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Unknown Perpetrators Vandalise San Paterniano Church

December 27, 2021, Italy

On December 27th, the San Paterniano church in Perusa was vandalised by unknown persons. The security cameras show images of an overturned table, and all the objects on it, such as brochures, holy pictures and the offering box, were lying on the floor. Also, the microphone was broken and candlesticks were scattered around. The parish priest, Anton Sascau, is seen in the video with a grieving voice and commenting on this act of vandalism, but he also said he would welcome the responsible person.

Graffiti Threatens Herzkamp Pastor

December 27, 2021, Germany

Threatening pictures and slogans were painted against the pastor of Herzkamp. The police have investigated but nobody is suspect yet.

Arson at Church Nativity in Trévières

December 26, 2021, France

On December 26th, a fire broke out in the Saint Martin church Nativity scene in Trévières. It started near the crib and spread to the surrounding carpet but didn't grow too large despite the vast output of smoke. The investigators said "there is no doubt" as to the origin of the fire and believe it was intentionally started.

Historical Basilica Vandalised Tagged with Graffiti on Christmas

December 25, 2021, Poland

The facade of the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw was defaced with graffiti on the 25th of December. The church is in the centre of Warsaw and has a special place in Polish history. On the outer walls, unknown perpetrators wrote the phrases "Secular State", "Techno will be here", among other tags. As a church, but also because of its historical value, the vandalisation of the church has aroused the indignation of many people. The police are investigating the case, as there were security cameras that recorded the scene.

Perpetrators Steal around 10,000€ in Offerings and Sacred Objects

December 25, 2021, Italy

During the celebration of Christmas mass at midnight, unknown thieves broke into the parish house in Piazza San Vittore in Rho, ripped out the safe, loaded it into a van parked in the courtyard and fled unmolested. The safe contained offerings, blessings and a valuable golden crown.

Nativiy Figurine Stolen in Locronan

December 25, 2021, France

On Christmas Eve, Jesus and some other figures from the nativity scene in the church of Saint-Ronan of Locronan, mysteriously disappeared. The carving was a treasure of the village and the parishioners were outraged by this disrespectful act. Antoine Gabriele the mayor of Locronan called it "lamentable" and "despicable".

Christian Message for Christmas Censored in Barcelona

December 23, 2021, Spain

A Catholic marketing association (ACdP) denounced on the 23rd December, that the three municipal public transport companies operating in Barcelona had censored a Christmas campaign that reminds people about the birth of Jesus as the centre of Christmas. The message that was meant to be displayed throughout the whole country was not visible in Barcelona. The slogan said: "Only one birth has changed the course of history. And it is not yours. Merry Christmas!". It aimed to vindicate the Christian meaning of this holiday with humour. The company Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB) censored the message because the authorities considered it "ideological".

St. Peter's Church Heavily Vandalised on Christmas Eve

December 23, 2021, United Kingdom

On the night of December 23rd, a group of unknown people vandalised the St Peter's Church at Upper Arley in Worcestershire. The perpetrators urinated inside the church, damaged pews and a piano with graffiti, tore off a door and stole irreplaceable items. They urinated near the church altar and left the bell tower's doors open, which left the place unprotected against the rain. According to Louvain Beer, treasurer and lay minister at the church, the police did not attend the case until the 27th of December, and now they are investigating it as a hate crime.

Church Closed After Vandalism Act in La Roche-Maurice

December 23, 2021, France

Severe acts of vandalism were observed in the Saint -Yves church in La Roche-Maurice on December 23. Christiane Le Goff, the staff member responsible for the church schedule, closed the church the next day. She tells, “The crib was overturned, hydro alcoholic gel was poured on papers and obscene drawings were been made on the register. It's the second time this week”.

Around 2,000€ Stolen from a Convent in Poppi

December 21, 2021, Italy

The convent of the Benedictine monks of Camaldoli was the target of theft, at the end of October, while the religious gathered for prayer. About 20 cells were reported raided, with a total amount of missing items around 2,000€. The case is being investigated by the carabinieri of the Bibbiena company.

Anti-Christian Tag on Bouteillerie Cemetery Wall

December 21, 2021, France

The phrase "F*** Christ the King" was written on the cemetery wall in Bouteillerie on 21. December and had dual meaning since it is located near the Christ the King chapel. This wall has been frequently used by ultra-left taggers to express their extrem opinion.

Statue of Virgin Mary Defaced in the Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen

December 21, 2021, France

On December 21, a small statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus was defaced with spray paint. Located in the Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, Mary was depicted to be vanquishing Satan with her foot on a serpent. This most likely was the cause for the act.

Nativiy Scene Vandalised in Fiumicino

December 19, 2021, Italy

As it was reported on the 19. December, the parish priest and the faithful of the church of Santa Maria Porto della Salute in Fiumicino found some Nativity scene figures destroyed. The life-size statues made of plaster and fibreglass of a shepherd and a donkey were thrown to the ground. The former had both hands cut off and the donkey had a broken ear. The other statues did not receive damage, as they were fixed to the structure.

Shrine with Figure of Jesus Damaged in Głogów

December 18, 2021, Poland

On 18. December, an unknown perpetrator destroyed the shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the parish of Divine Mercy in Głogów. The glass protecting the figure of Christ was found broken in six areas and the figure itself was also damaged. The perpetrator might have used a large stone found in the vicinity. This person also left a broken beer bottle next to the chapel. The police are investigating and looking for the perpetrator(s).

