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Church Window in Stipshausen Damaged

May 11, 2022, Germany

A window in the Catholic Church of Stipshausen was damaged by an unknown vandal on May 11th. Witnesses found a medium-sized hole, which was probably caused by an object in the framed glass. The police were looking for witnesses with more information.

Burglars Steal Sacred Objects from Bad Doberan Monastery

May 10, 2022, Germany

Thieves broke into the Bad Doberan Monastery on the 10th of May but have not been found. They ransacked the interior of the church and broke open a safe from which they took keys and an unspecified quantity of cash. In addition, they stole some sacred objects which were made of brass or gold and silver plated. The police launched an investigation but have not been able to track either the thieves or the stolen objects.

Arson and Desecration in Romsthal Church

May 10, 2022, Germany

On May 10th, a church on Kirchstrasse in Romsthal was the victim of an arson attempt. The criminals set fire to several parish letters under a stool and burned some prayer texts near the altar. In addition, they knocked over an offering box, and some candles, and spread the wax over the floor. The fire was out by the time it was discovered and the property damage was around 150 euros but could have been much more. The police were looking for witnesses.

Cross and Candlestick Stolen from Church in Addington

May 10, 2022, United Kingdom

A cross and candlestick were stolen from the medieval church of St. Mary in Addington on the 10th of May. Reverend Debbie Forman said that the items have "little intrinsic value" but the church is "not the same without them." The church remained open and the hope was that the thief, who was not known, would return them.

Church in Rotherham Trashed by Illegal Party

May 10, 2022, United Kingdom

On May 10th, vandals broke into the Rotherham Church and trashed the interior. They drank wine and left broken bottles everywhere as well as destroying the church-run nursery which is used to help single mothers with childcare. The incident forced the nursery to close for a week.

Bad Wörishofen Cementery Ransacked by Vandals

May 10, 2022, Germany

Unknown vandals have rioted in the cemetery of Bad Wörishof and knocked over a large gravestone. The cemetery caretaker, Frank Stehr, says that the cemetery is the target of thieves and vandals almost every day. He says flowers and grave arrangements or even gravestones are stolen regularly. "Again and again, people come to me and report that they have lost various such objects," he reports. Still, the last incident was unprecedented. "It was vandalism in its purest form," said Stehr.

Family Father Stabbed to Death in Marseille

May 10, 2022, France

On May 10. 2022, an army doctor was stabbed to death in front of his two children. The 40-year old man was quietly picking up his children from a catholic school in Marseilles, when he was attacked from behind by Mohammed L. (23). The suspect claims he committed this crime "in the name of God".

150 kg Bell Stolen from Baranow Church

May 9, 2022, Poland

A bronze bell, weighing 150 kg, was stolen from the Baranow Parish Church on May 9th. The bell has images of the Crucified Christ and Madonna and Child on it and was made in 1853. The parish priest notified the police and appealed to the villagers.

Aggravated Theft in Crotone

May 9, 2022, Italy

Two burglars entered a church in Crotone on May 9th and after removing the entire offering column, they took it outside, forced it open, and took the coins within. A passerby noticed the unusual activity and immediately notified the Carabinieri arrived on the scene with the State Police who caught the offenders. They were then charged with aggravated theft and taken to the Catanzaro prison.

Relic containing the blood of a Polish priest was stolen from a church

May 9, 2022, United Kingdom

The St. Nicholas Church in Boston was the victim of a burglary on the night between the 9th and 10th of May. One of the stolen items was the reliquary containing the blood of Jerzy Popieluszko, a Polish priest who was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church in 2009. The police are investigating.

Church in Lomellina Vandalized

May 8, 2022, Italy

On May 8th, vandals forced their way into the interior of the Santa Croce church in Lomellina. There, they damaged the the votive candle lighting system and ransacked the priest's office. No valuable appeared to be stolen but extent of the damage had not been properly assessed.

