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Vandals Devastated Church in Otwock and Filmed it

December 7, 2020, Poland

On December 7th, six Vandals aged 18 to 20 placed offensive, vulgar inscriptions on the facade of the church, the building of the town hall and the Józef Piłsudski monument in Otwock. The perpetrators recorded their actions on video and photos. They face up to five years in prison.

Suspected Arson At Historic Derbyshire Church

December 5, 2020, United Kingdom

On December 12th the ancient church in a village in Derbyshire was on fire. The Fire and Rescue Service of Derbyshire stated that by the time they reached the church, the fire had already caused significant structural damage. A 16-year-old Teenager has been arrested on suspicion of arson. The police is investigating.

Priest Assaulted During Mass in Colmar

December 5, 2020, France

On December 5th, in the church of Saint-Paul in Colmar a priest was physically attacked by a man who sat next to the altar. The perpetrator, unknown to the parishioners refused to respond to the priest's request to leave the choir. He threatened and then beat the priest. The police arrived and the man was hospitalized involuntarily at the psychiatric center of Rouffach. The case is being investigated.

Church Vandalism in Migliarino

December 4, 2020, Italy

On December 4th, unknown perpetrators vandalised the church San Vitale in Migliarino. The parish priest of Fiscaglia found overturned benches, broken windows and a destroyed statue as he entered the church. The police was informed and is investigating.

"Online Attack" on Church Service

December 3, 2020, Germany

The Berlin church district Tempelhof-Schöneberg has become the target of right-wing extremist "online attacks". These kind of attacks via the Internet are known as zoom bombings. During the online broadcasting of the service on December 3rd, unconstitutional signs and threats were shown and anti-Semitic statements were made. The attackers additionally made an attempt to include their own films and material. All incidents were reported to the State Security Department, which is investigating.

New Bill In Scotland: Saying 'Men Can't Become Women' Could Be Considered A Hate Crime

December 1, 2020, United Kingdom

On December 1st, Scotland's Justice Secretary has affirmed that regarding to SNP's hate crime bill, one could be prosecuted for stating that men cannot be woman. The Hate Crime and Public Order Bill (Scotland) was intended to criminalize expressions and attitudes perceived as "abusive" and aimed at "inciting hatred" against particular groups. However, in return it restricts freedom of speech and lacks it's sufficient protection.

Vandals Destroyed A Stained Glass Window In St Nicolas' Church

November 30, 2020, United Kingdom

On November 11th, a stone was thrown through the millennium stained glass window of St Nicolas' Church in Shoreham, while a dozen people were working inside the building. No one was injured, but the rock also damaged a pew. Reverent James Grant, Rector at St Nicolas' Church stated that the event had been distressing for members of the church community. “One fails to understand what draw you can have to destroying something like that without a consideration to the pain that causes to other people.” The police is investigating.

Council of State in France Rejects the 30-Person Limit For Religious Celebrations

November 29, 2020, France

On November 29th, the Council of State in Francerejects the 30-person limit for religious celebrations. The government's restriction was found to be "disproportionate". In the next three days a new system must be implemented that is more in line with the right to freedom of religion and worship.

Graffiti in a Staircase in Vienna Calls Out To Murder Christians and Glorifies Islamist Terror Attack

November 28, 2020, Austria

On November 28th, unknown perpetrators tagged a staircase of a Viennese municipal building with threats. The words "Death to Christians", "the house will soon belong to us and than the whole world" and glorifications of the Islamist terror attack in Vienna were smeared on the walls. Moreover, the graffitis said: May "Allah" have "mercy" on the 20-year-old assassin who murdered four people on November 2nd. The police was informed and a complaint was filed. The LVT (State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Fight against Terrorism) has started investigations.

Paint Attack On Pro Femina in Munich

November 26, 2020, Germany

On November 26th the Pro Femina consulting center in Munich was the target of a paint attack. After the growing political pressure on Pro Femina in the last few weeks, the office building was smeared with pink paint. On the opposite side of the street, posters were hung up with the slogans: "Decriminalize abortion", "My body, my choice" or "Kill fetuses". The police have been informed and a criminal complaint has been filed.

Search Warrant for Publicly Displaying Prints of Bible Verses Found Unlawful by Court

November 25, 2020, Germany

Young-Ai Park was publicly displaying prints of Bible verses on the walls of her restaurant in Berlin. She was accused of "hate speech" and subjected to a police search and a fine. On November 25th a court in Berlin has upheld the restaurants owner's right to freedom of religion and speech and found the search warrant issued by the district court unlawful.

'Burn the Clergy' Hashtag Tolerated By Twitter Spain

November 25, 2020, Spain

On November 24th, Pope Francis beatified 127 Catholics who were killed in hatred of the faith in Spain in the 20th century. At the same time the hashtag demanding Catholic priests to be burned alive became a trend on Twitter. Tweets with the hashtag #FuegoAlClero, which means "Burn the Clergy" were permitted by Twitter. Some of those tweets included pictures of priests with their heads in flames and others labeled priests as "pedophiles" and "thieves". Although Twitter's current user policy states that the promotion of violence on the basis of religious affiliation is not allowed, these pictures of priests in flames were not removed until the 25th of November.

