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Desecration of Statue of Virgin Mary in Kraplewo

July 20, 2021, Poland

An unknown perpetrator is currently being searched for by polish police. The perpetrator is accused of having desecrated a statue of the Virgin Mary and the destruction of a roadside shrine in Kraplewo near Ostróda. Build in the 1950s the shrine has a cultural and historic meaning for the locals. If identified, the perpetrator is facing up to two years in prison for insulting an object of a religious group or a place intended for the public performance of religious rites.

European Bishops Urge Action to Protect Religious Freedom as Attacks Increase Globally

July 20, 2021, Belgium

European bishops are urging the European Union to ensure religious freedom is protected in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement released by the Commission of Bishops Conference of the European Union, it can be read that “vulnerable religious communities are experiencing discrimination, intolerance and, in some cases, persecution as victims of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.” The statement followed a meeting of church representatives held on July 15.

Teenagers Accused of Arson at Church in Mauléon-Licharre

July 20, 2021, France

Police arrested two suspects in the case of damaging the church of Saint Jean Baptiste in Mauléon Licharre in the Atlantic Pyrenees. The incident dates back to 7 July. The suspects are accused of having tried to set fire to the church, by lighting songbooks and throwing them into the church. It is thought that in the course of this action, a statue of the Virgin Mary was damaged. Police are investigating

Repeated Arson Attacks against Church in Pont-de-Vaux

July 19, 2021, France

In the course of 72 hours, french authorities were called two times because of a suspected arson inside a church in Pont-de-Vaux. Thanks to the quick interference of the authorities the fires were extinguished without causing much damage. It is suspected that both fires have been deliberately set by currently unknown perpetrators. The church is under surveillance and the police are investigating.

Unknown Perpetrators Vandalise and Desecrated Cross at Church in Vaguines

July 18, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators have desecrated a cross at the church of Vaguines. The incident is thought to have taken place sometime overnight from 18 to 19 July. The perpetrators have spray painted the cross in pink and wrote "Jesus son 2 rape" onto the church wall. Police are investigating since the case has been reported by the town's authorities.

Blackpool Transport Has to Apologise and Pay Reparations for Discriminating against Christian Event Organizers, Court Rules

July 16, 2021, United Kingdom

After a court ruling, council owned Blackpool Transport has now agreed to pay £109,000 in damages caused to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for banning adverts for an event organised by the same. The public transportation company banned the advertisements after evangelist Franklin Graham, who was an invited guest speaker at the Festival of Hope event, commented upon Islam and homosexuality. Additionally, the transport company offered a public apology and have now implemented clear policies regarding adverts. Franklin Graham is "grateful to God" for this outcome.

Update: Christian School Worker Fired for Facebook Post Allowed to Appeal

July 15, 2021, United Kingdom

45-year-old Christian, Kristie Higgs, was fired from her job in 2020 for posting concerns about LGBT+ ideology being implemented in her son's school. The anonymous complaint leading to her being fired stated her post was "homophobic and prejudiced". Mrs Higgs posted the post on her private Facebook page only visible to her family and friends. In an Employment Appeal Tribunal, His Honour Judge (HHJ) Taylor ruled in favour of Mrs Higgs stating: “This appeal potentially raises important issues on the approach to be adopted by the Tribunals to manifestation and expression of beliefs”. Higgs will now appeal her case, which will be heard later this year.

Law Allowing Employers to Ban Religious Symbols at Workplace in Germany Confirmed by European Court of Justice

July 15, 2021, European Institutions (EU, ECHR,

The EU's European Court of Justice ruled that employers are allowed to ban visible religious symbols from their businesses, i.e. they are allowed to forbid their employees to wear crosses and headscarves. In its ruling, the Luxembourg-based tribunal stated its member states should weigh up if the ban corresponded to a "genuine need" on the part of the employer, especially since it potentially interferes with the employees' rights to freedom of religion. The case came to court after two Islamic-identifying women in Germany filed legal complaints against their workplaces for interfering with their beliefs. Subsequently, the case was brought in front of the European Court of Justice ruling on the legitimacy of the national legislation.

Spanish Medical Body Fears for the Freedom of Conscience

July 14, 2021, Spain

“Unacceptable, illegal, and unjust”, that is how a body representing Spain's medical colleges referred to the threat to conscientious objection on abortion made by the states government minister's. In the sight of the adoption of the Matic report, Spain's Equality Minister Irene Montero declared that “the right of physicians to conscientious objection cannot be above women’s right to decide”. Montero requested the General Council of Official Medical Colleges (GCGOM) to respond to her proposed changes. GCGOM, is the governing body representing 52 local medical colleges, on 12 July, they published a statement defending the right to conscientious objection.

Church Vandalised and Almost Set on Fire in Bollengo

July 14, 2021, Italy

Unknown perpetrators tried to set fire to the Romanesque church of Santissimi Pietro e Paolo in Bollengo. Mayor Luigi Ricca noted that the police "found traces of flammable liquid in the churchyard. The same group then broke one of the road signs indicating the route of the Via Francigena in the area". Since the modus operandi is similar to the case of church vandalism at the San Silvestro church in Chiaverano from June 2021, the police are suspecting the same group to be responsible. However, Mayor Ricca does not think that it is the same group. Investigations are ongoing.

Church in Grüfflingen Desecrated by Vandals

July 13, 2021, Belgium

Currently unknown perpetrators desecrated a church in Grüfflingen. The incident happened sometime between 13 to 14 July. It had been reported that the culprits desecrated the church walls and the labelling close to the church. The police are investigating.

Desecration of Statue of Virgin Mary in Bayeux

July 13, 2021, France

During the night of 5 to 6 July, currently unknown perpetrators decapitated the statue of the Virgin Mary in Bayeux. The statue is located near the Augustines chapel in Bayeux and had already fallen victim to other acts of vandalism. In 2013 a young man decapitated the statue, while in 2017, the head of the statue was covered in black paint. Although the police managed to recover the head of the statue nearby, the search for the culprit continues.

Historic Relic Stolen from Church in Blaye

July 13, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators stole a relic from the church in Blaye. The perpetrators stole a fragment of a rib belonging to Saint Romain, a Gallo-Roman priest who lived in the 4th century, making the rib 1,800 years old. Additionally to the rib, a silver case, containing the rib, has also been taken. The parish and the association for the protection of the church have filed a complaint with the local authorities. They are currently investigating the case.