Two Cases of Vandalism to the Church of the Holy Cross

December 18, 2021, United Kingdom

The small church of the Holy Cross in Mwnt, Cardigan, had been vandalised twice in December, as the Rev John Bennett revealed. The church was damaged first at the beginning of December and the last case happened between the 18th and the 21st of December. The windows od the church were smashed with rocks and the pillar outside the church was damaged. A fundraising appeal was launched to help the small church with reparations, which has had a very positive response.

Giant Straw Goat Burned by an Arsonist

December 17, 2021, Sweden

A giant straw goat, which has become an annual highlight in the Swedish city of Gavle, has been burned by an arsonist. A man, in his 40s, was arrested at the scene after the structure was set on fire, in the early hours of the 17th of December. Every Christmas since 1966, the Gavlebocken (Gavle goat) has been put up in the city's central Castle Square, but it has become a usual target for arsonists and vandals. The Gavlebocken annually draws visitors to Gavle, which is built up the first Sunday of Christian Advent. A big concert accompanied the goat's inauguration at the end of November.

Village in Wales Restored its Nativity after Being Fire-Bombed last year

December 17, 2021, United Kingdom

A year after the Nativity scene in a village in Wales was fire-bombed by vandals on Christmas Eve, the community Raglan in Gwent has decided to create a new life-sized Nativity.

Pure Vandalism in a Church in Volkmarsen

December 17, 2021, Germany

Between the evening of December 16 and noon of the 18th, an unidentified individual broke into a church on Vikariestrasse in Volkmarsen. The perpetrator forced open and broke the door of the church, causing material damage of about 500€. However, nothing was stolen from the church. The case was reported to the police who began investigating the case.

Consecrated Hosts Stolen from a Church in Palermo

December 16, 2021, Italy

Pyx with hosts stolen in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, on December 16. Police was alerted but lack of evidence suggests a low probability of finding the perpetrators. Both the parish priest and the community that frequents the church were unsettled by the event, considering the hosts "the treasure" of the church.

France 2021: Christians are the Most Targeted Group for Anti-Religious Crimes

December 14, 2021, France

On the 14. December, the French Government presented its yearly listing of attacks against Christians. There were 1,380 anti-religious attacks between January and October 2021, from which 686 were targeted against Christians. As Father Hugues de Woillemont, spokesman for French Bishops' Conference, said during a press conference on December 14: "The acts listed are very varied, from tags on the wall of a church to the desecration of tabernacles." These numbers only include formal complaints filed by the police, so the dark numbers could be higher.

Biblical Quotes Painted on a Wall in Portstewart Under Suspicion

December 14, 2021, United Kingdom

A local council in Northern Ireland has dismissed claims, by an ‘equality expert’, that repainting Bible texts on a local sea wall may be in breach of its equality scheme. The council-owned wall bears the words: “‘The sea is His and He made it’ Psalm 95 v 5”, “Eternity?”, “Jesus said: ‘Ye must be born again’ John c3 v7”, and “‘Christ died for us’ Romans c5 v8”.

Mosque Shut down for Inciting Violence against Christians, Jews and Homosexuals

December 14, 2021, France

A mosque in Beauvais in northern France has been ordered to shut down for six months for hosting preachings that incited hatred "against Christians, homosexuals and jews". According to the prefecture of the Oise department, the mosque was "inciting hatred", "violence" and "apology of jihad". Gérald Darmanin, France's interior minister, announced on December 14th that he had started the procedure for the closure of this mosque.

Sex-Education Guides Mock Virgin Mary and Violate Religious Freedom

December 13, 2021, Spain

A Madrid court has ruled on December 13. that the distribution in schools of sex education guides called “Gender Rebel” in Getafe violated the right to religious freedom of Christian children, as it mocks Christian symbols and violates the right of parents to educate their children according to their beliefs. These guides ridiculed the chastity of the Virgin Mary and invite teenagers to masturbate, affirming that it is not a sin. The guides were promoted by the city council, as well as the ministry of equality.

Unknown Perpetrators Smash Windows of Evangelical Church

December 12, 2021, Germany

Between 12. December and 14. December, unknown persons damaged several windows of the Evangelical church in Bad Arolsen-Helsen. The perpetrator(s) threw stones at the windows, causing damage of around 1,000 euros. The police are investigating.

Offensive Tags Appear on the Church of St. Philipp Neri

December 11, 2021, Spain

In the centre of the city of Malaga. the church of San Felipe Neri, was vandalised on 11. December with offensive tags against the religious institution. These were made with spray paint by unknown vandals and have left the community of faithful very affected. One tag says "Sacrilego tú" (you sacrilegious) was graffitied on a mosaic of Jesus. Another message on the door reads: "Dead paedophiles". It seems that the police was able to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

Facebook Censors ACN's Campaign To Help Abused Women

December 11, 2021, United Kingdom

On the 11. November, the Catholic Charity "Aid to a Church in Need" (ACN) UK noticed that Facebook had censored its ad campaign on tackling sexual violence against religious-minority women and girls. “Hear Her Cries” was the slogan of the campaign, which launched on 24. November. The campaign aimed to raise concern on a widespread problem in many African and Asian countries: the abduction of Christian girls and women for sexual violence by both armed extremists and militant members of other religious communities.

