking for witnesses. After ongoing investigations, the police says the thieves were professionals and that it looks like a planned act.

Desecration Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Tabernacle and Consecrated Hosts Stolen from Virgen del Mar Parish in Madrid

October 26, 2020, Spain

The tabernacle of the Chapel was stolen from the Virgen del Mar parish in Madrid on October 26th in the San Blas neighborhood. The perpetrators also destroyed another tabernacle and took the consecrated Hosts, as the parish published on their Facebook page. The parish priest, Enrique Abánades García, told journalists that the crime has been reported to the police, and he calls the community to grow in love of Christ's blessed sacrament.

Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Three Churches Targeted for Looting and Vandalism During the Weekend

October 23, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators entered a church in Engelskirchen on the 23rd of October and stole several offering sticks and three money containers. In a church in Lindlar, the vandals forcefully opened another four offering sticks, although they had been empty. In the church St. Laurentius in Lindlar-Hohkeppel, during the weekend unknown perpetrators destroyed several memorial and altar candles, leaving the smashed part in the ground. The police is investigating all three incidents.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Vandals Broke Into the Parish Church St. John the Baptist and Stole Consecrated Hosts

October 23, 2020, Croatia

On October 23rd in Zadar, vandals broke into the parish of St. John the Baptist and stole consecrated hosts. This kind of vandalism and theft is considered a serious desecration, as the parish announced on its Facebook page. Besides the ideational damage church property itself was also high in numbers. The parish fears that the consecrated hosts are used for satanic rituals. Unfortunately, there have been more thefts of this kind during October in the Zadar area.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Church of St. Michael the Archangel Was Heavily Desecrated and Looted

October 19, 2020, Croatia

During the night of October 19th, the parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Jelenje was devastated, desecrated and looted. The Pastor has cancelled all masses, because the damage must be repaired, before the church prepares for any further liturgical celebrations. On the photos of the incident it can be seen that the locks of the door, the tabernacle on the altar and safe box were broken open. The police is investigating.

Desecration Hate Crime Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Singer of March for Life Physically Attacked and Robbed

October 17, 2020, Austria

The singer Vero, a young Christian women, who sang at the March for Life in Vienna on October 17th, was physically attacked after her performance on stage. On her way home she went to pick up her bicycle and was harassed by two female antifa activists, who grabbed her bicycle and tried to steal it from her, the two perpetrators also kicked the singer's leg. They finally stole the bicycle, after a loud outcry to the surrounding police officers the two activists were caught and charged with theft and physical violence. The police has indicated that the prosecutor will bring this case forward, as a hate crime.

Hate Crime Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Theft and Vandalism in Church of Coswig

October 15, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators forcefully broke into a Church in Coswig during the night of October 15th and stole two silver-plated candlesticks, which are estimated to have a value of 5.000 Euros. Apart from the theft the vandalism is estimated to have caused a damage of an additional 2.00 Euros. The police is investigating.

Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Theft of Sacred Objects from Church in Erkelenz

October 10, 2020, Germany

In the village of Erkelenz, thieves stole gold-plated sacred objects from a church. The police stated that the objects were probably stolen for ideational reasons, more than for the monetary worth of the two chalices, a chalice bowl for the hosts and a monstrance. The break-in and theft happened between the 10th of October and the first week of November. There is an ongoing investigation.


Vandalism and Theft at Cemetery in Eastbourne

September 15, 2020, United Kingdom

On September 15th, the war memorial depicting Christ at St Saviour’s Church, was vandalized. It was the second time this year that the memorial was targeted, this time the lead was stolen. The directors of two rootfing companies offered to repair the damage for free.

Desecration Religious Symbols Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Theft from Catholic Church of St Anna

September 11, 2020, Germany

September 11th, between 12 and 19:30 hrs, a display case was broken open in the provost church of St. Anna in Schwerin. Unknown perpetrators stole the relic of Saint Ansgar. The perpetrators also broke open two alms boxes in the church. The total damage to property amounts to about 1,400 euros, but the value of the stolen relic has not been quantified. Police opened an investigation.


Statue of Saint Thomas Targeted For Attempted Robbery

August 30, 2020, France

On the 30th pf August, a statue of Saint-Thomas, which was on the porch of the church in Plounéour-Ménez in Finistère, was targeted by robbers or vandals. Three individuals inside a car pulled a rope around the statue to get into into their vehicle, witnesses saw them and scared the perpetrators away. The robbers fled the scene leaving the statue toppled over and damaged.

Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

15 Pieces of Art Stolen from Basilique Saint-Mathurin in Larchant

August 29, 2020, France

14 paintings and a statue of Christ on the cross were stolen from Basilique Saint-Mathurin in Larchant. While the financial loss was estimated at 25.000 to 30.000 euros, the community also mourned the loss of heritage. The theft could have taken place between August 20 and 29. La Chapelle-de-la-Reine brigade initiated an investigation, supported by the research department of Fointainebleau police.

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