Man Detained After Desecrating Church in Istanbul

July 12, 2021, Turkey

The Surp Takavor Armenian Church in Istanbul has been desecrated. A 14-second video appeared on social media showing three men dancing next to a stone cross atop the church's courtyard gate. It is thought to have happened on 10 July, as the video was released on the evening of 11 July. Turkish authorities detained the three suspects on 12 July, while they were in their homes. An investigation is underway.

Church in Białystok Vandalised by Woman

July 12, 2021, Poland

A 64- year old woman is the main suspect in the case of vandalism and theft from the Saint Adalbert's Church in Białystok. On CCTV footage the woman is seen tearing off a statue of Jesus Christ from the church wall and throwing it into a waste bin. The incident happened on 12 June right before the morning mass at 6.30 a.m. Parish priest father Jan Wierzbicki noticed the theft after a trace of glue remained on the plastered wall, where statue once hung. The police managed to recover the torn off statue and als caught the culprit. a 64-year old woman. She is now being charged with insulting religious feelings. The reasons for the act of vandalism are still unknown.   

Attempted Arson in Church in Déols

July 11, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators are said to have started a fire on 11 June, at the parish church of Saint-Marie de Déols. The incident must have happened sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. when the church was open to the public. The fire was discovered by visitors to the church, who immediately informed the police and the fire brigade. Little damage was caused thanks to their quick intervention. A special team of investigators are on the case.

Vandalism and Theft at Church in Henstedt-Ulzburg

July 11, 2021, Germany

Unknown perpetrators entered the church in Henstedt-Ulzburg in Segeberg. The incident happened sometime between Sunday (11 July) afternoon and Monday (12 July) morning. Once inside the church, they broke several doors and took every money they could find. The perpetrators caused an estimated damage of 2500 Euros, excluding the stolen money. Police reconstructed the incident, leading them to believe the culprits gained access through a terrace door. The public is asked to forward any information to the local police station in Norderstedt.

Eight Fires Set at Church in Déols

July 11, 2021, France

The Saint-Etienne church in Déols, near Châteauroux, was deliberately set on fire. The incident happened on 11 July. It is currently unclear how many people were involved in the arson. The local town hall investigated and uncovered eight intentional fires set to the church and decided to close the church for one week. Orléans judicial police were entrusted with the case.

Christian MP Jacob Rees-Mogg Attacked on Twitter

July 10, 2021, United Kingdom

Twitter allowed politician James Dornan to personally attack his Christian colleague MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. After high profile conservative Mr Rees-Mogg tweeted a video about the upcoming Nationality and Borders Bill, Mr Dornan responded stating: "Hope you remember this the next time you go to confession. You and your cronies are already responsible for the deaths of thousands and you're now happy to see the most desperate people in the world suffer and drown. If your god exists you will undoubtedly rot in hell." Consequently, the post was reported to the Standards Commission for Scotland. The conservative party is now asking for an apology.

Attempted Break-In at Church in Moreuil Caused Damage

July 10, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators are said to have attempted to break into the Saint-Vaast church in Moreuil. The incident dates back to 9 July, on which vandals left their mark on different parts of the French commune. A parishioner noticed the broken door and broken windows the following morning. The police had been informed, and a complaint was filed.

Sacristy of Saint-Vaast church in Moreuil Vandalised

July 9, 2021, France

On 9 July unknown perpetrator(s) vandalised the sacristy of the Saint-Vaast church in Moreuil. The incident must have happened after 7 p.m. A parishioner noticed the damage done to the sacristy the following morning. It has been reported that the perpetrator broke the door to the sacristy courtyard and a window to the sacristy. The incident was reported to the police, who are investigating the case.

Court Rules in Favor of Employee Fired over Deeply Held Believes

July 8, 2021, France

14 years after a Christian employee of the French Public Transport company RATP was dismissed for refusing to use the word "I swear" during an oath-taking procedure, a French High Court ruled in the employee's favour. In 2007, the trainee employee had to take an oath, to be allowed to start her new position, in which she had to say "I swear". She refused to use those words since her religious beliefs contradict them. In high court on 7 July 2021, the court ruled that "it is possible to replace the phrase 'I swear' with a solemn undertaking".

Spain about to Adopt New Abortion Law and Abolishing Conscientious Objection Clause for Health Professionals

July 8, 2021, Spain

Spains Minister of Equality, Irene Moreno, announced on 8 July that the Spanish government is considering to fully decriminalize abortion and to end medical professional's right to conscientious objection. Morenos announcement came shortly after the European Union adopted the Matic Report, which labels abortion as a fundamental human right. Spain's medical body as well as the President of the Bioethics Committee slammed that idea and called it "unconstitutional", as the right to conscientious objection is "an individual right" to health professionals. Moreno wants to adopt the changes in the last quarter of 2021.

Cathedral in Łódź Vandalised with Red and White Paint

July 7, 2021, Poland

The archcathedral basilica in Łódź was vandalised by an unknown perpetrator, who destroyed the buildings valuable historical door with white paint and the square in front of the church with red hands. CCTV footage reveals the incident happened at around 3 a.m. on 7 July. The police have been informed and are currently looking for one individual, stated police spokeswoman Joanna Kącka.

Catholic Organisations Criticizes Adoption of Matic-Report by European Parliament

July 6, 2021, Italy

Catholic groups all over Europe joined together on defending religious freedom. In a joint statement, 14 organisations criticised the adoption of the Matic Report by the European Parliament. The Report formally labelled "Report on the situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU, in the frame of women’s health", just made abortion a "human right", declared conscientious objection as a "denial of medical care" and undermines Parent's Rights. The Holy See and Bishops all over Europe are deeply saddened by this outcome.

Update: Church Singing Ban in the UK to be lifted

July 5, 2021, United Kingdom

Initially, the singing ban in churches throughout England was expected to be lifted in June. Especially because choirs, professional singers and singing in bars and pubs have at that point been allowed to take place. Then on June 15, the English government extended the restrictions for churches only, which are set to come to an end on 19 July. Secretary of health Mr Sajid Javid announced that all restrictions would be eased off stating: "There will be no limits on the number of people who can attend life events like weddings and funerals and there will be no restrictions on communal worship or singing." Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson also stated that the usage of masks would become voluntary.