Pastor Sued for Charitable Work During Lockdown: Case Overturned

December 10, 2021, United Kingdom

The 47-years-old pastor Chez Dyer was fined over £16,000 for holding a church service for the homeless in a car park during the lockdown in February 2021. Thanks to the support from the Christian Legal Centre her case has been dismissed by a magistrate’s court. She was also told by a magistrate, at a hearing at Nottingham Magistrates Court, that she was cleared from paying the fine and was issued with a defense cost order which means her legal fees will now be paid by the government.

UPDATE: Robertson Trust Admitted to Discriminating Against Christian Organisations

December 10, 2021, United Kingdom

In 2019, The Robertson Trust - Scotland’s largest grant-awarding charity - cancelled the bookings of its conference rooms to two evangelical organisations: Stirling Free Church and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. According to the Trust's policy, they are ideologically neutral and did not want to promote any religious belief. Almost a year after the controversy, the foundation has apologized for breaching equality laws for Christians and offered to pay both institutions £20,000 in reparation.

Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene decapitated and broken

December 9, 2021, Spain

24 hours after it was put on public display in the monastery of El Escorial in the town of San Lorenzo, the statue of the baby Jesus was found decapitated and missing an arm. Those in charge of the San Lorenzo Town Hall are restoring the figures so that they can once again be exhibited in public. The nativity scene in El Escorial is made up of 450 figures, made with a wooden frame, painted paper pulp and clothes donated by the people of the village.

18-year-old Hits a Priest and Damages a Church

December 8, 2021, Poland

Police in Łęczyńska arrested an 18-year-old on December 8th, after hitting a priest in the face and threatening him. The perpetrator was drinking outside the parish of St. Barbara in Łęczna when one of the nuns working in the parish noticed him, as he was behaving noisily and drinking alcohol. She then reported this to the local parish priest, who asked the man to leave. The drunken man hit him in the face and threatened to kill him. He may be imprisoned for up to 5 years for the damage to property.

Immaculate Conception Procession Attacked with Insults and Death Threats

December 8, 2021, France

On Wednesday 8. December, ten people violently attacked a procession of 30 believers on the occasion of the feast of the Immaculate Conception in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). The Catholics were threatened with phrases like "I swear by the Koran, I will cut your throats" and insulted by being called "Kafirs", which means "infidel". The attackers also threw water and even a torch in their direction. In response to these actions and the threats made, the Minister of the Interior condemned the attacks.

Extreme Vandalism to Church caused over 10 thousand Euro Damage

December 4, 2021, Germany

On Sunday morning (5. December), the churchgoers found the Johanneskirche in Feuersee completely vandalised. The perpetrator(s) devastated the Protestant church by destroying over 20 windows, breaking open the cupboards, taking the bibles from the shelves and throwing them around, among other things during the night of the 4. December. The damage is estimated at over 10 thousand Euros and the Church has to remain closed for the time being. The police are investigating to find the perpetrator(s).

Proposal to replace the word "Christmas" with "Holidays" or "Winter Break" raised Concern

December 1, 2021, International

In the first week of December, an internal document outlining communication guidelines for European Union staff was leaked, which raised concern among the Christian population. In this document, the EU Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli of Malta, proposed replacing the term "Happy Christmas" for "Happy Holidays" or calling Christmas a "winter break" in the name of inclusivity. Among the Christian voices that raised concern, Pope Francis called this action "a fashion of a watered-down secularism" and called it an "anachronism". The document has since been withdrawn.

35,000€ Stolen from a Church in Milan

November 29, 2021, Italy

On the night from November 28 to 29, around 35,000€ were robbed from the Church of Santa Ausiliatrice in via della Ferrera, Milan. A woman who works in the secretariat of the church noticed the forced window and the safe wide open and alerted the authorities.

Church in Regensburg Terribly Damaged by Vandals

November 29, 2021, Germany

On the 29th of November between 11a.m and 7 p.m, an unknown person went on a rampage in the Holy Spirit Parish Church in Regensburg and damaged several sacred objects. The offender stole a cross from the altar, urinated in a corner, broke a chandelier off the altar of Mary, and tipped several lighted candles over. The police were looking for witnesses who can give information about this incident.

Cathedral Entrance Vandalised with Paintings

November 28, 2021, Italy

The entrance door to the cathedral of San Steffano in Milazzo has been vandalized with writings and graffiti, leaving it in a deplorable state. The mayor has strongly condemned the acts and ordered police reinforcement of the area to prevent future vandalism. The mayor further claimed: "this cannot be my city", since there seems to be a high degree of tolerance towards this kind of acts, which should be "heavily sanctioned". He recalls that the square in front of the church is often the target of raids and "unthinkable actions" that should be countered.

Relic from St. Joseph Stolen in Macherio

November 28, 2021, Italy

In the church of Saints Gervase and Protasius in Macherius, a relic from St. Joseph, placed next to a figure of the saint, was stolen a few days before November 28th. This relic of St. Joseph was a piece of cloth that was kept inside a glass case. The incident was reported to the Carabinieri who are now investigating the matter.

Church windows in Everingen Repeatedly Vandalized

November 28, 2021, Germany

The windows of the St. Jacobi church in Everingen, have been repeatedly damaged by unidentified persons. In the space of two weeks, the windows were broken twice by thrown stones, the latest incident was recorded on November 28th.