Pastor in Germany Sentenced For Hate Speech

November 25, 2020, Germany

On November 25th, the Bremen District Court sentenced the protestant Pastor Olaf Latzel for hate speech. He had made several strongly derogatory statements about homosexuality based on his understanding of the Bible, for which he repeatedly apologised. The pastor has been sentenced to a fine of 8.100 Euro. According to the court, he had incited hatred against homosexuals and intersexuals. Olaf Latzel announced he will not accept the sentence. His lawyer demands an acquittal.

Vandals Smeared a Cross Near the Church in Valseca

November 25, 2020, Spain

On November 11th, the diocese of Segovia reported an act of vandalism against its heritage. Unknown perpetrators smeared the pedestal of a cross next to the door of the parish in Valseca. This is the third act of vandalism against the ecclesiastical patrimony in the last few days.

Desecration of Consecrated Hosts in a Church in Palermo

November 25, 2020, Italy

On November 25th, a desecration of consecrated hosts took place in a parish in St. Bagheria. The parish priest found the tabernacle broken open and consecrated hosts spread on the ground. The investigations of the Forces of Order are still in progress, in search of those who desecrated the Tabernacle and the hosts, above all to find out more about the motivation and possible bias behind this act. There is a fear that the consecrated hosts, the flesh of Christ for Catholics, is used for Satanic rituals during black masses. This already happened in the past in Sicily.

Defecation Into The Baptismal Font Of St. George's Church

November 24, 2020, Germany

An unknown perpetrator defecated into the baptismal font of the St. George's church in Saerbeck on January 24th. In doing so, the perpetrator had himself photographed by two others who accompanied him, according to the church's surveillance video. After a complaint by the parish, the police is investigating for disturbance of religious peace. The parish is especially shocked, because of the targeted attack, which was not only a disregard of religious feelings.

False Accusations Against De Ligonnès' Prayer Group

November 23, 2020, France

In mid-November, two of the five sons of a 60-year-old man accused a traditionalist prayer group, called 'Eglise de Philadelphine', of abusing their father by exploiting his savings. The prayer group has been targeted by anti-cult groups because of unconfirmed rumors. However, a court in Metz dismissed the charge of abuse of weakness.

More Than 25% of Students in the UK 'Self-Censor' Their Opinions

November 21, 2020, United Kingdom

According to a new survey more than a quarter of students in the UK, 'self-censor' their opinions. They are afraid that their views will collide with the values promoted by the university. 40 percent do not express their opinion because they fear it could ruin their careers. Another sign of a free speech crisis is that 27 percent of students have stated they actively 'hidden' their opinions and further 40 percent restrained their views on ethical or religious affairs. The survey - conducted by Survation on behalf of ADF International, a faith-based legal advocacy organization - discovered that 36 percent, which is more than a third of students have legal opinions which would be considered as unacceptable by their student union. Free speech campaigners linked the dynamics on some campuses to 'Moist re-education campus', which are dominated by 'woke 'orthodoxy' and only the most liberal and Left-wing views are tolerated.

St. Jozafat's Church Exhibition in Poland Destroyed

November 21, 2020, Poland

On November 21st, unknown perpetrators destroyed the "Wyszyński and Wojtyla grammar of life" exhibition displayed on the fence of the St. Jozafat's church in Rejowiec. The exhibition showed photographs and quotations regarding certain values and concepts which form "the grammar of life", the basis of individuals and entire communities. The incident was reported to the police who is investigating.

Church Vandalism Caused Thousands Of Pounds Worth Of Damage

November 21, 2020, United Kingdom

Between September 1st and September 20th the primary incident happened at the St Giles' Church in Alderton. Followed by an incident on October 28th at Holy Cross in Sherston. The St Mary's Church in Luckington was twice victim of an assault. First between October 29th and November 6th, and secondly between November 18th and 21st. The leaded windows have been severely damaged and caused a financial damage of several thousand Pounds. .

Attack with Fireworks on Markus Church in Breda

November 19, 2020, Netherlands

On November 19th an extension of the Protestant Markus Church in Breda was damaged by fireworks. The blast had the force of a hand grenade. It destroyed the facade, blew off doors and broke a number of windows. During the explosion people were inside the church but fortunately in a room on the other side of the building, and no one was injured. Due to the destruction of the outer walls of the extension, a potential risk of collapse was caused. The police is investigating.

Sacred Objects Stolen from Church in Kuckum

November 17, 2020, Germany

On November 17th unknown perpetrators broke into the church in Kuckum. It was the second time the church was broken into and various liturgical objects were stolen. A local community offered 1000 Euros as a reward for the replacement of the objects, including the stolen monstrance.

Paint Attack on Pope Monument in Poland

November 17, 2020, Poland

Unknown perpetrators vandalized a monument of John Paul II. The figure of the Polish Pope was smeared with red lightning paint, on September 11th. The sign has recently become a symbol of the women's strike, a social rebellion group against the tightening of the abortion ban.

Vandals Destroyed Figures of Fatima Children

November 16, 2020, Poland

Unknown perpetrators devastated three figures of praying Fatima Children on November 16th in Mogilno. The vandals used paving stones to smash the figure. One head and two arms were broken off the statues. The caused damage is estimated to be 1.000 PLN. According to the press officer of the District Police Headquater, the police is investigating in this case for offending religious feelings, which is punishable by up to two years imprisonment.