Vandalism at Cemetery in Comblanchien

July 5, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators damaged several graves at the cemetery in Comblanchien, France. It is unclear when the act occurred. However, it was reported to the police on 24 June. The culprits have broken some headstones and have torn off, removed or moved flowers and plants. Mayor Didier Toubin has discovered the desecration. A complaint has been lodged. Police are investigating.

UK Schools Potentially Facing Fine for Breach of Free Speech

July 4, 2021, United Kingdom

Following the case of Rev Dr Bernard Randall vs. Trent College, Tory MPs are now seeking to add schools to a programme, which would penalize schools for favouring 'woke over free speech'. In the eye of the 'woke' and 'cancel culture' movements, the government is set to protect free speech and open debate in academia. PM Boris Johnson declared the government's commitment to protect free speech and open debate in academia in May, during the Queen's Speech programme. Similar cases to the one of Rev Dr Randall are supposed to be included in the debate. A vote on the sanctions is expected later this month.

Christian Culture in Turkey under Attack: Government Keeps Silent

July 4, 2021, Turkey

Turkey's Minister for Culture and Tourism has been harshly confronted in parliament by Garo Paylan, an Armenian member of the opposition. The confrontation follows the latest instance of targeted desecration of Christian sites in the Country and Turkey's silence and apparent indifference regarding the repeated desecration of those sites and the erasure of Christian culture. The 18th-century Sup Toros Armenian Church in Kayseri had been heavily damaged in January 2021. Paylan criticised the governments' failure of an action to protect historical and cultural-religious sites officially recognized as such by UNESCO, such as the Hagia Sofia and other churches throughout the Country. He additionally criticised the conversion of Churches to mere venues for tourism, Museums, Hotels and Galleries. An official statement is expected.

Theft of 300-year-old Sacred Object from Saint Brigida Church in Legden

July 4, 2021, Germany

On 4 July, unknown perpetrators stole an almost 330-year-old historic consecration vessel for oil from the Saint Brigida Church in Legden. The vessel had been used since 1694 at every baptismal mass in the parish and has therefore a high sentimental value. Stolen from the sacristy, the theft took place sometime between 12:30 and 13:10. In addition to the vessel, a large candle has also been stolen. The police are informed and are now looking for witnesses in the case.

Desecration of Sacred Heart Statue in Bas Rain

July 4, 2021, France

A gold-plated Sacred Heart Statue in Bas Rhin (Alsace), France, has been desecrated with a swastika. The incident was discovered and reported by the parish priest of Molsheim on 4 July. The perpetrators are said to have used a point to engrave the symbol to the high up statue. Deputy Nathalie Dischler commented about an increase in vandalism towards Christian symbols and institutes in the region. Police are investigating.

San Andrés Church in Cordoba Vandalised with Insulting Graffitis

July 3, 2021, Spain

The San Andrés church in Cordoba, has fallen victim to an act of vandalism. The 13th-century Fernandine church is home to the brotherhoods of Esperanza and Buen Suceso. Three sections of the wall have been graffitied with insults and signatures. In 1985 San Andrés was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Police are investigating to apprehend the culprit(s).

Update Conversion Therapy: Ministers Concerned about Freedom of Religion

July 2, 2021, United Kingdom

UK's House of Commons discussed the plans to ban conversion therapy in the face of Pride month. In the discussion Dame Angela Eagle urged the government to accept the ban as it is currently written, which includes praying. She stated, "as a minimum, they must introduce a ban on conversion therapy, with no religious exemptions and no loopholes." Other Ministers are concerned about the freedom of religion and consequently the church's role.

Update: School Chaplain Reported to Terrorist Watchdogs Hearing Delayed

July 2, 2021, United Kingdom

School chaplain, Rev Dr Bernard Randall, who was reported to the government's terrorist watchdogs for encouraging children to form their own opinions about their school's new LGBT+ rules while accepting contradicting views had his employment tribunal hearing postponed for over a year. Rev Randall 48, will now have to wait until September 2022 since the Boarding School with an Anglican ethos he was ordained Chaplain of, Trent college, failed to serve their evidence.

Update: Relationship and Sexuality Education in Welsh Schools Sparks Debate around Parent's Rights

July 2, 2021, United Kingdom

In Wales the adoption of a new Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) is being discussed. While the Welsh government is considering its adoption, some parents, like Izzy Montague, are raising serious concerns about the protection of children. If accepted RSE will start with the next academic year. Parents and education specialists are raising serious concerns about what its adoption would mean for our society as it is known.

Singing in Churches still Under Restrictions in UK

July 1, 2021, United Kingdom

Ongoing singing restrictions in churches are causing debate in the UK. While the singing ban has been lifted, new restrictions have been implemented. Members of the House of Lords are now getting increasingly frustrated with the seemingly inconsistencies implemented by the Government regarding indoor singing. Gloucester Bishop, Rt Rev Rachel Treweek has now asked the Government for a timetable to be able to return to normal life.

13-Year-Old Boy Hospitalised After Beating Because of Cross Neckless

July 1, 2021, Serbia

Nikola P. a thirteen-year-old boy attacked and beaten by a group of hooligans on his way home, is now recovering. The incident happened on the night of July 1st. After his football training, Nikola was on his way home when he was knocked to the ground, beaten and his neckless with a cross was torn. His father reported the incident to the police office in Kosovo and Metohija. Nikola is currently hospitalized and recovering from that gruesome attack.

Street Preacher Takes Up Legal Action Against Police After Arrest and Fine

July 1, 2021, United Kingdom

46-year-old street preacher, Andrew Sathiyavan, got arrested on Easter Sunday 2020 for publicly preaching on the street. Three police officers told him that he was "not allowed" to preach the gospel because he is causing anti-social behaviour and is in breach of current COVID regulations. Mr. Sathiyavan was then arrested and received a fine of £400. Since this is not the first time Mr Sathiyavan has been arrested by the police for street preaching he is now lodging an appeal and will be seeking legal action against the police, who arrested him for preaching, fined him and strip-searched him in Solihull in November of 2020.

Christian Fostercare and Adoption Agency Sues UK

June 29, 2021, United Kingdom

Cornerstone Adoption and Fostering Service is appealing a court decision. After the High Court decided the evangelical Christian fostering agency had to change its policy regarding the placement of children with exclusively heterosexual married couples. QC lawyer Aiden O'Neill is now supporting the adoption agency and stated the ruling to be "incoherent". QC lawyer Sir James Eadie, who is representing Ofsted, cannot find such inconsistencies in the Judge's ruling.