Sacred Painting from 1706 Damaged in Rampage

November 28, 2021, Italy

The chapel of St. John the Baptist of via Bergamas in the historic center of Gradisca was vandalized on November 28th. The unknown individual, broke into the church, threw candles on the floor and against the altar, damaged a sacred painting from 1706, and then smeared the walls and a wooden notice board with candle wax. The rampage left the chapel in complete disarray and showed obvious malice toward the church.

Arson at Church in Boulonnais follows series of attacks

November 27, 2021, France

On the night of 26th to 27th November around midnight, a fire struck a church in Boulonnais in the town of Le Portel. The church Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul had already been vandalised a couple of days before. The fire started at the back of the religious building in the sacristy where the equipment of the parish priest and volunteers is kept. Nineteen firemen intervened to control the fire, which threatened the whole church. The police arrested a 36-year-old suspect during the night as he was trying to flee, as the police commissioner of Boulogne, Arnaud Jublin, explained. A hearing of the suspect will take place soon. 

Anti-Christian Messages in the Church of Mauléon-Licharre

November 27, 2021, France

The church of Mauléon-Licharre was targeted with anti-religious inscriptions on November 27th. "P Do Fil's Team" and "ABA GZU" (down with Jesus) were written on the side of the church during the night. The gendarmerie started an investigation and the priest of Mauléon said "It's so cowardly."

8,000 Euros of Damage Caused to the Geisinger Church

November 26, 2021, Germany

Intruders who entered the Geisinger church didn't steal anything but caused large amounts of damage. On November 26th, they entered through a window and then used large amounts of force to smash through the sacristy door. There was glass and splinters everywhere and the damage incurred would cost 8000 euros.

Vandalism At the Sant'Antonio Abate Church

November 26, 2021, Italy

Vandals at the church of Sant'Antonio Abate, forced open the church door and damaged the lock in the process on November 26th. They did not steal anything but the vandalism was evident. Investigators were trying to find out more about the crime such as who did it and with what intent.

Arson by Under-Age-Boy at a Church in Toulouse

November 26, 2021, France

A parishioner of the church of Fronton in Toulouse witnessed on the 26. November how a fire broke out on the altar of the church. Thanks to his quick reaction, the fire was rapidly brought under control. The investigation launched by the police showed that the fire had been set by a minor. The young man has been taken into police custody and will be tried in February 2022.

Church of Santa Maria Magdalena Vandalised Twice in November

November 25, 2021, Poland

The parish of St. Mary Magdalene reported an attack that took place on the 23. November in the morning. Police were notified by the parish priest that someone had smashed the windows with a stone in the sacristy and the utility room. The damage was estimated at 1.5 thousand PLN according to the police. This is not the first case in recent days, as on the 14. November, three lanterns and lamps illuminating the facade were destroyed at the same church. The investigation of that case is still running.

Break-in to Church and Liturgical Objects Stolen

November 22, 2021, Italy

Thieves entered the parish of San Michele in San Salvi, Florence, on the night from November 22 to 23, and broke into a sacred furniture, stealing two chalices, a monstrance, and other things. The criminals forced their way in through a door, then seized some sacred objects used to celebrate mass. The police started investigating the theft, along with staff from the Forensic Department to find those responsible for the criminal act.

UK Report: More than 4,000 crimes committed at churches in One Year

November 22, 2021, United Kingdom

According to the Countryside Alliance, an organisation that has been reporting on crimes committed at churches across the UK, during a period of 12 months from 2020 to 2021, there have been over 4,000 crimes committed at churches and religious premises. The figures were gathered from 40 of the country's 45 police forces, which revealed there were 4,169 incidents of theft, vandalism, physical assault or burglary across the UK during one year, despite the eight months of lockdown. During the last 4 years, the organisation has documented 30,169 crimes.

Church Wall Found With Red Paintings in Avellino

November 19, 2021, Italy

Once again the church of the Rosary has been targeted by vandals. On the morning of November 19, writings in red paint were found on one of the walls of the façade of the church, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Both the religious community of the Rosary and the citizens are outraged by this attack which is considered by them a childish act. Investigations are underway and surveillance cameras are being analyzed to find the culprits.

Christian-Based Youtube Channel Banned

November 18, 2021, Spain

YouTube has decided to close "La Contra TV", a channel with a Christian worldview that advocates for values such as life, family, and religious freedom. With nearly 300,000 subscribers, its motto is: "We give news that others hide". "La Contra TV" is considered a highly influential channel, sharing information that tends to be less featured in mainstream media. In 2019, Youtube closed "La Contra TV" for the first time due to alleged "serious or repeated violations of Youtube's policy related to the prohibition of hate speech", and put it back online after the complaints in defence of free speech. In 2021, the channel has been closed again.

Several Sacred Objects and Tools from San Giuseppe Moscati Church Stolen

November 17, 2021, International

As reported by Il Mattino, the thieves stole three chalices for the hosts, a laptop computer, a portable video projector, and two pyxes from San Giuseppe Moscati Church. The parish priest, Don Lupo, realized what had happened when he returned to the parish for catechism, noticing that the laptop and video projector were missing. The parish priest filed a complaint with the carabinieri that suspect that the thieves entered the church on the morning of November 17, taking advantage of the parish priest's absence. Deploring this occurrence, Don Lupo said: "We hope that these people will put a hand on their conscience and return what was stolen".

