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Nativity Scene Vandalised in Paris

December 27, 2013, France

The statues of Mary and Joseph were destroyed in St. Séverin Church nativity scene in Paris.

Nativity Scene in Urbino Set on Fire

December 27, 2013, Italy

A nativity scene which was part of the "streets of cribs of Urbino" was set on fire. The fire caused immediate devastation and there seemed to be multiple ignition points. In addition, the fire destroyed a lamp post and caused pieces of the entrance ceiling to fall down.

Figure of Baby Jesus Destroyed in Ceranova

December 27, 2013, Italy

The figure of Baby Jesus in the manger which was part of a nativity scene in Ceranova was destroyed. The head and the fingers of one hand were broken off. The pieces of the manger and the figures of Mary and Joseph were carried inside to prevent further vandalism.

Burning Tires in Front of the Church of Misericordia in Reus

December 26, 2013, Spain

Tires were set on fire in front of the church of Misericordia in Reus, but, before the fire could spread further, neighbors telephoned the fire department and then extinguished the fire themselves, and the damage was contained. The front door of the church was slightly damaged, and the façade was affected by the smoke, but otherwise the sanctuary was unharmed.

Naked Woman on Cologne's Cathedral Main Altar During Christmas Services

December 25, 2013, Germany

20-year-old Femen activist Josephine Witt jumped onto the altar of Cologne’s Catholic cathedral during Christmas services on December 25th. Her upper body naked and “I am God“ was written on her chest. Security staff removed her, and Cardinal Meisner continued the liturgy. Many people commented critically, saying that Ms Witt would have had other possibilities of voicing her opposition to the Church.

Graffiti on Faces of Saints in Church in Foggia

December 25, 2013, Italy

Satanic shapes and writings such as “Satan lives”, was painted on the faces of the saints and a statue of Mary in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Foggia.

Christmas Eve Eucharist Interrupted by Feminists in Barcelona

December 24, 2013, Spain

A radical group of feminists broke through the midnight mass at the Church of San Felix, Sabadell, Barcelona, with shouts, curses and banners in favour of abortion. They stood at the alter and prevented the priest from continuing celebrating the Eucharist.

Nativity Scene Vandalised in Ancona

December 24, 2013, Italy

The nativity of Guasco in Ancona was damaged by vandals who destroyed some figures and severed the arm of one of the shepherds.

Nativity Scene Destroyed in Ello

December 24, 2013, Italy

Vandals destroyed a nativity scene in Ello during the midnight church service. The figures were all knocked down and some decapitated.

Christmas Advertisement Offensive to Catholics

December 24, 2013, Croatia

The Croatian telecommunications operator Tele2, in its Christmas advertisement, had a black sheep/goat named Gregor acting as a priest or Church official. For the faithful, this was perceived as a mockery of the Church and its priests.

Aborting to Cancel Christmas Suggested on Facebook

December 23, 2013, France

A message posted on the facebook page of Femen France calls on “cancelling the birth of Jesus” in order to protest against Christian pro-life campaigns. This message was accompanied by a picture which mimicked a half undressed Mary, the mother of Jesus, having an abortion in front of the Cathedral in Madrid.

Pro-Abortion Activists Disrupt Midnight Mass at the Church of San Félix in Sabadell

December 22, 2013, Spain

Roughly 50 pro-abortion activists interrupted Midnight Mass at the church of San Félix in Sabadell. They surrounded the altar shouting and holding up abortion banners. The local authorities were slow to react, and the activists were gone by the time they arrived.

Feminist Desecrates a Church in Paris with a symbolic "abortion" of Christ

December 20, 2013, France

Femen, a feminist group, mimed an act of an abortion when a topless young women headed to the alter and laid down a piece of veal liver supposed to represent a fetus and then urinated on the steps of the alter of the Church of St. Madeleine in Paris. The words: “344 bitches” were written on her belly; a reference to the manifesto of the 343 women who signed a call for the decriminalisation of abortion and the legalisation of abortion in April 1971. On her back was written : “Christmas is aborted.”

Crib Scene Destroyed in Solan

December 20, 2013, Italy

A crib scene in the St. Peter's Church was destroyed in Solan. The figures were broken and a hole was made in the bottom of a small pond which was part of the scene.

Bologna Basilica Intruded by Feminists

December 17, 2013, Italy

A mob of hooded feminists invaded the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, Italy and held a pro-abortion demonstration. They held up a large banner in front of the alter which read: "You Occupy the Counselling Centres - We Invade the Churches" ("Voi occupate Consultori, abbiamo invaso le chiese") and then chanted in chorus: "Get the Church Out of Our Ovaries."

Graffiti on Church in Conegliano

December 17, 2013, Italy

Graffiti was spray painted along the front of the Church of Campolongo in Conegliano. One sentence read: "3 canonical vode gnanca a porecan home to Papa Francesco quaquaraqua", meaning “three empty churches cannot accommodate even a poor man. Pope Francis is one who talks nonsense”.