Spain: New Transgender Law Passed Council of Ministers

June 29, 2021, Spain

On 29 June, the Spanish government voted to approve a draft law about gender self-determination. The approval of the drafted law received opposition since it blurs the concept of biological sex. Another aspect highly criticised in the draft law is the interference with "parental guardianship". Although it passed the Council of Ministers the draft law has yet to pass the parliament to be added to the already existing law surrounding LGBT+. Changes to the draft law could happen.

Christian Arrested For 'Importing' Bibles to Norther Cyprus

June 27, 2021, Cyprus

In January 2021, police raided the home of Christian worker Ryan Keating in Northern Cyprus. He is accused of illegally importing more than 20 books related to Christianity, including the Bible. He is expected to appear in court for the first hearing in July. The US Embassy fears for Keating's wellbeing, who pleads not guilty to the charges raised against him.

Christian Politician, Carol Monaghan, Received Death Threats

June 26, 2021, United Kingdom

Scottish MP Carol Monaghan and her family had to be shielded in a police car and were brought to a safe house, after she experienced online abuse and a death threat via phone call. In a BBC interview, Monaghan (48) stated she received a series of offensive tweets followed by messages referencing to her murdered colleague MP Jo Cox. Apart from the online abuse Ms Monaghan also had to endure that her constituency office in Patrick was targeted and its windows smashed and office front splattered with ketchup, to appear like blood. Her stalker, 35-year-old Jonathan Bell, confessed in Court to the harassment and is now facing a prison sentence.

Censorship Zones Amendment Dropt

June 26, 2021, United Kingdom

An amendment aiming to criminalize Pro-Life organisations for offering prayer, assistance and counselling to women outside of abortion clinics across England and Wales has been dropped by a Labour MP. The amendment brought in by Dr Rupa Huq sought to introduce censorship zones around abortion clinics nationwide and to penalize pro-Lifers with a prison sentence of up to two years if they continued their service. Huq's Bill failed at the committee stage since the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill have withdrawn from the amendment. UK's Right to Life Group fears the amendment will be tabled again.

Unlawfully Arrested Street Preacher Wins In Court

June 25, 2021, United Kingdom

David McConnell was wrongfully arrested for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and now won in court, he will receive a compensation of £4,500. McConnell claimed for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and breach of human rights. According to the Christian Institute (CI), Mr McConnell was held for about six hours until a desk sergeant who listened to a recording of McConnell's speech released him without charge. The incident happened in December of 2019, in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, where David McConnell was publicly preaching on the street to a crowd of 50 before the police arrived and arrested him for an alleged “hate-related public order offence” and “for preaching on gay rights and abortion”.

EU Parliament Passed Matić Report Threatening Freedom of Conscience and Parental Rights

June 24, 2021, Belgium

The majority of the Parliament of the European Union voted in favour of the Matić Report on 24 June, which makes abortion a human right, denies the rights to contentious objection and demands a LGBTQ+ inclusive sex and relationship education. The report formulates the human right of conscientious objection as "denial of medical care". Critics are also concerned about the potential meaning of the adoption of the report for sexual and relationship education at schools, as it would frame abortion as a form of reproductive health for women and normalise LGBTQ+ relationships.These teachings will most likely collide with the Parental Rights of European Christians and the national competency in this policy field of member states.

Cemetery in Saint-Aubind du Cormier Damaged by Unknown Perpetrators

June 23, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators damaged the cemetery of the town of Saint-Aubin du Cormier, located east of Rennes. The municipality is now asking the public for information and is requesting any witnesses to come forward. The perpetrators broke several headstones and funeral plaques. It has been reported that the incident must have happened sometime between 23 and 24 June. The police are investigating.

Under Investigation: Pastor Accused of Intolerance against BLM Movement is Facing Trial

June 21, 2021, Ireland

In Northern Ireland (NI) a pastor is facing prosecution over a video he, himself published. In the said video he is questioning some actions of the supporters of the Black Live Matter (BLM) Movement. The pastor is accused of having stated racist statements. A final decision is expected by the end of June.

Vandalism and Arson at Church in Muggiò for the Second Time in One Week

June 21, 2021, Italy

For the second time in one week, an unknown person attacked the church of San Carlo in Muggiò. At the first attack, the person smeared dung onto the handles and at the second attack, he set fire to the main wooden door of the church. The incident was caught on cameras, which revealed that the incident happened at around 4.30 a.m. It furthermore reveals that one person is responsible for the small fire that was fortunately extinguished shortly after it started. The attack was reported to the police by Don Angelo Riva, a friend of the parish priest. It is unclear whether the one responsible for the fire is also accountable for the smearing. Police are investigating.

Over 10.000 Euros of Damage after Theft at Church in Chemnitz

June 20, 2021, Germany

Unknown perpetrators entered the Church in Schloßberg in Chemnitz causing an estimated damage of 10.000 Euros. The incident was reported during the morning of June 20. The culprit(s) vandalised different rooms inside the church stealing laptops and money. The police estimates the damages caused to the main entrance door and the rest of the church amount up to 10.000 Euros, which does not include the value of the stolen objects. Police are investigating.

Statues of Our Lady in Szczecin Tagged with Satanic Symbols

June 20, 2021, Poland

Unknown perpetrators desecrated the statues of the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of Fatima in Szczecin. The vandals spray painted an inverted cross and a pentagram onto the statues. They were located on a hill in front of the church. The parish asked the public for information on their Facebook account. Police are investigating.

Church in Målilla Heavely Vandalised

June 20, 2021, Sweden

A church in Målilla, Hultsfred has been ransacked. The incident caused a destruction of the interior. The unknown perpetrators overturned the churches piano, the sacrilegious cross and the chairs. The incident was discovered on 29 June by the parish pastor Gerth Thorstensson. Apart from the broken furniture pastor Thorstensson also explained that the perpetrators had emptied a fire extinguisher on the instruments and electronics, thus destroying them as well. It was reported that the perpetrators also smashed mirrors and appliances in the churches kitchen and its bathroom, causing a great amount of damage. Police also discovered an attempt of arson as a pile of ashes was found in the children's playroom. Police are looking for the suspects.

