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British Christmas Card Producer under fire for deeply offensive products

December 8, 2019, United Kingdom

A line of Christmas cards produced by British card company 'Love Layla' caused controversy for including messages mocking some of the deeply held beliefs of the Christian faith. The cards included taglines which call into question the Virgin Mary's miraculous conception, and which refer to Jesus as "a bloke that wore socks with sandals." Speaking to the Daily Mirror, James Mildred, for Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) said, "A lot of Christians will be deeply offended by this sort of thing...It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult."

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Judge Opens Proceedings Against "Pederoclastia" Installation

July 25, 2019, Spain

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers has sought a court order to shut down an artist’s installation entitled "Pederoclastia" that contains "ornaments used in Catholic worship" and "figures of children in explicitly sexual postures." The Association also said on July 19 that it would file a criminal complaint against artist Fernando Barredo de Valenzuela (who is also the coordinator for Toledo Laica) for offending religious sentiments and inciting hatred, and may take steps against the Círculo de Arte de Toledo for "attacking the feelings of Catholics." On July 25, Toledo’s Court of First Instance No 2 opened a preliminary investigation into the possibility that the case constituted corruption of minors but had not ordered the exhibition to be shut down.

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Evangelical Event Attendees Harshly Ridiculed

June 17, 2019, Austria

Many Christians complained about being offended and insulted for their religious faith after verbal attacks by Rudi Fußi on the Austrian talkshow "Fellner! Live: Rudi Fußi vs. Andreas Mölzer" which aired on June 17th on OE24.TV. As a guest on the program, Fußi launched into a tirade calling the estimated 10,000 Christians gathered at an evangelical event “lunatics” and mocking the act of praying for the Republic of Austria and the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, calling it "completely cuckoo, totally sick" after the show host had introduced the topic.

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Christian Group Ordered to Pay for Extra Security at Oxford Event

October 29, 2018, United Kingdom

Oxford students voted to ban Christian Concern from hosting its Wilberforce Academy residential conference at Lady Margaret Hall, calling the group a “real threat to the physical and mental safety of students.” The college, however, said it would permit the group to use its facilities provided that it paid for extra security. A college spokesperson said that Christian Concern's "opposition to abortion, Islam and LGBTQ+" rights would lead to protests so it needed to pay "additional security costs."

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Scottish Campaign calls Believers 'Bigots'

October 22, 2018, United Kingdom

An anti-hate crime campaign One Scotland, launched in September 2018 by the Scottish police and government, includes a poster directed toward religious believers which reads (in part), “Dear Bigots, you can’t spread your religious hatred here. End of sermon. Yours, Scotland.” Other posters in the campaign were directed toward 'transphobes' and 'homophobes.' Critics of the campaign have noted that it singles out religious believers and calls them bigots without any qualification, and it is based on a political ideology which discriminates against those who hold traditional views.

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BBC Scotland Posts Video Mocking Catholics

April 9, 2018, United Kingdom

The Bishop of Paisley criticized BBC Scotland for encouraging anti-Catholic prejudice. It posted a short film entitled ‘Homophobia in 2018, Time for Love’ on its Facebook page which depicts a priest holding a Mini Cheddar in a parody of the Host, and giving it to a woman who makes the sign of the cross, with a voice-over saying, “tastes like cardboard and smells like hate.” Bishop Keenan described the content as “beyond the pale, and unworthy of the BBC as a public service broadcaster.” The Archdiocese of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh also criticized the video for suggesting that Christianity fosters public hatred toward homosexuals. It was also said that "recent government figures on crimes with religious aggravations showed that 57% of these are now directed to Catholics, an increase of 14%.

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Eggs Thrown at Priest's House after Homily

March 31, 2018, Spain

Eggs were thrown at the door of a priest's home on Holy Saturday, March 31st, a day after he was criticized by LGBTI groups for a homily in which he questioned whether 'gender ideology' was a biased view of the nature of men and women, and whether it had a scientific basis.

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"Jesus Magazine" Mocked by French Daily Host

February 20, 2018, France

On the daily television program Le Quotidien, host Yann Barthès mocked the publication of a magazine called "Jesus" and comedian Vincent Dedienne joined in by singing "I have holes in my hands and in my feet." Eric Célérier, founder of the website Top Chrétien, publicly denounced this by noting that "mocking Jews is anti-Semitism and punishable by law. Mocking Muslims is Islamophobia. But strangely, it seems that making fun of Christians and Jesus is... humor."