Vandals Smeared Facade of St. Jan Kanty Church in Warsaw

November 15, 2020, Poland

On November 15th the St. Jan Kanty church in Warsaw was smeared with accusations and the lightning symbol. The symbol is known as the sing of the women's strike. The parish was target by activists connected to the women's strike group before. After attempts of breaking into the church during holy mass, the parishioners took action themselves and hired a security guard.

Vandalism Outside San Ambroggio Church

November 15, 2020, Italy

On November 15th, a bench and a granite fountain were damaged right in front of church Sant'Ambrogio in Buddusò. This act of vandalism, right in front of the church, led to an outrage across the entire town.

Repeated Acts of Vandalism and Theft in Church of Villamarina

November 15, 2020, Italy

Priest Don Mirco Bianchi of the Church in Villamarina wrote on his Facebook page on November 14th, that his church had been destroyed and several things were stolen. He did not post photos or report to the police. It looks like the priest has had several problems with vandalism and threats in the past, due to his moral teachings and posts on Facebook. Some people consider the posts of the Father as a provocation.

Large Christmas Wreath Stolen at St. Catherine's Church

November 14, 2020, United Kingdom

On November 14th, a hand-made Christmas Wreath at St. Catherine's Church Bearwood was stolen. The Wreath was placed at the grave of a couple, in commemoration of the upcoming Christmas time. It is a very heavy and large object, so it must have been stolen by more than one person. The police was notified by the relatives, who were heartbroken.

Vandals Tagged Parrish Building with Insulting Graffiti in Ruoti

November 13, 2020, Italy

On November 13th unknown perpetrators vandalized the church of Ruoti. The walls of the local section of the Democratic Party and the Parrish Building were marked with Swastikas, Celtic crosses and offensive writings. In particular, near the rectory, the phrases "Infamous Priest", "No to pedophilia" and a cross was smeared on two doors and a wall.The incident was reported to the police, who is investigating.

St. Christ the King Church in Gothenburg Devastated by Vandals

November 13, 2020, Sweden

The Church of St. Christ the King in Gothenburg was vandalized and devastated on November 13th. The unknown perpetrators destroyed the altar and threw the candlesticks, vestments and tablecloth on the ground. The pastor, Tobias Unnerstal, believes that the act was intentionally symbolic, trying to show an "eternal Good Friday". They also scattered the songbooks and used the fire extinguisher for the candles inside the chapel. In the same church, the crucifix was already stolen a week before. The police has been informed and they started an investigation.

Arson Inside Church in Wolfach

November 13, 2020, Germany

On the 13th of November, unknown perpetrators started a fire on the altar of the Catholic Church in Wolfach. Investigations show that they might have used matches and a candle from the church. The incident was discovered by a couple who went to visit the church and extinguished the fire and informed the police. The caused damage is estimated to be around 600 Euros.

Vandals Desecrated Chapel with Spray Paint

November 12, 2020, Italy

In Castrovillari, unknown vandals vandalized the chapel of the Madonna dell'Idria during the days before the 12th of November. The vandals smeared the altar with spray paint and the paintings above the altar, they also tagged the walls and some statues. The community was shocked at the sight of the images that circulated on the internet.

Vandals Smeared the Wall of Parish Cemetery

November 12, 2020, Poland

An unknown vandal smeared the outside wall of the parish cemetery in Legionowo with an insult to the PiS party and the symbol of the "Women's Strike" organization,the incident occurred on November 12th. It is unknown if the case was reported to the police.

Three Chapels in Ghent Cemetery Vandalized

November 11, 2020, Belgium

On November 13th unknown perpetrators vandalized three chapels at the cementery in Vroonstalledries in Wondelgem.The police was informed by the secretary of the Church Council, who is calling for the installation of cameras to deter vandals.

A Convert from Islam To Christianity threatened by Islamists

November 11, 2020, Italy

Islamists have threatened Magdi Cristiano Allam, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, by death. Allam wrote on social media: "Yesterday I received a new death sentence: 'I would like to slit your throat ugly shit, Murted’’, which means apostate. He asked the Minister of Interior for protection from the Islamists who live in Italy.

Smashed Window And Attempted Theft in Liebfrauenkirche

November 11, 2020, Germany

On November 11th, two men smashed a church window to break into the Liebfrauenkirche in Krefeld. Now two prison sentences have been handed down - a third defendant gets off lightly. They were each sentenced to seven-month prison terms by the local court. The verdict is not final yet.

New Norwegian Hate Speech Law Can Prosecute People for Remarks about LGBTQ made in Private Sphere

November 10, 2020, Norway

On the 10th of November, the Parliament of Norway has extended the hate-speech law to transgender and bisexual people, or generally "sexual orientation". People that are found guilty of hate speech could face up to one year in jail for private remarks and up to three years for public comments. This law could be conflicting with the freedom of speech for Christians, who preach the teachings of the bible.

Christian Councillor Removed for Refusing Funds For Pride Event Was Vindicated

November 10, 2020, United Kingdom

Mary Douglas, a Christian councillor at Wiltshire, was forced to step down from her role in November 2019, as she expressed her disapproval of the use of public funds to promote the "gay pride" event, as she did not agree with this "ideology and worldview". Accused of homophobia, she had to leave her role, but after an investigation the Wiltshire Council reversed the decision. The council admitted that her removal was an infringement of her "right to freedom of expression".