Repeated Acts of Vandalism against Church in Colle

June 19, 2021, Italy

The church of Santa Maria in Colle has again been attacked by vandals. The columns and the walls were tagged with graffiti, the perpetrators are also thought to have tampered with the gas pipe. The desecration was discovered on 19 June by a troop, who came to clean the church and cut the grass. Bottles and cigarettes were found at the scene. Mayor, Elzo Severin, has expressed his wish to sanction these vandals and also issued a criminal complaint. Police are investigating.

Theft of Church in Bells Santa Caterina Destroyed by Earthquake

June 19, 2021, Italy

Unknown perpetrators stole historic bells from the Church of Santa Caterina. Although the church had been destroyed in an earthquake in May 2012, its Concordia bells rested for nine years beside the churchyard. Police are investigating.

Suspect Who Set Church in Malestroit on Fire Apprehended

June 18, 2021, France

French police arrested a suspect in a case of church arson. The individual is accused of setting the scaffolding on the north side of the Saint-Gilles church in Malestroit on fire with petrol cans. The incident happened around 11.30 pm on 18 June. Thanks to 27-year-old Eddy Chabrun's quick intervention the church was saved and no one harmed. The suspect is already known to the police.

The Metal Statute of the virgin and the Child Jesus Solen and Untraceable

June 18, 2021, France

Although the metal statute of the virgin and the child Jesus have been stolen in November during the wave of serial thefts, they remained untraceable. They were installed on a stone base in Craz, a village in the commune of Injoux-Genissiat.

Church in Konin Vandalised For the Fourth Time

June 17, 2021, Poland

An unknown perpetrator vandalised the church of Saint Maximilian M. Kolbe in Konin. CCTV Footage shows a man entering and vandalising the church, his identity and motives are yet to be discovered. The Diocese of Wloclawek reported the incident to the police on 16 June. The diocese also asked the public to share any information with the police who is currently investigating the case.

Vatican Criticised for Commenting on New Anti-Discrimination Bill in Italy

June 17, 2021, Italy

The Vatican is being accused of having intervened in the lawmaking process of an anti-discrimination law, also known as 'Zan Bill', because of a written note they directed to the Italian ambassador of the Holy See, in which they point out their concern about the bill. In the formal diplomatic note, the Holy See raises the concern upon the bill passing the senate as drafted since it would not only violate the freedoms of the Catholic Church in Italy, as regulated in an agreement of 1929, but it would also force Catholic schools to implement and organise activities on a future national day against homophobia and transphobia. Critics, amongst which are some prominent homosexuals and feminist groups as well as the Catholic Church, point out that the problem is not whether we agree or disagree with those statements it is more about the law interfering and thus preventing religious believers from freely and publicly expressing themselves. The "Zan Bill" has been approved by the lower house in November of 2020 but has yet to pass the Senate committee.

Arson Attack against Orthodox Church in Narva-Jõesuu

June 17, 2021, Estonia

An arsonist destroyed the Estonian Christian Orthodox Church in Narva-Jõesuu on June 17. The fire damaged the walls and completely destroyed the church's interior. In the course of the fire, the roof collapsed partially. Police have been informed, they suspect arson since the church had been set on fire in February 2020 already, causing damage to the 18th-century icons, its altar and the oak iconostasis. Estonias Firebrigade also suspects arson, since the fire spread so rapidly. The culprit has yet to be identified.

Update: 'Gentle Non-Coercive Prayer' To Be Included in Conversion Therapy

June 16, 2021, United Kingdom

Former LGBT Government advisor Jayne Ozanne called for "gentle non-coercive prayer" to be included in the planned conversion therapy ban. Ozanne forwarded the inclusion after Right Rev David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester, mentioned that prayer "where there is a level of power imbalance, and a level of force" should be included in the ban. A Human Rights lawyer affirmed that banning "gentle non-coercive prayer" would violate Convention rights. The bill will be discussed in September, following possible legislation next year.

23-year-old Man Charged For Defacing Church in Lubliniec

June 15, 2021, Poland

The perpetrator who defaced the facade of the historic Saint Nicholas Church in Lubliniec in early January, was caught. 23-year-old Adam G. does neither admit to having committed the crime nor does he provide a logical explanation for how the bottle with black liquid turned out to be his. In the course of the interrogation, the suspect confessed other crimes, for which he will be charged. The District Prosecutor's Office in Częstochowa is charging Adam G. under Polish penal code Article 108 which consists of damaging a historical monument, which is punishable with a prison sentence of up to eight years. He is additionally being charged for insulting religious feelings, which could add another two years of imprisonment.

UK Government Prolongs Inconsistencies Says Bishop

June 15, 2021, United Kingdom

As for Covid restrictions, the UK government announced a four-week extension to England's lockdown regulations. Although the new extension allows churches to stay open, it restricts worship and singing until 19 July. Right Reverend Dame Sarah Mullaly, the Bishop of London, is now pressing the Parliament to reconsider the decision. Retired Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, confronting the House of Lords sees inconsistencies being prolonged instead of actual Covid measures, since singing inside of Pubs is allowed.

Man Arrested for Torturing 6 Monks Out of Hatred Against the Church

June 14, 2021, Austria

Vienna police arrested the main suspect, who is alleged to have robbed and tortured six monks in Vienna-Strebersdorf. The man bound and gagged all his victims and brutally beat them with an iron rod. Five of the victims were seriously injured, while one fought for his life for several months. The suspect, a man of Serbian descent but with a Croatian citizenship, was caught and arrested in Zagreb after a two-year investigation. The suspect admitted that he committed the crime, as a motive he said he hated the church and wanted to avenge the ones hurt by them. He is facing a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Spanish Court Affirmed: Christian View on Homosexuality is Not 'Hate Speech'

June 14, 2021, Spain

Spains highest court, National Audience, withdrew a 6,000 Euros fine that was earlier imposed on the Christian television channel Revelation TV. The cable broadcaster received the fine in September of 2017, after a complaint had been made claiming the programme is "attacking the dignity of LGBT people." High Court Judge Felisa Atienza Rodríguez stated in her ruling that "critiquing ideas or positions" of others is a constitutional right.