Vandals Damage Nativity Scene in Vasto in the Province of Chieti

December 16, 2013, Italy

In Vasto vandals caused great damage to a nativity scene by destroying the statue of Mary with a shovel. A strong smell of urine on the scene was reported as well.

LGBT-Friendly Guidelines Limit Freedom of the Press

December 16, 2013, Italy

The Italian National Anti-Discrimination Office published guidelines on how to report on LGTB issues. The guidelines restrict freedom of the press and journalists’ freedom of reporting by requiring, amongst other things, that they must positively promote homosexuality and gay marriage and must not speak of “the right of a child to a mother or father, e.g. a male or female role model”.

Vandals Damage Nativity Scene in Ravenna

December 13, 2013, Italy

In the province of Ravenna, Milano Maritimo, vandals caused great damage to a nativity scene.

Offensive Graffiti on St. Mary’s College in Lyon

December 12, 2013, France

The Catholic College St. Mary’s, a private institution under contract, run by Marian Fathers was spray painted with insults. Locals suspected that this was done by a left-wing group.

"Not a Christian, but a Free Hungary" Called For by Socialist Leader

December 10, 2013, Hungary

During the party congress of the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) of Hungary, former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány stated that, in opposition to the present ruling cabinet, they wanted "not a Christian but a free Hungary“. The re-elected chairman of the Democratic Coalition added they did not think "glory belongs to God alone, but to man.”

Insults and Incitement to Violence Surround a Pro-Marriage Referendum

December 10, 2013, Croatia

The Christian position was discredited in the liberal-leftist media, portals and on Facebook, as harmful to society. Media asserted that believers should not be permitted to express their religious beliefs in public. Inciting comments were not always deleted by the portals. Fifty reports were filed with the police due to verbal and physical violence in response to the attitude toward marriage as a union of a woman and a man. Criminal charges have been filed.

St. Benedict Church in Munich Spray Painted with Islamic Phrase

December 9, 2013, Germany

"Allah is greater" and "Holy war" was spray painted on the doors and the walls of St. Benedict church in Munich. The 30-year-old asylum seeker from Jordan had previously attacked St. Michael’s church in a similar way. The police are active on the case.

Nativity Scene Destroyed Outside Church in Milano

December 9, 2013, Italy

The figures of a nativity scene were seriously damaged and some completely destroyed in Milano Marittima in Milano. All the figures had to be removed.

Two Priests Attacked in Paris

December 6, 2013, France

Two priests were beaten in Paris by five youth after telling them to stop demolishing garbage bins. When the youth did not listen, one of the priests photographed them after which they reacted violently.

Church in Munich Spray Painted with Islamic Phrase

December 6, 2013, Germany

The Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar”, which means “Allah is greater”, was spray painted on the entrance of the Renaissance church of St. Michael in Munich’s pedestrian area by an asylum seeker. The 30-year-old man from Jordan attacked bystanders and was finally arrested by the police.

Several Churches in Augsburg Spray Painted with Islamic Phrases

December 5, 2013, Germany

The main gates of several churches in the city center of Augsburg were spray painted with the Islamic Phrase "Allahu Akbar" which means "Allah is greater". Police reported that the cathedral of Augsburg, the Church of St. Maurice and the Protestant Church Ullrich were affected.

Violence Against Peaceful Christian Manifestation

November 30, 2013, Germany

A Christian protest against the persecution of Christians was interrupted by Muslims in Cologne. The protesters were shouted at with insults. Microphones and loudspeakers damaged. Some individuals were personally attacked and hit. The police did not respond for a long time exposing the participants to serious risks. Only at the end, after an attack on a cameraman did the police take action.

Arson Attempt in Church in Venice

November 26, 2013, Italy

Unknown assailants set fire to the wooden altar and the tabernacle in the Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus in Venice. The flames did not spread far and the damage was limited. The year before two ceramic figures had been damaged.

Liturgical Objects Destroyed and Fire Set to Chapel in Ozanam

November 25, 2013, France

Early in the morning the chapel of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in the region of Ozanam was set on fire. The General vicar of the diocese of Toulouse, Luc Caraguel, was "shocked" and stated: "We first thought it was not an act of vandalism, but only liturgical objects along with books, vestures chalice and crucifix appear to have been deliberately destroyed."

Offensive Graffiti on Church in Imperia

November 25, 2013, Italy

The front of the Church of Artallo (fraction of Imperia) was desecrated with offensive graffiti.

Crucifixes Damaged in Churches in Prato

November 25, 2013, Italy

Crucifixes in both the Church of St. Bartholomew and the Church of San Pier Fiorelli in Prato were damaged. In the Church of St. Bartholomew, someone climbed on the structure before the crucifix and "shook it until he pulled both arms off, which were attached to the media." This crucifix had survived the bombing in 1944 unscathed, but not this deliberate violent act.

Political Slogans Spraypainted on Catholic Church Building

November 23, 2013, Austria

Unknown perpetrators spray painted the famous Vienna church "Votivkirche" with political slogans such as "Refugees Welcome?“. This is particularly strange as the parish priest and the archdiocese of Vienna did not ask the police to end a months-long occupation of the church by refugees.