9-Year-Old Tried to Set Fire to Church Repetitive Times

November 9, 2020, Austria

A nine-year-old boy is suspected to have initiated arson attacks in the parish Church in Schwaz on November 5th, 6th and 9th. The objects to be set on fire included a prayer book, notes and boxes. The nine-year-old boy was seen by the police by attempting to light a power cable in the church.

Illegal Banner Hung on Cross of Mount Giewont

November 8, 2020, Poland

A gigantic banner from the "Women's Strike" movement was hung on a cross at the top of Mount Giewont in Zakopane. The photos taken with a drone were posted on the Facebook site of the Women's Strike organization on the 8th of November. The pictures show the several-meter-long cross covered by the banner stating: "domestic violence is not a tradition". The perpetrators had to climb the historic structure, which is forbidden.

Major Theft of Sacred Objects and Altarpiece in Rüsselsheim

November 8, 2020, Germany

During the time of November 8th and 12th, unknown thieves broke-in into the St. Christopherus church in Rüsselsheim and caused a damage of around 15.000 Euros. The perpetrators stole the 60 kg handmade tabernacle, made of gold-plated brass. Around a hundred sacred hosts were inside the tabernacle. The thieves took another bowl with hosts and stole several hundred euros from the offerings. The police report did not mention the theft of the consecrated hosts, which are most valuable to the believers, but is investigating the incident.

Swastika and SS Rune Branded on Door of Church in Rackwitz

November 8, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators branded a Swastika and SS Rune symbol into the wooden door of the protestant church in the district of Podelwitz. The incident happened on November 8th. The police is investigating. The caused damaged is estimated to be some hundred Euros.

Church Tagged With Women's Strike Symbol

November 7, 2020, Poland

On November 7th, vandals sprayed the "Women's Strike" symbols on the facade of the parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in the small town of Krępa Kościelna. The prosecutor's office in Leipzig investigated the damage caused to the historic monument and the offence of religious feelings. The police already identified the perpetrators.

Desecration and Profanation of Tombs in France Have Increased

November 6, 2020, France

The devastation of cemeteries in France is an unfortunate ongoing phenomenon. This includes crosses being knocked over, slabs and monuments destroyed, tombs are looted or profaned and symbols and "anti-christian" tags are also common. Dr. Pierre Vermeren, a historian of the Sorbonne University, remarks the increase of these acts in the last 20 years in an interview on November 6th. France has 40,000 active cemeteries. In 2019 alone 1,052 of them were vandalized, explains Dr. Vermeren.

"Christians Into Hell" Tag on St. Andrew's Church in Vienna

November 6, 2020, Austria

On November 6th, the gate of the St. Andrew's Church in Vienna was smeared by unknown perpetrators with an anti-Christian inscription: "Christians into hell". According to "Heute" Newspaper, there was a signature from "Antifa 24", an organization that doesn't exist anymore. The spokesman of the police, Markus Dittrich, said that the perpetrator will be charged with serious damage to property and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is leading an investigation. This occurred in the same week as the terror-attack in Vienna, were four innocent people were killed by a perpetrator pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

Vandalism and Graffiti on St. Pakratius Church

November 6, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators smeared the St. Pankratius Church on Burgdorf between November 6th and November 9th. They left tags on various spots of the facade with a waterproof pen and destroyed a glass element of one of the windows. The police was notified and has estimated a property damage of around 500 Euros. The police is investigating.

Walls of Dijon Priory Vandalized by Antifa

November 6, 2020, France

The Priory of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X in Dijon was tagged with red paint and signed by Antifa. This happened during the night of November 6th. The same act was perpetrated a year ago.

Stained-Glass Window Smashed in Capuchin Church

November 5, 2020, Italy

Unknown perpetrators smashed one of the stained-glass windows, as reported by Il Sicilia, from the Capuchin Church of Caltagirone during the night of November 5th. The vandals entered the ruins of the adjacent agricultural institute and raided the Church. The mayor already contacted the police.

Spain Denies Asylum to Iranian Christian Convert Facing Life-threatening Persecution

November 5, 2020, Spain

A 50-year-old Iranian has dealt with hostility for 16 years, since he converted to Christianity from Islam. He fled from Iran, where he was threatened with death by his family and ended up in Barcelona, where he was helped by an evangelical church. His asylum has been rejected three times and now he lives in an unregulated situation since 2018. The hostility and violence towards his Christian faith has also continued in Barcelona, by other Iranians. He tells his story in an interview published on November 5th.

Anti-Covid Tags on Church Wall

November 5, 2020, Italy

In Vigano, vandals left insulting tags on the walls of the St. Vincent Church, which has just been renovated. The incident happened on November 5th, probably around the curfew time. The writing is anti-Covid and also talks about smoking drugs. The Mayor, Fabio Bertarini was very upset and is thinking about to establish even stricter measures.

Church and Monastery Install Surveillance Cameras due to Repeated Acts of Vandalism

November 4, 2020, Netherlands

Due to repeated acts of vandalism on the grounds of the Monastery and Dutch Reformed Church in Ter Apel, cameras will be installed on one of the entrances to the Monastery, as reported on the 4th of November. The Museum director of the Monastery, Margriet van Klinken explains that the door has been damaged several times. She says that vandals go and hang out by the porch, which is a quiet place and out of sight at night, leaving the door damaged and garbage outside. The police is investigating.