Church in Moselle Ransacked by Unknown Group

June 14, 2021, France

Unknown perpetrators are said to have devastated the interior in the chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance in Moselle on 14 June. It has been reported that a crucifix and statues were toppled over and thrown to the ground as well as flowers and chairs. A resident observed that a van parked in front of the chapel for 15 minutes. A complaint has been lodged and the chapel cleaned.

Gun Fired During Church Service in Dammarie-les-Lys

June 13, 2021, France

During a church service in France, two young people aged 21 are said to have fired several shots. It has been reported that the two perpetrators used a double-barrelled 16-gauge shotgun and a machete. The incident happened 13 June around 8.30 a.m. during a quarrel with evangelical worshippers. Police apprehended the two men who fled the scene and sought refuge in a nearby grocery store. The exact circumstances of the shootings are yet to be determined. No casualty has been reported, police are investigating.

Court in UK Rules: Belief in Biological Sex Protected under Equality Act

June 11, 2021, United Kingdom

Maya Forstater, a tax consultant, tweeted that biology determines whether one is male or female. As result, she lost her job. An employment tribunal ruled the former tax consultant had not been treated unlawfully as 'gender critical' beliefs were not protected by law. Lawyer Mr Justice Chodhury took the case to court pointing at the Equality Act 2010. In a second Tribunal hearing, the judge ruled that Forstater's view is indeed protected by law.

Church Theft in Krakow Leaves Community in Shock

June 11, 2021, Poland

Unknown perpetrators have stolen relics from the Saint Joseph's parish in Krakow. The incident happened between 10 and 11 June. The parish reported the incident and shared it on their social media, stating "the relics of St. Brother Albert were stolen from our Sanctuary! They were located in the altar of the Apostles of Mercy. Please share this news". The priests are asking the public for any information.

Church and Rectory Repeatedly Vandalised, Mayor Refuses to Report Case

June 11, 2021, Italy

A group of teenage boys is alleged to have been repeatedly attacking the parish priest's house, which also functions as the churche's rectory, next to the parish church of Santa Marta. Although the boys have been identified the local mayor refuses to report them. The group of boys keeps vandalising the parish and the parish priests house by throwing rubbish and cans onto the house and removing plasters from the church. The Mayor is planning on setting up signs forbidding the young boys to climb onto public property and vandalism.

Newly Proposed Legislation Would Criminalise Pro-Life Support Around Abortion Clinics

June 11, 2021, Spain

A new legislation has been presented to Spain's lower house. The new law would create "buffer zones" around abortion facilities. Proposed on 21 May by the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) to the Congress of Deputies, the law aims to penalize anyone who “harasses or restricts the freedom of a woman who intends to exercise her right to abortion". The buffer zones would prevent any kind of pro-life campaigning or support in the area. The bill is to be voted upon.

Edinburgh Council Fined for Cancelling Christian Conference over Religious Beliefs of Guest Speaker

June 10, 2021, United Kingdom

The city of Edinburgh Council has apologized after violating church rights and paid £25,000 in damages caused by their action. They cancelled a Christian three-day conference after a complaint regarding the religious beliefs held guest speaker Larry Stockstill. A court ruled, that they violated the European Convention on Human Rights, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010. The council acknowledged that it "failed to meet its equalities duties to Destiny Ministries in terms of the Equality Act 2010 and therefore acted unlawfully."

Christians Afraid of 'Disciplinary Measures' at Polands Universities

June 10, 2021, Poland

Polands Government wants to protect Christian values at their Universities. Przemyslaw Czarnek the Minister of Education and Science wants to stop hostilities towards Christians at Universities, especially since the fear of "disciplinary measures because of alleged discrimination against non-Christians" is spreading amongst the Christian Community. The Polish Government wants to guarantee that freedom of speech, teaching and scientific research are maintained. The so-called academic freedom package is to be discussed this week.

Final Ruling Expected in Pro-Life Ads Censorship Case

June 9, 2021, Slovenia

In 2018 a state-owned bus company removed advertisements from the pro-life NGO Zavod ŽIV!M on the grounds of them being "intolerant". Although the NGO signed a contract with the company allowing them to display their ads for several months, the company took them down just after a little more than a week. On the ads the messages "We love Life!", "You are not alone", "Step out of Silence" and "I mourn my child", were accompanied by pictures of a happy family, a grieving mother and a woman holding a pregnancy test. In a first ruling the Slovenian equality body called "Advocate of the Principle of Equality" found the company to have acted discriminately towards the NGO. The company challenged the ruling, an outcome is expected in June. 

Church Ransacked in France

June 8, 2021, France

The roman catholic church of Tasque in the Gers has been ransacked at the end of May after its recent reopening. The church finished restoration works a few days earlier. Tourists visiting the church noticed the damage in early June. Unknown perpetrators have desecrated the altar through inscriptions, they also damaged the chandeliers, as well as furniture and several statues. Locals informed the authorities, it is thought that the local "youths" is to blame for this.

Church Door in Tafalla Vandalised with Cement

June 7, 2021, Spain

The Church of Santa María de Tafalla in Spain has fallen victim to an act of vandalism. Unknown perpetrators have knocked down the fences attached to the parish and thrown a sack of cement over the door of the church. The attack is thought to have taken place sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning. Alfredo Ondarra, head of the Tafalla Municipal Police, said that his team is looking for the culprit.

Cemetery Repeatedly Desecrated in France

June 7, 2021, France

A cemetery in France has been repeatedly vandalised. Unknown perpetrators are said to have stolen different objects and flowers from the graves in Laneuveville-devant-Nancy. The thefts started to occur in May and have since become regular. A complaint has already been filed. The police are investigating.

Police Arrested Cross-Thieve in Le Manche

June 6, 2021, France

Between 6 and 9 June, three different cemeteries were ruthlessly vandalized. A total of 18 cast iron crosses were stolen, and their foot broken. The police found a connection to the theft of eight additional crosses from the cemeteries in Sartilly and Saint Jean le Thomas on the 11th and the 17th of June. After a thorough investigation, the police managed to apprehend a suspect. During a search of his home, six of the stolen crosses were found and recovered.

Church desecrated in Cork

June 5, 2021, Ireland

“The parishioners are deeply disturbed by what happened”. Vandals graffitied a "deeply disturbing" message onto a church in Cork, Ireland. The currently unknown perpetrator was caught on camera while desecrating the Church of the Ascension around one o'clock in the morning. On the CCTV the culprit can be seen entering the premises of the church, vandalising it and also damaging the cars belonging to the priests and their houses. “The community were just coming alight again after the lockdown," Father Walsh stated. He additionally added that the parishioners although shocked are coming together to try and help undo the damage. The police have been informed and are currently investigating.