Destruction of Tombs and Crosses in Piekary Śląskie Cemetery

May 8, 2022, Poland

Around 30 graves were destroyed by unknown vandals in the St. Józef cemetery of Piekary Śląskie on May 8th. Tombstones were pushed over and crosses were broken in an act that showed complete disrespect for a place that is sacred to so many. The crime was investigated with the support of forensic technicians who were trying identify the villains.

Anglican Chapel Severly Vandalised and Mocked

May 8, 2022, United Kingdom

St. Mary's church near Saxton, Yorkshire, which is an important listed building, was vandalized by anonymous intruders on May 8th. A volunteer group that takes care of the chapel wrote on Facebook: "A sickening sight this morning...litter, smashed vases, glass everywhere, and worst of all the crosses broken too. To add insult to injury, a note of apology with a fake phone number," was also left there. The chapel stands in an isolated field and has often been a place of refuge.

Arson and Property Damage in Bobingen Church

May 8, 2022, Germany

Unknown people entered the Liebfrauen church in Bobingen and damaged several seat cushions and benches. On May 8th, they took the sacrificial candles that were in the church, and after lighting them, used them to burn holes in the furniture. An investigation was launched by the police and the damage was estimated at around 400 euros.

Theft and Vandalism in Ostellato Church

May 8, 2022, Italy

When the priests arrived at the Ostellato parish of "Santissimi Pietro e Paolo" on Sunday the 8th of May to prepare mass, they found that intruders had stolen the offerings and some golden objects after forcing their way through the back door during the night. The property damage was around 6,000 euros, which was not covered by insurance. The carabinieri started an investigation and hope to find the perpetrators.

116 Spiritual Sites Destroyed Since Russian Invasion of Ukraine

May 7, 2022, Ukraine

Between February 24th, when Russia first invaded Ukraine, and May 7th, there have been 116 spiritually significant buildings destroyed. 91 of these buildings were Orthodox churches while the rest, were Mosques, Synagogues, Catholic and Protestant churches, and buildings of religious organizations. Most of these ruined sites were in the regions of Donetsk, Kyiv, and Kharkiv. The war in Ukraine has caused a divide, especially in the Christian Orthodox Church which has led Russia to ban the Ukraine Orthodox Church and Ukraine to attempt a similar ban on the Russian Orthodox Church.

Two Holy Water Fonts Stolen from Different Cemeteries

May 7, 2022, Germany

On the 7th of May, two holy water fonts were stolen. One was stolen from the cemetery in Hittisau and the other was from the cemetery in Egg-Großdorf. It was not known who did it but witnesses were being asked to provide more information.

Churchyard in Ruvo di Puglia Vandalized

May 6, 2022, Italy

The churchyard of the San Rocco church in Ruvo di Puglia, was vandalized on May 6th by unknown perpetrators. Diesel was sprinkled around which caused damage to the sidewalk and floor. Municipal councilor Mariatiziana Rugliani thought the cameras may be able to help identify who did it. He also said of the incident: "An ignoble act, a meaningless disfigurement to a sacred place and to those who lovingly guard it."

Vandalism to Evangelical Church in Vöcklabruck

May 6, 2022, Austria

The evangelical church in Vöcklabruck, Austria, was vandalized on Friday the 6th of May. Three lights on the pathway outside the church were kicked over, and notices, brochures, leaflets, and prayer books were scattered all over the inside of the church. The microphones were damaged and the offering box was broken open from which money was then stolen. The amount of damage was not entirely clear but the police were investigating.

Man Arrested for Stealing Sacred Vessels from Nicosia Chapel

May 6, 2022, Cyprus

A 36-year-old man was arrested on the 6th of May on suspicion of stealing sacred vessels from a schoolyard chapel in Nicosia, Cyprus. Sometime between April 15th and May 3rd, the chapel was broken into and the sacred items were taken. Those investigating the crime found the man.