French Bishops Appeal to Lift Ban On Churches During 2nd Lockdown

November 3, 2020, France

The second Lockdown in France restricts people to only leave their homes for essential work or medical reasons. Schools and churches remain open but masses are not allowed to take place after the 1st of November. A group of Bishops and several other religious movements have appealed to the Council of State for the allowance of communal services of 90 minutes. This appeal was rejected on the 7th of November, but Vincent Neymon, President of the French Bishop's Conference will continue to seek an agreement.

Historic Painting Vandalized in Carentan Church

November 3, 2020, France

Between November 3rd and 5th, the Notre-Dame Church in Carentan was vandalized. A historic painting representing Louis XIII from 1817 was tored open with a knife. A complaint was filed to the police.

Church in Jena Vandalized With Tags Relating to the Terror Attacks in Vienna

November 2, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators sprayed the main entrance of the Jena Peace Church with a total of four graffiti in between November 2nd and 3rd. According to the police, these graffiti thematize the current events in Vienna. In addition, the perpetrators screwed the main entrance door shut and stuck an unknown substance on it before they were able to escape undetected. The police is investigating the case.

Statue of the Virgin Mary Beheaded and Vandalized

November 2, 2020, France

A statue of the Virgin Mary, a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes, was found beheaded on November 2nd in Montpezat-de-Quercy. The investigations showed that the perpetrators also threw stones at the statue, causing the destruction. The mayor and the priests have reported the act to the police.

New Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations for Churches in Europe and Religious Freedom

November 1, 2020, International

In response to the rising number of Covid-19 infections, most European countries have started to announce a new lockdown entering into force in November. The new measures led to a continuing of the discussion about the relevance of the church and the understanding of Freedom of Religion in various countries. After the first lockdown, a number of courts were held discussing the matter of Freedom of Religion, which is reflected in the diversity of new approaches amon European states. France, Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland have banned the celebration of masses, which has stirred up criticism from the churches, demanding proof of the necessity for these measures. Austria, Germany and Spain, as other countries like Poland, did not declare a stop of religious services, arguing that religious freedom is among the essential freedoms to be protected in a liberal democratic society. In these countries the criticism mostly comes from secular societies, claiming that religion is a private issue and should not be given priority over cultural or leisure activities. In Italy the allowance of masses depends on the cities, other European countries allow services although with very strong restrictions.

Repeated Longstanding Acts of Vandalism On Church Grounds in Dormagen

November 1, 2020, Germany

In Dormagen, the Baptist Church has had several incidents of vandalism, including the one lately on November 1st. The Pastor, Roger Bahr, found the garbage cans in the inner courtyard of the church overturned, spreading the garbage all over the courtyard and the sidewlak lights were kicked. He explains that this is not an isolated incident, and he deals with such acts for several years already. In other cases, vandals have carried benches way, damaged lamps and climbed onto the roof. Pastor Bahr is worried about the need to hire a security guard, which would mean further costs. The incident was reported to the police (again).

Christian Leaders Seek Hearing For Freedom of Religion Following Lockdown's Ban on Churches

November 1, 2020, United Kingdom

In the UK, a new lockdown was declared, which closes bars, restaurants and non-essential retail businesses. Churches are also ordered to cease gatherings and worship services. Leaders from different churches signed a pre-action letter to the government to take back the ban on worship services. As the government didn't respond, they now have launched a legal challenge led by Pastor Ade Omooba MBE and with support of the Christian Legal Center.

Various Devotional Objects Stolen From Sacristy

November 1, 2020, Germany

During the night of November 1st, unknown thieves broke into the sacristy of the Schönberg church. The worth of the stolen devotional objects like goblets, incense burners, chalices, monstrances and wooden figures sums up to about 20,000 Euros. The police is investigating the incident and the course of events.

Theft and Vandalizm in Church in Nogent

November 1, 2020, France

A theft in the church of Saint Germain and Saint Eloi in Nogent took place in the week of November 1st. The church was not only looted but also vandalized. All metal objects and the consecrated hosts were stolen. A mass for reparation is to be held.

Tag on Chapel of the Virgin Mary in the Old Cemetery of Nowy Sacz

October 31, 2020, Poland

Unknown vandals sprayed a vulgar tag on the wall of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Cemetery of Nowy Sacz on October 31st. The police is investigating and evaluating an estimate of the damage.

"Kill A Priest" and Other Insulting Tags on Cemetery Cross

October 31, 2020, Poland

In the Cemetery of the Victims of World War II in Gdansk, unknown perpetrators desecrated a cross on October 31st. On one side of the Cross the vandals wrote "Women's Hell" and "Kill a Priest" with white paint, and on the other side the cross was tagged with an insult against the PiS party. The incident was reported to the police.

Profanation of Symbols by Militant Feminists Protesting Against Abortion Law

October 31, 2020, Poland

The protestors against the new Abortion Law in Poland have until now vandalized and disrupted several religious places and monuments. They are also putting masks on Mary's face or an asterix above her head, which refer to the insult "Jebác PiS". The councillor of the PiS, Dariusz Matecki, denounced these incidents on his Twitter account on October 31st, also referring to the insults and violent acts against the church and the authorities.

Catholic Nun Physically Attacked on Public Transportation

October 31, 2020, Austria

In Graz, a catholic nun was attacked in a bus by a 19-year-old man from Afghanistan on October 31st. The 76-year-old nun was on a bus, when she was slapped on her ear by the perpetrator, who tried to flee. The slap was so hard that the hearing aid of the woman fell out, fortunately she did not suffer any injuries. The police arrested the man with the help of the surveillance camera footage of the bus.