Fined Overturned for Christian Volunteer Who Helped Homeless During Pandemic

June 4, 2021, United Kingdom

56-year-old Christian volunteer Jan Niedojadlo was fined £60 by Police officers in April 2020 for preaching the gospel and helping homeless people to get food during the Covid 19 lockdown. Despite proving that he was allowed to perform the volunteer service, a police officer gave 'him a ticket' on the ground of him 'being away from home without a valid reason under Covid regulations'. Mr Niedojadlo's case came to court after a group of MPs on the Joint Committee on Human Rights called for all covid fines issued during the pandemic - a total of 85,000 - to be reviewed. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has now ruled in favour of Mr Niedojadlo.

Church Door Set on Fire in Sogliano Cavour

June 3, 2021, Italy

The side door of the Mother Church "San Lorenzo Martire" in Sogliano Cavour has been set on fire. It is currently unknown how many individuals were involved in the occurrence. The fire was noticed by a resident at around 5.40 a.m. who also alarmed the fire brigade and the local police. The Insurance has already covered the damage caused by the fire. The Police are now investigating. The parish priest is pressing charges.

15.000 Euros Stolen from Church in Guidonia Montecelio

June 3, 2021, Italy

Unknown perpetrators broke into the church of San Luigi Gonzaga and stole 15.000 Euros and a collection of Swarovski crystals. The theft took place in the afternoon of 3 June. The church is located in Guidonia Montecelio in Italy. The parish priest discovered the theft and reported it to the local police. It was discovered that the thieves broke into the rectory of the church located in the priests' flat. The investigators found a block of cement on the spot, which was used to break a French window to get access to the premises. The value of the stolen crystals has not yet been revealed. Charges have been filed by the priest.

Christian Medical Practitioner Facing 'Fitness to Practice' Hearing over Abortion Reversal Treatment

June 2, 2021, United Kingdom

Experienced medical consultant Dr Dermot Kearney has now been blocked from providing medical assistance in an abortion reversal treatment while an investigation takes place. Dr Kearney offered his emergency abortion rescue service to numerous woman during the pandemic, who regretted taking the first of the Mifepristone pills. By prescribing the natural hormone progesterone which inhabits the effects of Mifepristone, he helped several women to carry healthy babies. The former President of the Catholic Medical Association in the UK is forced to stop offering the treatment for up to 18 months. Dr Kearney, who is a cardiologist and emergency physician has been told to stop offering the treatment by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). They urged him to stop after the General Medical Council received a complaint about the treatment, which is not approved by health officials. The investigation against him is ongoing.

Church in Albig Vandalised

June 2, 2021, Germany

Unknown perpetrators have vandalized the evangelical Church in Albig. The incident happened during the night from 1 to 2 June. The perpetrators have broken the churches' door lock and some trees. Community members and the parish priest can not understand how someone could do this. The police are investigating.

Severe Act of Vandalism in Historic Church of Tasque

June 2, 2021, France

The old church in Tasque has been severely vandalised. The historical Church dates back to the 13th century and was attacked during the Ascension Weekend. The perpetrators broke the chandelier, several sculptures and vases. Police are investigating the case.

European Parliament to Vote on Establishing Abortion as a 'Human Right'

June 2, 2021, France

The European Parliament, the EU's law-making body, is to vote on a new report that seeks to manifest abortion as a human right and degrades conscientious objection as "denial of medical care". The report forwarded by Croatian politician Matić is to be voted on at the next plenary session due to take place from 7 to 10 June in Strasbourg. Pro-Life groups see a violation of the established principle of abortion lying in the competence of the member states and not the EU. The European Centre for Law and Justice fear that this could lead member states to put the new report into national legal practice.

Complaint against Ringing of Church Bells in Devon

June 1, 2021, United Kingdom

The All Saints Church in Kenton, Devon, could have its chimes silenced. The reason is a complaint from a member of the public. Build in the 14th century the Church's clock currently chimes every quarter of an hour. One new resident in the area has now complained to silence the same. All Saints Church vicar Rev John Williams admitted to 'The Telegraph' that he is aware that the noise measured by Environmental Health is higher than the current permitted. He added: "While some residents don't mind hearing the clock at night and find it comforting, we are nonetheless required to oblige with the law". The church council is now looking for sponsors to buy a £2,000 mechanism to silence the clock chimes at night. Kenton parish council is now worried that by the time they managed to raise the money the local council could have already silenced the clock.

New Northern Irish Conversion Therapy Ban Could Criminalise Prayer

June 1, 2021, Ireland

LGBT+ activists are pushing for a nationwide ban of conversion therapies, which would criminalize prayer, preaching, pastoral support and even parenting which opposes the LGBT+ assumptions. Human rights lawyer Jason Coppel urges that this action "would criminalise the legitimate expression of religious beliefs". The Christian Institute "will not hesitate" to take legal action if Northern Ireland's executives introduce "a badly drafted CT ban" which criminalizes "ordinary everyday practices of the church".

Historical Church vandalised in Lützenkirchen

June 1, 2021, Germany

Unknown perpetrators defaced an over 300-year-old church in Leverkusen in Germany. The culprits are responsible for graffiti sprayed on the chapel's walls, signs scratched into the bricks, holes drilled into the copper downpipes and traces of fire found on the massive oak door at the chapel's side entrance.  Additionally, the vandals have damaged a monument at the Anna Chapel. Karl Georg Emmels, former church council estimates the damage to be several thousand Euros. A reward of 500 Euros for information leading to the culprit has been offered and the police are investigating. 

Vandalism and Attempted Robbery in a Church in Nicotea

June 1, 2021, Italy

The little church of Santa Chiara in Nicotera has been vandalized by unknown persons. A hole was found in the wall of the sacristy although the intentions behind these attempts are unclear. As the neighbors explained, "there is nothing to steal here, nothing of particular value". The incident actually took place at the beginning of the summer but it was discovered much later given that the church remains closed most part of the year. The police are carrying on an investigation to track down the perpetrators.