Graffiti on a Church Facade in Schifferstadt

November 17, 2021, Germany

The façade and information board of the Catholic church in Schifferstadt was sprayed with paint on November 17th. The author of the vandalism was not known but the police were investigating the crime and looking for witnesses.

OSCE Report shows alarming increase of Anti-Christian Hate Crimes

November 16, 2021, Austria

On the "International Day for Tolerance", the OSCE released a Hate Crimes Report, which documented 980 descriptive incidents against Christians out of 4008 incidents. Descriptive incidents are the ones documented by civil society organizations, such as the Observatory. There is a larger number of cases when police numbers are counted. The Observatory has drawn attention to the rising trend (70%) of Anti-Christian Hate Crimes since last year, considering that only 8 out of the 136 civil society or international organisations consistently reported crimes with Anti-Christian bias.

Church Hall in Ludwigsburg Vandalised

November 15, 2021, Germany

Between the night of the 14th and the morning of the 15th of November, an unknown individual broke into the parish hall of the Protestant Church in Neckarweihingen, leaving behind property damage of around 5,000 euros. The case was reported to the police and, according to the investigations, the burglar did not steal anything.

Two Journalists Insult Christian Singer on Twitter, calling Christians "Disabled"

November 14, 2021, Slovakia

Hateful comments against the Christian singer Sima Magushinova and Christians in general on Twitter, arouse a wave of indignation among the Slovak political class. Many of them publicly defended Sime Martausová and criticized the attitude of the two journalists responsible for the offenses: Petr Tkačenek, commentator of the daily SME and Rada Ondřejíček, author of the Cynical Monster.

Theft of Tabernacle and Liturgical Objects Cause 15,000€ in Damage in Church

November 13, 2021, Germany

Between the 8th and the 12th of November, St. Christopher's Church in Rüsselsheim was robbed. At least two unknown people started by damaging the church window and tearing it out of its mounting. In the church, the thieves stole a handmade tabernacle from the 1960s made of gold-plated brass, weighing about 60 kilograms and worth around 10,000 euros. In addition, the thieves stole host bowls and a custodian from the tabernacle and several hundred euros from the collection. The granite slab on which the tabernacle stood and a border were damaged by the perpetrators' brutal actions. According to initial estimates, the total damage was around 15,000 euros. The case was reported to the police and the investigative team at the Rüsselsheim police station took over the investigation.

Repeated Theft in Church in Bochum-Langendreer

November 12, 2021, Germany

On November 11th, burglars broke into the St. Mary's Church in Bochum-Langendreer, for the third time in just a few weeks, and stole valuable objects. This time, oil vessels, which are used for baptisms, and consecrated hosts, which are used for the Holy Mass, where stolen; both of which have particularly great religious value. Father David Ringel, lamented "I am very surprised that sacred places are not kept sacred and that people do not know that religious feelings are also hurt here."

Holy Figures Stolen from Church in Lower Rhine Wesel

November 12, 2021, Germany

Two wooden figures of St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena as well as a bronze figure "Mary with Child" were taken from a church in Lower Rhine Wesel on November 12th. "The thieves also took metal crosses,... money from an offertory box, and five metal candlesticks," the police added. The items were of great monetary and spiritual value but it was not known who took them.

Several Vandalic Acts Damage the Chapel of Tenimont

November 12, 2021, Belgium

The newspaper "The Meuse Luxembourg" reported, on the 12th of November, that new acts of vandalism took place in the chapel of Tenimont in October, near the cemetery of Barvaux, in Walloon Luxembourg. According to reports, the chapel was tagged in two places, furniture overturned and degraded, rubbish and beer cans found on the ground. The local press said this is not the first vandalism it has suffered recently.

Man Steals 55 Euros from the Mariahilfe Church in Vienna

November 11, 2021, Austria

The Viennese police caught a 40-year-old man in a Church in Vienna-Mariahilf on the morning of the 11th after a burglary. He was temporarily handcuffed and the stolen offertory money was seized, as the Vienna Police Directorate reported in a press release on Friday. According to spokeswoman Barbara Gass, about 55 euros were found on the man. The perpetrator has been imprisoned.

Father Adam Świerżewski Dies after being Attacked in Park

November 11, 2021, Poland

Maksymilian Adam Świerżewski, from the parish of St. Maximillian Kolbe, was taken to the hospital after being severely beaten in Alexandria Park in Siedlce. Due to the terrible injury, it was not possible to save him and he died at the age of 35 on November 11th. An autopsy was carried out and it was confirmed that he died from several kicks, punches, or hits to the head but his murderer was still unknown.

Several Church Objects Stolen, Thief caught by 65-years-old Woman

November 10, 2021, Germany

On November 11, various items were stolen from the church on Dorfstraße in Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel. Apparently, the thieves broke the entrance door open. A 65-year-old woman noticed the burglary and found a man outside the church in the possession of "several tablecloths and two wooden railings". Police officers were alerted and started investigating the man for the burglary, finding several electrical fuses from the church in the suspect's apartment. There is no final damage information so far.

Man Tries to Burn Down an Entire Chapel due to his Beliefs

November 8, 2021, Poland

A 38-year-old man was arrested while setting fire to the small chapel of St. Anna in Jasienica in the city of Myślenice on the 8. November. The police were alerted and managed to arrive on the scene in time to arrest the man and initiate operations to reduce the fire. The arriving patrol officers noticed that the window glass of the building was broken and the assailant was still inside. "He lit a fire there, expecting the fire to consume this small building." They pulled the man out of the window and handcuffed him. According to the police spokesman, Sebastian Gleń, the perpetrator explained he committed this act due to his beliefs and that his aim was to destroy the chapel completely. He is now awaiting sentencing, which could be up to ten years in prison.