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Christian Polish Prayer Initiative called Islamophobic; Controversial

October 7, 2017, Poland

The public prayer event "Rosary to the Borders" was called "a problematic expression of Islamophobia" by the Associated Press and "controversial" by the BBC and other media.

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Catalonian Separatists say Church is the Enemy

September 26, 2017, Spain

At a press conference held on September 26, 2017 in front of the cathedral in Tarragona, officials from the pro-Catalan independence political party CUP (Candidatura d'Unitat Popular) called the Catholic Church a "power structure to crush" that "discriminates against women and LGBT groups." It has also called for the elimination of aid to Christian schools and removal of a favorable tax status for churches.

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German Greens Created "Anti-Feminist" Wiki; Targeted Christian Public Figures

July 28, 2017, Germany

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the foundation of the German Green Party, created a website called "Agent*In" that listed individuals and organizations said to be "anti-feminist" in order to better find and combat them. The majority of the persons and organizations listed were Christians or Church organizations. After public criticism, the website was temporarily taken offline.

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U.K. Foreign Office Agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South Should “Reinterpret” the Bible

July 17, 2017, United Kingdom

The Barnabas Fund has highlighted a Wilton Park (an executive agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) report from 2016 in which it describes biblical sexual morality as 'hateful' and evangelical Christians in prejudicial terms. A key recommendation of the report is "challenging the interpretation of sacred texts."

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The Arran Organization Lleida Launches Obscene Campaign Against Bishops

June 27, 2017, Spain

The Catalan separatist youth organization launched a campaign against the Bishop of Solsona, Xavier Novell, and Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares. Arran distributed a poster with the image of Antonio Cañizares and Xavier Novell practicing anal sex as "denunciation" of the Church's position on homosexuality.

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Journalist "Jokes" about Imprisoning Priests

June 6, 2017, Romania

The Romanian journalist Ovidiu Eftimie has stated that he “yearns for the years of communist persecution, where the priest were taken to the canal and stranded in jail” (“tânjește după anii de prigoană comunistă, în care preoții erau duși la canal și înfundau pușcăriile”). He has also stated that he would love to become a new Vişinescu and punch the church leaders. The media has characterized these statements as a joke.

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Berlin's Left-Wing Politicians Opposed Cross on City Palace

May 20, 2017, Germany

The Greens and the Left party objected to plans to put a cross on top of the rebuilt Stadtschloss, the future site of the Humboldt Forum, saying the plan endangers the "open cultural dialogue" intended for the site. The Humboldt Forum is an art and culture museum project.

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News Article Used Pro-Life Rally Picture to Illustrate "Religious Extremism"

May 11, 2017, Germany

News and email website GMX published an article by journalist Mathias Heim about a recently-published study correlating certain head trauma with religious "fundamentalism." Although the article begins with “The problem of the religious fundamentalists has been a topic in science even prior to IS-Terror”, and never mentions Christians or Christianity, the photograph accompanying the article, with the headline “Injuries in the brain can lead to religious extremism”, depicts a peaceful Christian pro-life demonstration. This clearly negatively stereotypes Christian pro-life activists as "extremists".

Negative Stereotyping

Croatian Theatre Festival Included Play with Jesus Christ Rape Scene

April 22, 2017, Croatia

A theater festival in Split was to include a controversial play which depicts Jesus Christ raping a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. This drew strong condemnation from Croatia's Catholic Church.

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Blasphemous Attack against Church on Maundy Thursday

April 14, 2017, France

During Maundy Thursday a young woman enter the Saint-Bruno Church, Bordeaux France, and pulled down her trousers and showed her stomach where she had painted a word in the color red. She then proceeded to proudly post the pictures of this blasphemous attack on her Facebook profile.

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Social Worker Discouraged Parents from Christening Son

April 13, 2017, United Kingdom

A social worker from Kent met with parents who were considering placing their child for adoption and told them the chances of their son being adopted would be hindered if he were “christened into the Christian faith,” after they expressed their wish to have their son baptized.

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Demolition of Cross Recommended by Organization in Castellón

April 8, 2017, Spain

The Association of Friends of Ribalta have recommended demolishing the cross in the Ribalta Park as they say that it is a fascist symbol and thus does not comply with the law of historical memory. A petition against the Association of Friends of Ribalta’s claim is circulating. It is not the first time that the cross's existence has been up for debate. In 1979, there was a political vote on the issue and the cross was allowed to remain standing.

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