Radical Left Groups Violently Attacked Public Catholic Procession in Paris

May 30, 2021, France

On 30 May, a public Catholic procession in Paris, commemorating the city’s 19th-century martyrs, was violently attacked by several radical left groups. From the beginning on the procession was accompanied by interruptive whistling and booing. Soon the verbal attacks became physically violent. Flags were torn down and even heavy object thrown at them. The perpetrators also started to kick and punch participants of the procession, one elderly man was knocked to the ground suffering serious head injuries that needed to be stitched. The procession was then blocked by around 50 demonstrators and the police asked the believers to take refuge in a near by church until the situation was under control again. The police are investigating.

Twenty Graves Destroyed in the Cemetery La Ronde

May 30, 2021, France

More than 20 graves have been ransacked in the communal cemetery of La Ronbe during the night of 7th and 8th May. The plaques and flowers were destroyed. The police opened an investigation

News article: Scotland: Churches to receive fund for more security

May 29, 2021, United Kingdom

Churches in Scotland are going to profit from a fund that aims to protect places of worship, which are particularly at risk of religiously motivated attacks. The Scottish Government provides a total sum of £500,000 in their Hate Crime Security Fund for security measures. Places of particular risk are eligible for 100 per cent funding. The fund opened in May and is thought to run for two months. Providing support by the end of September. Places of worship can receive up to £20,000 in funding to install security measures. Scotlands parliamentary officer at the Chrisitan public policy charity CARE, Michael Veitch commented: "In recent years, there have been alarming attacks on places of worship in Scotland including churches, synagogues, and mosques. This money will enable congregations to install security measures to act both as a deterrent to criminals and a reassurance to worshippers. Whilst the maximum grant available to individual places of worship is less than in England, the fact that 100 per cent grants are to be provided to the most at-risk settings is especially welcome. We hope that this assistance for places of worship will become a regular feature in Scottish Government budgets.We also call on Ministers to send a strong message that religiously-motivated hatred has no place in modern Scotland including hatred against Christians, which often receives less media coverage."

Vandals Desecrated 'Way of the Cross' in Verona

May 29, 2021, Italy

Vandals have violated the Way of the Cross leading to the Cemetery in Pizzoletta, near Verona. Although the stolen plates are neither valuable nor ancient, they carry religious and ideational value for the community. The act of vandalism and theft happened just a few days after the Way of the Cross has been restored. During the pandemic, the Way of the Cross, which encompasses fourteen stations, had suffered various attacks. It is unclear if the case has been reported to the police.

Attempted Fire and Acts of Vandalism in the Church of Aytré

May 29, 2021, France

In the end of April, the church of Aytré, in Charente-Maritime near La Rochelle has been a victim of an attempted arson. Unknown perpetrators have burnt doilies as well as a box of matches. The motives remain unknown and a complain has been filled to the police

Christian Female Preacher Arrested after Speech at Speakers' Corner

May 28, 2021, United Kingdom

Hatun Tash a Christian and a regular speaker at the Speakers' Corner, has been arrested after questioning the Islamic faith. Police officers who were asked to come in to protect the speaker, decided to arrest Hatun after a mob of Muslims started threatening her. A video released on YouTube shows Mohammad Hijab, the leader of the antagonistic group who threatened Hatun, spreading hate speech against world politicians and Israel, threatening police officers and threatening to kill Jews and Christians. It is unclear why the Police arrested Hatun instead of Hijab.

Consecrated Hosts Stolen from Church in Pisa

May 28, 2021, Italy

Sometime between 27 and 28, May thieves have entered the church of San Michele Degli Scalzi in Italy. They broke into the tabernacle and have taken the sacred hosts. Don Lorenzo, the parish priest, noticed that the closing flap was slightly out of place and when he approached the tabernacle, he saw the theft and reported it to the police. The hosts did not have a material value, however, they have spiritual value for the religious community. Surveillance cameras might have caught the thieves. The Police are investigating.

Court Decides: 6 Children Taken Away from Catholic Parents for Placing them in Catholic Schools

May 27, 2021, France

A French court ruled that 6 of 10 children had to be removed from their parents home because their catholic mother enrolled them on a catholic boarding school. Two of the six children have now been put into a foster family of Muslim descent, who refuses to educate the children in accordance with their Catholic faith, mother Clare says. The children have additionally been taken out of their Catholic boarding schools and put back into state schools. The mother also stated that the foster family tries to change their children believe, by teaching them Muslim prayers and worldviews. A petition to help the family get their children back has been launched.

Pakistani Christian Living in Germany Threatened with Deportation

May 27, 2021, Germany

Faisal Jahangir a Pakistani Christian is facing deportation in Germany, despite being fully integrated. Jahangir lives and works in Germany since 13 years. Despite him facing a great threat of religious persecution in Pakistan, the german authorities remain tough. If he doesn't leave voluntarily, he might face a three-year ban. He is now trying to get a visa through the church.

Newly Proposed Bill in Spain to Criminalise Pro-Life Campaigs Near Abortion Clinics

May 27, 2021, Spain

A bill proposed on May 21 would punish Pro-Life campaigners near abortion clinics. The bill is said to criminalise "harassing women going to clinics for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy." If the bill passes pro-life groups campaigning near abortion clinics could either face a prison sentence of up to one year, or community service of up to 80 Days. In individual cases, an individual could also be barred from the specific location for a minimum of six months and a maximum of three years. A petition to oppose the bill has been launched.

Scottish Pro-Abortion Lobby Demands Nationwide Band of "Harassing"Pro-Life Groups around Abortion Clinics

May 27, 2021, United Kingdom

Campaigners of the 'Back Off Scotland' movement are now demanding 'buffer zones' around abortion clinics, after the numbers of terminations carried out in Scotland in 2020 became the second-highest on record. With a total of 13,815 terminations carried out, the pro-abortion lobby is requesting 'harassment' free access. Campaigners are stating that many women feel intimidated by Pro-Life supporters who gather in front of abortion clinics. The Scottish government is currently considering implementing the buffer zones.

Proposed Conversion Therapy Ban Potentially Threatens Religious Freedom

May 26, 2021, United Kingdom

A Proposed conversion therapy ban could cause "an unlawful interference" with several human rights laws protecting the freedom of religious belief and expression, says human rights lawyer P Havers. Everyday Christian activity could also be criminalized says, Havers. The ban would criminalise biblical teaching on human sexuality and gender. The UK government is considering the proposed ban. A decision is expected in Autumn says a MP.