Monument for Unborn Children Vandalized in Polish Cemetery

October 31, 2020, Poland

Unknown perpetratros vandalized a monument for unborn children at the cemetery of Brzezówka in Cieszyn, during the night of October 31st. Black paint was poured over the monument. The local authorities reported the case to the police from Cieszyn.

Church Tagged With Vulgar and Anti-Church Slogans

October 31, 2020, Poland

On the night of October 31st, the Church of Our Lady and St. Michael in Blachownia was tagged with spray-paint by unknown perpetrators. They left five vulgar slogans, anti-church and anti-government tags. On top of that, someone cut the padlocks from the cemetery, which remained closed. The acts were reported to the police, who is running an investigation.

Feminist Protesters Interrupt Church Service and Physically Attack Church Members

October 30, 2020, Poland

On October 30th the protests and acts of vandalism against the Church continue in Poland. In one incident protesters even acted violently. Two young girls entered the Church "Christ the Savior" in Gdańsk during Communion and disturbed it and were escorted away by a man. This caused a violent reaction and the young women tried to run back in to the church, being forced to stay outside, one of them hit a man on the head with her phone and shouted profanities. According to the witnesses, the other woman tried to kick a man and threatened him with a knife.

Multiple Statues Destroyed in Courtyard of Parish Church

October 30, 2020, Poland

During the night of October 30th, unknown vandals entered the courtyard of the parish church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin in Chrzastawa Wielka and destroyed the statues of Our Lady of Fatima and other Saints. The police was informed and the parish informed. The police arrested a 46-year-old perpetrator on the next day.

Posters With Insulting Slogans Hung On the Door of St. Joseph Church

October 30, 2020, Poland

The parish of Ciechanow reported on October 30th, that posters were hung on the door of the church of St. Joseph. Slogans saying "If the altar boys got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament", "My sisters are not incubators", "You have blood on your hands", "Abortion without borders" and "Choice is not compulsion" were displayed together with the symbol of a lightning, which is the "Women's Strike" symbol. The same attacks took place in the cities of Plock, Gostynin and Dzierzenin.

New Figures Show Churches Targeted For Theft and Vandalism

October 30, 2020, United Kingdom

According to figures published by Countryside Alliance, a total of 212 crimes were reported against churches in Devon and Cornwall over the last year, reported by Cornwall Live on October 30th. The request of the Freedom of Information Act was made to the Police, which revealed the target of churches for lead thefts, but also vandalism, violence, assault and burglary. The government made a commitment to protect places of worship with a crime action plan 2016-2020, which should provide security measures at places of worship vulnerable to hate crimes.

Terrorist Attack On Church in Nice: Three Christians Killed

October 29, 2020, France

Three Christians were murdered, two were practically beheaded and one stabbed to death inside the Notre Dame Basilica around 9 a.m in Nice on October 29th. The French police has arrested the attacker, who is a Tunisian man called A. Brahim. The victims were the 55-year-old caretaker, Vincent Loqués, a 60-year-old lady that was praying and a 44-year-old woman, mother of three small children. According to the police report, several other people were hurt. The elderly woman and the man were killed inside the Basilica, the younger woman was fatally stabbed, ran away and died in a bar in front of the Basilica.

Attack Against St.Anton Church in Vienna

October 29, 2020, Austria

In Vienna, about 30 to 50 young people with a Turkish background entered the church St. Anton on the evening of October 28th. The group rioted and kicked against benches and the confessional while shouting Islamist slogans like "Allahu Akbar". A surveillance camera recorded the scene. Two weeks prior to this incident the church and its surroundings started to be molested by the group. It is belived that the incidnet is connected to the re-publishing of the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed in France.  The police is investigating and surveilling the area.

Church Bench Set on Fire in Cologne

October 29, 2020, Germany

In the Catholic parish Church in Cologne-Longerich, unknown perpetrators set fire to a bench by pouring the disinfectant over it and then placed a burning cushion on top of it. The arson took place in the afternoon of October 29th. Fortunately the flames didn't spread much, the sexton noticed the incident later. The police started an investigation on suspicion of attempted arson. Witnesses are asked to provide further information.

20 Tombstones Vandalized and Desecrated in Polish Cemetery

October 28, 2020, Poland

An act of vandalism at the parish cemetery in Luboszyce took place on the night of October 28th. Around 20 tombstones have been devastated by unknown perpetrators. Many crosses and gravestones have been overturned, some graves were opened and the small figures of angels or candles have been smashed. The police investigated the case and later arrested a 34-year-old man.

A Group of Young People Vandalized the Russian Church Garden

October 28, 2020, Italy

It was reported on the 28th of October that a group of young people gathered at night in the garden of the Russian Church in Bari. Some of them vandalized it and left the place in a bad state. A citizen witnessed this gathering and reported the incident on Facebook to the mayor Antonio Decaro.

Wooden Church Almost Completely Burned Down

October 28, 2020, Czech Republic

In the Kinsky Garden in Prague, the wooden Orthodox Church of St. Michael was almost completely burned down. According to the first information, a fire broke out in the lower part of the wooden structure. However, the fire spread throughout the whole building. The cause is not yet known, and the police is investigating the cause and origin of the fire. The small tower of the church collapsed; the firefighters extinguished the flames.