Two Madonna’s Damaged in Imperia

November 22, 2013, Italy

Two Madonna statues were beheaded in Imperia, and are irreparably damaged. One was located at the centre for the disabled in the square ISAH De Negri. The other was located in the sanctuary near the church of San Sebastiano Via Agnesi.

Attack on Pro-Life Office

November 20, 2013, Ireland

Two hooded men attacked the office of the pro life organisation Life House in Cappel Street in Dublin and threw stones and rocks through the window. Youth Defence volunteers were shocked by this accident. It is suspected that the attackers were members of pro-abortion campaigns. The Life Insitute has called for politicians and abortion agencies and organizations to condemn the escalating pro-abortion violence.

Statue of Our Lady Knocked Over at Open Air Sanctuary in Nitra

November 19, 2013, Slovakia

Unknown perpetrators have knocked over and severely damaged a statue of Our Lady. Police are investigating for the crime of property damage in the amount of about 1500 Euro.

Church in Vienna Vandalised

November 18, 2013, Austria

In the church Our Lady of the Martyrs in Vienna's 15th district, candle holders were stolen and a cross was vandalised.

Offensive Graffiti on Walls of Catholic College

November 17, 2013, France

The outside walls of St. Mary’s College, a private Catholic institution in Lyon, France, were covered with offensive insults. The spray painters are probably members of a left wing "Antifa” group.

Vandalism and Theft in Shrine in Mirano

November 16, 2013, Italy

The Madonna of a shrine at the intersection of two streets in Mirano was destroyed. On the same day, the statue of St. Anthony was stolen as well.

Death Threat Against Catholic Priest Upon Marriage Referendum Endorsement

November 15, 2013, Croatia

Don Damir Stojić, a Croatian Salesian priest, released a youtube video explaining on the basis of John Paul II's theology of the body why Croatians should support the pro-marriage referendum taking place on December 1st. A youtube user commented with swear words and called on the public to kill Don Damir.

Theft in Church in Rieti

November 14, 2013, Italy

The monstrance and relic of St Anthony was stolen from the Church of St. Francis in Rieti.

Explosives Thrown at Church Door in Italy

November 14, 2013, Italy

The newly renovated Church of San Donato (LU) was damaged when a lady threw Molotov cocktails against the door of the church. The village had just raised 40,000 Euro to have the church renovated.

Figurine Shows Madonna Defecating

November 14, 2013, Spain

The Spanish company Caganer developed a caganer figurine (a “crapper”, see below) in the image of the Virgin of Montserrat. The Tarraconense Episcopal Conference expressed their “deep regret” that an image of such a beloved religious symbol should be portrayed in such a way. As well, Fr. Ignasi Fossas, prior of Montserrat, declares that such a representation of the Virgin Mary is in bad taste.

Cross on News Presenter's Neck Forbidden on Offending Islam Claims

November 12, 2013, Norway

Siv Kristin Sællmann, one of the best-known news presenters of the Norwegian television was forbidden to wear a small cross around her neck on air in order not to insult Islam.

Video of Sexual Act with Cross Hurts Feelings of Believers

November 8, 2013, Poland

An exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw displayed a video "Veneration of Christ" in which the artist rubs himself in a blasphemous way against a crucifix, imitating a sexual relationship. The exhibition was showing from September to November 2013. The artist Jacek Markiewicz claims that it was not his wish to vilify any religious feelings. By his own statements he is a non-believer. Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz of Warsaw calls the video a "desecration of the Cross" that exceeds the boundaries of artistic expression and basic ethical standards".

Church Vandalised Causing Considerable Material Damage

November 7, 2013, Germany

St. Peter’s Church in Waltrop, Germany was broken into. The door to the sacristy was broken and the interior ransacked. The Police and Crime investigators were at the scene and a report was made.

Vandalism at St. Peter’s Church in Waltrop

November 6, 2013, Germany

Considerable damage was caused to St. Peter's Church in Waltrop. The vestry door was broken and the interior devastated. Police are investigating

Push to Eliminate the Christian Element of the Saint Martin Tradition in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hessen

November 5, 2013, Germany

The Chairman of the Left-wing party in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region, Rüdiger Sagel, suggested to rename the celebration and remove the religious overtones in the local day-care centres. “In many Nordrhein-Westfalen day-care centres there are an increasing number of children from different religions.” ... „”the day-care should be an interdenominational space,” says Sagel, and claims that the day-cares are influencing the children regarding their religion. After a storm of protests, the Left-wing party withdrew the suggestion.

Church Covered in Graffiti in Brescia

November 4, 2013, Italy

During a night raid the walls of the Church of Santa Maria Calchera in Brescia were covered with inscriptions in red paint. The whole length of the façade was covered.

Vandalism and Desecration at Church of Carmine in Ascoli

October 28, 2013, Italy

Vandals entered the Church of the Carmine in Ascoli using scaffolding positioned for restructuring. They removed some crucifixes, holy objects and candles. The walls and furniture were also covered in paint and at the end they tried to celebrate a black mass.