Three Churches Offertory Boxes Stolen in Burladingen

November 8, 2021, Germany

Within the first week of November, the offertory boxes from three churches in the towns of Margrethausen and Burladingen were broken into. One church had the lock forcibly pried open and another had a writing stand broken with 100 euros of damage done, but the amount stolen is unknown. Nothing from the church on Beim Kloster in Margrethausen was stolen but 200 euros of property damage was caused when an attempt was make to pry the lock open. There was an investigation to see if the incidents were related but the perpetrator was unknown.

Anti-Catholic Tags on Saint-Lewis church in Paimboeuf

November 8, 2021, France

on 8. November, the façade of the Saint-Lewis church in Paimboeuf, west of Nantes was tagged with offensive remarks such as "a good Catholic is on the cross" and "burn the churches". The City owner of the building filed a complaint but no further action has been taken by the town to install security cameras.

Vandalized Church in Marienrachdorf

November 5, 2021, Germany

Property damage was done to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Marienrachdorf on November 5th. The unknown perpetrator painted a pillar in the church, the furnishings, and damaged several holy water bottles and two disinfectant dispensers. The police were looking for witnesses.

Historic St. John Church Targeted Twice in Two Weeks

November 2, 2021, United Kingdom

Two weeks earlier, the crypt of the St John’s Church in Bromsgrove was forced open causing significant damage, and then, on November 11th, a storage shed holding Christmas decorations was vandalized for no reason. The incidents caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage which the church cannot afford. The church warden, Neil Cramb said “Basically, this senseless act is going to cost us dearly."

Spanish Politician Compares Catholics with the Taliban

November 2, 2021, Spain

Politician Beatriz Bandera posted on Twitter on the 2. November a short video of the Sevillian Holy Week devotees during their yearly procession with the caption "Our Taliban". With this post, she compares faithful Catholics during a peaceful procession with the terrorist group of radical Islamist fundamentalists. Despite the criticism and offence that her commentary has generated, Mrs Bandera has not apologised, "I criticise what I finance with my taxes. Can I? Or not?", she reiterated.

Continued Abuse to Grounds of St Peter and St. Paul Church

November 2, 2021, Germany

The grounds of the St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Medenbach were the sight of loud music and vandalizm on November 11th. This time, rubbish was strewn around which expressed a general lack of respect. The news report mentions there has been repeated vandalism to this place.

UPDATE: Ban on "Conversion Therapy" in UK "Could Lead to the Prosecution" of Pastors and Church Leaders

November 1, 2021, United Kingdom

The Welsh government has admitted that the ban on conversion therapy "could lead to the prosecution of religious leaders". The ban on conversion therapy was announced by the Queen in May this year and was welcomed by the Bench of Bishops in the Church in Wales. The document presented by the government leaves aside questions such as the possibility to attack religious freedom and claims that conversion therapies cause harm, although it gives "no evidence to justify the claim". Since then, Christian groups have raised concern that the ban could apply for private prayer and conversations, undermining religious freedom. The consultation by the Government will be open until 10. December 2021.

Anti-Christian Graffiti on Statue of Pope John Paul II in Lwówek Śląski

November 1, 2021, Poland

The monument to John Paul II, the Polish Pope, was painted with multiple degrading symbols on November 11th. The statue, which is located in Lwówek Śląski, had it eye lids painted, a tear below its eye drawn, and an inverted cross. For some reason, this crime was never reported so the police did not carry out any investigations for suspects.

Youth Smoke Shisha in Laichingen Church

November 1, 2021, Germany

Several young people turned the Albanskirche in Laichingen into a shisha bar on November 1st and then celebrated with pizza. This was not the first act of its kind in the church and the pastor, who has had enough, has had to close the church for everyone to prevent more property damage.

Increase in Thefts of Consecrated Hosts in the Days Leading Up to Halloween

October 31, 2021, Spain

According to a report by ABC, the theft of consecrated Hosts in Spain has been a yearly phenomenon that occurs with special emphasis in the days leading up to halloween. The fathers recall finding the churches damaged after the hosts were stolen. This has happened in different churches for the last 10 years. Famed Spanish exorcist Fr. José Antonio Fortea reported that desecrations are taking place in many dioceses, but "the media do not usually report it". Many priests also fail to report such thefts, fearing that going public would have a "domino effect". Although these desecrating incidents happen annually, the police has not put up any preventive safety measures.

St Nicholas Church Vandalised on the Halloween Night

October 31, 2021, Germany

On the 31. October at night, the St. Nicholas Church in Immenstadt was damaged by graffiti. The unknown perpetrator(s) sprayed the words "Die Heiligen Geschwister Scholl" (The holy Scholl siblings) in black paint on the wall, causing damage of about 500 euros. The police are running an investigation. On the 31. October, there was increased vandalism in the whole region.

San Gottardo Church Vandalized Again on Halloween Night

October 31, 2021, Italy

The church of San Gottardo in Vittorio Venedeto has once again been targeted with spray cans. Located at the bottom of Mount Altare, the church has been vandalized numerous times with various inscriptions. This incident probably occurred on Halloween and was reported to the municipal administration.