Convent of the Carmelite is Vandalized with Offensive and Vulgar Slogans

October 28, 2020, Poland

In Warsaw, the facade of the Carmelite convent was smeared by unknown vandals. Offensive and vulgar slogans were written on the outer walls, which the nuns renovated for years. The vandalism happened during the night of October 28th.

Church in Meriadec Repeatedly Vandalized

October 28, 2020, France

On October 28th, the church in Meriádec was vandalized again. Unknown vandals shattered the stained-glass windows of the church by throwing stones. The parish committee has decided to file a complaint, as this is not the first time that vandalism has happened. The cost of the repairs are being evaluated and the police is investigating.

Church Windows Vandalized in Lüdge, Germany

October 27, 2020, Germany

During the night of October 27th in Lüdge, unknown vandals damaged several windows of the parish Church St. Marien, situated on one of the main streets of the town. The caused damage is estimated to be 1.500 Euros and the police is asking for further information from witnesses.

Ancient Relics Stolen From St. Wolfgang's Church

October 26, 2020, Germany

On October 26th, thousand-year-old relics were stolen from the St. Wolfgang church in Regensburg. The non-material damage is estimated at several thousand Euros, as the relics were the last mortal remains of the Saint. The relics were forcefully taken out of a bulletproof glass and steel case from the grave of St. Wolfgang, which is located in the entrance area of the church. The police is investigating and asking for witnesses. After ongoing investigations, the police says the thieves were professionals and that it looks like a planned act.

Revealed Number of Crimes Against Churches and Christian Buildings, Cumbria is the Fourth Lowest Country with 47 Cases In One Year

October 26, 2020, United Kingdom

The Countryside Alliance has examined the number of crimes committed against churches or religious buildings, and released the numbers for the last 12 years. In the UK nationwide, 6,000 crime cases have been reported. In Cumbria, which is the fourth lowest country in terms of such crimes, 47 cases have been reported in one year. Last year the Countryside Alliance's also reported 20,000 crimes against churches and religious buildings in the UK in the lapse of 2 years.

Tabernacle and Consecrated Hosts Stolen from Virgen del Mar Parish in Madrid

October 26, 2020, Spain

The tabernacle of the Chapel was stolen from the Virgen del Mar parish in Madrid on October 26th in the San Blas neighborhood. The perpetrators also destroyed another tabernacle and took the consecrated Hosts, as the parish published on their Facebook page. The parish priest, Enrique Abánades García, told journalists that the crime has been reported to the police, and he calls the community to grow in love of Christ's blessed sacrament.

Arson on Church Grounds Damages Windows

October 26, 2020, United Kingdom

On the grounds of a church in Derry, during the night of October 26th, a pile of rubbish was set on fire by unknown vandals causing damage to several windows of the church. The police is investigating.

Suspected Arson in the St. Marien Church in Ahlen

October 25, 2020, Germany

In the church St. Marien in Ahlen a fire to a pew had to be extinguished by the firemen on Sunday 25th of October. The fire department got the fire under control and ventilated the church, the police was notified. The police is looking for information and is investigation the case. The amount of damage done has still to be estimated. According to a witness, some children sprayed disinfectant on the bench and set it on fire.

Glass of Church Door Smashed During the Night

October 24, 2020, Germany

During the night of October 24th to 25th an eye-witness, woken up by the noise, saw several people gathered in front of the church entrance of Am Widey. On the next day, the police was called in and found that a pane of glass from the door had been smashed. The police is investigating and estimates the damage to be around 500 Euros.

Side Entrance of Chiesa Madre and la Villa Borsellino Desecrated by Vandals

October 24, 2020, Italy

During the weekend of October 24th to 25th, unknown vandals left the Chiesa Madre and la Villa Borsellino with trash, beer bottles and a damaged door. The Archpriest, Mons. Salvatore Salvia expressed his dissaproval and dennounced the act.

Christian Leaders Protest Against New Lockdown Regulations Closing Churches

October 23, 2020, United Kingdom

The First Minister of Walse, Mark Drakeford announced a new lockdown from the 23rd of October to the 9th of November, which includes the closing of churches. Christian leaders have raised their voice against the regulations made by the Welsh Government. The Christian leaders argue that the regulations are severely interfering with the rights to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and worship, which are protected under Article 9 of the Human Rights Act.

St. Pantaleon Church in Cologne Threatened and Vandalized for Planing a Screening of a Pro-life Film

October 23, 2020, Germany

The wall of the St. Pantaleon church in Cologne was vandalized with pink graffiti by unknown pro-choice activists stating threats and symbols. It is assumed that this is linked to the churchs' announced screening of the feature film "Unplanned", a pro-life film. The vandalism happened during the night of October 23rd, which was the evening when "Youth for Life" wanted to screen the film in the parish hall. The threatening graffiti reads:" Abortion opponents we will get you all". The event was cancelled because of the current COVID-19 situation.

Anti-Abortion Slogans On the Facade of St. Matthew's Church in Warsaw

October 23, 2020, Poland

Unknown vandals tagged the Church of St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist in Warsaw with anti-abortion slogans saying: "My body ≠ your religion" and "women's hell" on the facade. The incident occurred during the weekend of October 23rd, when the law for abortion in Poland was amended.

Three Churches Targeted for Looting and Vandalism During the Weekend

October 23, 2020, Germany

Unknown perpetrators entered a church in Engelskirchen on the 23rd of October and stole several offering sticks and three money containers. In a church in Lindlar, the vandals forcefully opened another four offering sticks, although they had been empty. In the church St. Laurentius in Lindlar-Hohkeppel, during the weekend unknown perpetrators destroyed several memorial and altar candles, leaving the smashed part in the ground. The police is investigating all three incidents.

Vandals Broke Into the Parish Church St. John the Baptist and Stole Consecrated Hosts

October 23, 2020, Croatia

On October 23rd in Zadar, vandals broke into the parish of St. John the Baptist and stole consecrated hosts. This kind of vandalism and theft is considered a serious desecration, as the parish announced on its Facebook page. Besides the ideational damage church property itself was also high in numbers. The parish fears that the consecrated hosts are used for satanic rituals. Unfortunately, there have been more thefts of this kind during October in the Zadar area.

Repeated Vandalism Against the Wall of a Monastery and Church in Krakow

October 22, 2020, Poland

After 4 years the wall of a church in Krakow and the the wall of the Pauline monastery also in Krakow were sprayed with paint on October 22nd. The big inscription can still be read from the opposite side of the river Vistula and it contains a vulgar insult to "J.W." The wall of the Pauline Monastery was vandalized white paint that is meant to upset pedestrians. Four years ago, after the first incident occurred, ivy was plated on the walls to prevent any other acts of vandalism.

Recently Restored Wall of Cemetery in Bielsko-Biala Vandalized

October 22, 2020, Poland

An unknown perpetrator vandalized the recently restored fragments of the cemetery wall of the Catholic parish of St. Nicholas, in Bielsko-Biała. On the night of October 22nd, an inscription reading "This sh*t can only be washed away by the flood" in black spray-paint, was left on the wall. The police is investigating.

Statue of the Virgin Mary Decapitated in Germany

October 22, 2020, Germany

On the 22nd of October, a police officer discovered that the statue of the Virgin Mary, of the Jesuits Church in Straubing, was decapitated. The head of the statue laid on the floor between the doors of the church and had a mask on. Inside the church, he found the remaining of the statue, which was toppled over. The police is investigating.

Wave of Attacks Against Churches in Poland by Feminist Group's After New Abortion Law Was Passed

October 22, 2020, Poland

On October 22nd, the polish Constitutional Tribunal decided that eugenic abortion is unconstitutional. This led to an outrage of the left-wing feminist organization "Women's Strike". among others, which started attacking churches across Poland and interrupting church services. The activists vandalized the facades of many religious buildings by tagging them with vulgar or insulting slogans. Among the attacked churches were the St. Magda Magdalena in Warsaw and the parish church St. Jakub in Warsaw, the St. Vincent de Paul church in Otwock and other Shrines and buildings. The police is investigating.

BCC Northern Ireland Launched Biased Program on "Gay Conversion Therapy"

October 22, 2020, United Kingdom

As reported by Christian Concern on the 22nd of October, the BBC News Broadcast showed a biased TV Program on the issue of "Gay Conversion Therapy". On September 29th, BBC Northern Ireland featured only LGBT campaigners and gay-affirming psychologist and psychiatrists. The organization Core Issues Trust argued, that the program did not represent the real range of scientific opinions on the controversial topic. There were no interviews with people who had benefited from counseling interventions and left the LGBT lifestyle and also false reports were used without further investigations.

Students Seek to Oust Porter Over Views on Gender Ideology

October 22, 2020, United Kingdom

The Union of Clare Students (UCS) of the Cambridge Clare University are trying to remove the city councilor Kevin Price, for refusing to vote on a motion that contained a statement affirming that trans-women are women, trans-men are men and non-binary individuals are also non-binary. Price resigned his role to vote as a matter of conscience on the 22nd of October. The UCS considers Price "Unfit" and demand not only a safe environment for trans-people, but also that they feel "celebrated".

Statue of Jesus on the Cross Set on Fire Outside St. Joseph Church

October 21, 2020, Germany

The statue of Christ on the Cross already has been vandalized in the past with satanic symbols, during the time of October 21 and 23, it was set on fire. The 31-year-old arsonist of the statue at St. Joseph's Church in Velbert, was found guilty of other arson attacks in the city and was arrested by the police, where he admitted the crimes. In order to cause the massive damage, it looks like the man wrapped the legs of the statue in cloth and then set it on fire.

Man Arrested for Beheading Two Statues of the Virgin

October 21, 2020, France

At Pont d'Herault in Suméne and at Montaud, the statues of the Virgin Mary were beheaded by a man. The perpetrator, who destroyed the statue by throwing stones at them, was arrested by the police and has admitted the crimes on the 21st of October.

Man Imprisoned After Two Arson Attacks To Intimidate And Extort Religious Community

October 20, 2020, Italy

A man was arrested some days before the 20th October. At the end of August, the 47-year-old set fire to two showcases on the sides of the door of the Collegiate Sant'Ambrogio Church in Omegna. In September, he also attempted an arson attack on the entrance to a parish home, but luckily the flames did not spread. After investigations by the police and using CCTV cameras, the man was identified. The police also says that the man used the arson attacks to intimidate the religious community and demand money. The perpetrator was arrested and taken into custody.