Arson by Unknown Perpetrators in Church Premises

October 30, 2021, Italy

On the evening of 30. October, a fire broke out in the premises next to the church of Sant'Aniceto in Villar Perosa. Thanks to the Fire Brigade and volunteers, the fire was brought under control and no one was hurt. The parish priest, Don Orlando Aguilar Tobon, suspects that the fire was voluntary because the cleaning ladies noticed the smell of cigarettes and found a disordered room, later he was informed that a fire had broken out from a locked cabinet. A bottle of wine and two glasses were also found in the room.

Arson at Church in Castellon

October 29, 2021, Spain

The church of San Vicente Ferrer in Castellón was targeted by an arsonist on October 29th. The façade of the church was marred by a fire which was started by an old bed being left by the church and the set alight.

Repeated Acts of Vandalism at the Church in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban

October 29, 2021, France

For several months, the church of Jesus the Worker in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban was targeted by vile acts and thefts that left the church in a terrible state. This included the thefts of condolence booklets and urine or excrement left in the church. These incivilities have only multiplied, according to the priest, and this has emotionally harmed many people.

Pornographic Video Filmed Behind the Altar of a Church in Bree

October 29, 2021, Belgium

A video of a couple having sex behind the alter of the Sint-Michielskerk in Bree was shared on a number of social networks and led to a police investigation. The pair have apparently been identified but not officially confirmed. The police commented, "these are criminal offenses. It concerns public indecency and the distribution of pornographic images. We cannot communicate anything further."

Arson and Vandalism at Church in Germany

October 28, 2021, Germany

On 28. October at around 7.15 pm., witnesses found that there had been several damages to property in the church in Hellenthal. The organ and other objects were smeared with wax, and a burnt hole was found in the pew, among other things. The damage amounts to a few hundred euros. The damage to the property must have taken place between 10 am and 7 pm. The police opened an investigation.

Man Damaged Crucifix and Dismantled Church for "Religious Reasons"

October 28, 2021, Germany

At around 12.30 p.m. on 28. October, the police received a report of damage to property in the evangelical Frauenberg church in Sangerhäuser Straße, Nordhausen. A 25-year-old Afghan man had gone into the church, emptied it for "religious reasons" and broken a Crucifix. The police have filed a complaint of damage to property. The amount of damage is not yet known, but the damaged Crucifix had a high historical value to the community, which will be immediately restored.

Church Walls Vandalized with Graffiti in Leipzig

October 28, 2021, Germany

On the 28. October at night, vandals sprayed messages in black paint on the walls of a church in Stötteritz. Some of the tags were also against the police and the damage to property is estimated at around 1,000 euros. The police filed a report are investigating the incident.

Christians Attacked and Insulted while protecting a St.John Paul II Monument

October 27, 2021, Poland

On the 27th October 2020, unidentified pro-abortion protesters attacked, with telescopic batons, people defending the monument of St. John Paul II in Wołomin from being devastated during the local Women’s Strike. As a result of the perpetrators’ actions, one person was injured and had to be taken to the hospital.

Statue of the Virgin Mary Desecrated with Feces in Damasławek

October 26, 2021, Poland

A statue of the Virgin Mary, located in an outdoor space belonging to the local church, was found with traces of excrement on the pedestal on which it stands. The parish priest Father Grzegorz Iwinński explained how this was the most severe attack the church had experienced. The perpetrator, who was caught on camera, faces up to two years in prison for offending religious freedoms.

Stained Glass and Squared Timber Broken in the Church of Eibenstock

October 26, 2021, Germany

Two leaded glass windows and a three meter long squared timber were broken in the town church of Eibenstock. The windows were smashed with stones and the board of the congregation commented "we are simply horrified." The police investigated the incident.

Man Pours Fecal Matter over a Statue of the Virgin Mary

October 26, 2021, Poland

It has first been reported that a man had been vandalising a statue of the Virgin Mary by pouring fecal matter over it for several months, the most recent incident being in October 26. in 2021. The last incident was recorded by a security camera, which made it possible to identify the perpetrator. The 57-year-old man has received a one-year sentence of restriction of liberty and has been charged with the costs of the proceedings.

Church in Neuburg Vandalised with Graffiti

October 25, 2021, Germany

In Neuburg, the Holy Spirit Church on Spitalplatz was smeared with graffiti on the 25. October, as was reported by the police. Between the 25th and 26th, an unknown perpetrator sprayed grey graffiti on a wall in the area of the parish garden. This caused damage amounting to 1000 euros, the police are running an investigation.

Hymn Books from Northumberland Church Burned

October 24, 2021, United Kingdom

Several hymn books from the Holy Trinity Church in Embleton were stolen on the 24th of October and burned in a nearby cricket ground. Despite this event, Reverend Alison Hardy said that the church would stay open and added: "I'd ask people to appreciate churches for what they are and respect them as a community asset."

Three Attacks to the Reformed Church in Wildegg

October 23, 2021, Switzerland

The Reformed Church in Wildegg has experienced three attacks of vandalism, the last on was recorded on October 23rd. The incidents included the door set on fire, the organ damaged, and a lamp splintered. The church is now considering putting up surveillance cameras as a preventative measure.

Vandalism and Damage in the "Maria Geburt" Church

October 23, 2021, Germany

The candles in the "Maria Geburt" church in Elgendorf were damaged on October 10th. Candles in the alter room, which were either burning or unused, were broken and scattered all over the floor. Also, some candles were extinguished and a barrier rope destroyed. The Montabaur Police were looking for more information about this crime.

Attempted Arson and Vandalism at the Protestant Church in Holzkirchen

October 22, 2021, Germany

According to the police of Holzkirchen, between the 22. and 24. October, the Protestant Blessing Church in the Haidstraße was targeted for vandalism. Unknown perpetrators entered the church without any problem, as the place of worship is open every day. They destroyed the disinfectant provided and spread it on the floor of the entrance, it seems that they intended to light a fire because burn matches were found in the church, they also threw the pillows of the chairs around the church. Outside, police found a fireplace consisting of a vehicle tire and small wooden branches, although no fire was lit there.

Crosses Vandalised in the Cemetery of Bouguenais

October 22, 2021, France

Several crosses were broken in the cemetery of Bouguenais in the southwest of Nantes on October 22nd. About 15 graves were subjected to this vandalism and the broken parts were left on the ground. A complaint was filed and the fingerprints were taken.

Vandals Broke Into a Parish and left 2000 Euros worth of Damage

October 21, 2021, Germany

Unknown persons broke into a parish hall in Fuldatal-Simmershausen on the evening of the 21st of April. The burglars caused about 2,000 euros worth of damage to property as well as stealing a safe with cash. The Criminal Investigation Department in Kassel was investigating the case and looking for witnesses who could provide clues as to the identity of the perpetrators.

Mallorca: Another Cross Demolished in Spain

October 21, 2021, Spain

On 22 October, the town council of Son Servera (Mallorca), which is governed by Natalia Troya, demolished the Cross of the Fallen in the Plaza de la Tercera Edad. There there was no inscription of any kind and the Cross and it had been peacefully part of the town's monuments for decades. There is serious suspicion of illegality hanging over the decision, given that in June an application was registered with the Consell de Mallorca for the Cross to be cataloged as a listed monument, and this file is pending a report which was mandatory to take any action on the monument. The town council used the "Law of Historical Memory", which was passed by the PSOE in the times of President Zapatero.

St. Marien Church in Bochum-Langendreer Looted for the Third Time

October 21, 2021, Germany

In Bochum-Langendreer, criminals have been targeting churches for looting, the last time being on the night of 23. to 24. October. The Catholic community of St. Mary's in the former Langendreer station has been the target of three burglaries this year. In February, the parish office behind the church in Marien was devastated. This time the burglars had their sight set on the church. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday (20./21. October), they broke in through the side door and stole a projector, according to the congregation. And on the night of Saturday to Sunday (23./24. October) the main entrance was broken into and the offerings were stolen.

Churches in St. Gallen Will Remain Open Despite Vandalism Acts

October 21, 2021, Switzerland

In October, a chapel in Rorschacherberg was vandalized, and in the Catholic church in Schänis, unknown vandals looted the offering boxes. These were not considered to be isolated incidents. For the churches, it is nevertheless clear that they will remain open.

Statue of the Virgin Mary Vandalised and Replace by a Garden Gnomo

October 20, 2021, France

At the end of September, a statue of the Virgin Mary of the parish church, placed in a public road in the village of Gironde, was vandalized and destroyed. A garden gnome was placed in its place. A complaint was lodged by the church's maintenance lady. A man had found pieces of the bust in a vineyard, and two days later, the head of the Virgin was placed in front of a school gate. Although the events took place at the end of September, the story first got coverage a month later. The Mayor of Le Pian-sur-Garonne was also very upset by the action, the police are investigating.

A 23-year-old Vandalised a Church in Vienna

October 19, 2021, Austria

On 19. October, A 23-year-old man vandalized the church Nepomuk-Kirche in Vienna by damaging the furniture in the church and throwing things to the ground. The young man from Bangladesh was arrested shortly after witnesses saw him and raised the alarm by calling the police at around 8:30 pm. The man told the police that the church would belong to him.

Hateful Messages on the Walls of a Catholic School in Poitiers

October 19, 2021, France

Threatening posters were put on the a Catholic school in Poitiers on October 19th. The messages accused the school of homophobia and transphobia and contained "hateful" remarks about the "burning" of the Christian Union of Poitiers. A far left motive was suspected for the attack but it was not known for sure.

Cross Removed from a Public Place in Vinalesa

October 19, 2021, Spain

The town council from Vinalesa, governed by the Javier Puchol (PSOE-left wing party), demolished a cross-monolith in that was put in place in memory of eight people who were killed in during the civil war in 1936 in the town. Among the eight, was a Catholic priest who was murdered for his beliefs and some from the town saw this demolition has disrespectful to the deceased.

Man Destroys a Cross with a Saw While Filming

October 18, 2021, Poland

A 31-year-old man was arrested after he filmed himself while sawing a cross in Zastalowski in Zielona Góra. The perpetrator posted the video of this vandalic act on the Internet. The police started the investigations to find the man, who was later successfully found and arrested. The local authorities have expressed their concern and surprise regarding this violent act. "This is the first time I have encountered such desecration in our city and I hope it will be the last time. We do not know the motives for the attack on the cross, but the incident itself is very heinous," said the Coalition Civica councilor. The secretary of the regional People's Party, Arkadiusz Dąbrowski also commented, "this is an unprecedented act of vandalism. We must respect religious symbols in our country.