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Evangelical Foster Agency Accused of "Discriminatory Policy" Against Homosexual Couples Lost Case

September 24, 2021, United Kingdom

The Christian Cornerstone (North East) Adoption and Fostering Agency has lost the case at the Court of Appeal. They were hoping to reverse a ruling that found the agency "discriminatory" for working only with heterosexual couples. Three Court of Appeal judges have found the Foster agency's policy discriminatory, as they find that the basis of the agency's religious beliefs is not enough to justify their policy of only recruiting heterosexual carers.

EU Parliament Passed Matić Report Threatening Freedom of Conscience and Parental Rights

June 24, 2021, Belgium

The majority of the Parliament of the European Union voted in favour of the Matić Report on 24 June, which makes abortion a human right, denies the rights to contentious objection and demands a LGBTQ+ inclusive sex and relationship education. The report formulates the human right of conscientious objection as "denial of medical care". Critics are also concerned about the potential meaning of the adoption of the report for sexual and relationship education at schools, as it would frame abortion as a form of reproductive health for women and normalise LGBTQ+ relationships.These teachings will most likely collide with the Parental Rights of European Christians and the national competency in this policy field of member states.

Update: 'Gentle Non-Coercive Prayer' To Be Included in Conversion Therapy

June 16, 2021, United Kingdom

Former LGBT Government advisor Jayne Ozanne called for "gentle non-coercive prayer" to be included in the planned conversion therapy ban. Ozanne forwarded the inclusion after Right Rev David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester, mentioned that prayer "where there is a level of power imbalance, and a level of force" should be included in the ban. A Human Rights lawyer affirmed that banning "gentle non-coercive prayer" would violate Convention rights. The bill will be discussed in September, following possible legislation next year.

Amazon Removes Best-Selling Book On Transgender

February 20, 2021, United States

Three years after the publication of the bestselling book "When Harry became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" by Dr Ryan T. Anderson, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) in Washington, Amazon removed the book on gender ideology from its online store on February 20th. The book gives an accurate and accessible account of the scientific, medical, philosophical and legal debates surrounding the transgender phenomenon. Amazon has not notified the author or the publisher that the book has been removed, nor have Amazon representatives responded to any of their enquiries.

Christian Actress Sues After being Fired for Biblical Facebook Post, Court Rules Against Her

February 18, 2021, United Kingdom

In March 2019, Christian West End actress, Seyi Omooba, was removed from a leading role in a musical and dropped from her agency for a Facebook post about homosexuality citing the Bible over four years earlier. With representation by the Christian Legal Centre, she launched a legal challenge on September 30th against Leicester Curve Theatre and her agency, Global Artists, for breach of contract and anti-Christian discrimination.On November 25th, the judge rejected arguments from Seyi Omoobas lawyers that the theatre critic, Lloyd Evans should be allowed to give evidence in her claim. The trail of Omooba's religious discrimination and breach of contract claim is scheduled to run for 11 days next February. After the last ruling of the court she was offered a compensation which she reclined arguing that it was disproportional. In its latest decision the court ruled against the actress.

Threat of Criminal Sanctions to Churches Because of Covid-19

July 1, 2020, United Kingdom

Church leaders launched legal action against the UK government for unnecessary and bizarre Covid-19 Regulations against Churches. Bans with threat of criminal sanctions were imposed on churches while businesses and restaurants were trusted to take their own decisions. Christian leaders find a total lack of understanding on the part of the Government for matters related to religion and Christianity.

LGBT Activist Organization Accused Christian Pro-Life Moment of Hate Speech

May 25, 2020, Italy

The Pro-Life organisation has been accused of Hate Speech for collecting signatures against the new Homo and Transphobic law. The fear is that Christian institutions, organisations, or Christians themselves, particularly those who are against abortion or homosexual marriage, could be sanctioned up to four years of imprisonment. This could, therefore, lead to restriction of freedom of expression and speech.

Covid-19 Regulations Did Not Allow Church Services Compared to Other Services

May 11, 2020, France

The Christian Democratic Party has filed an appeal with the Council of State to obtain permission to hold services before the end of May. Jean Frédéric Poisson requested the infringement of the fundamental freedom of worship. Small businesses, such as hairdressing salons, were given permission to operate, while religious services were not. He also asked for the re-establishment of worship services in the low-risk departments.

The Brotherhoods of Cordoba Denounced Unfair Treatment by The Police in a Mass

May 10, 2020, Spain

After a Mass was held on Sunday 10th May in the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Cabeza. The police reported five parishioners who assisted the Mass. The Association of Brotherhoods of Córdoba have expressed their support to the Brotherhood and the organizer of the mass. The Brotherhood denounced an unfair treatment, given that the Mass was legally allowed and the requisites were met.

Mayor Decided to Close the Church and Forbids Entry

May 5, 2020, France

On Sunday 5th April,in the church of Saint-Martin in Menetou Ratel an anti-Catholic incident occurred. A family who wished to enter the church for meditation and prayer was forbidden the entry, as the mayor decided to close the church until further notice .

The Parliament of Andalucía Wants to Prohibit the communion in The Masses

April 27, 2020, Spain

In the end of April, the Parliament of Andalusia presented a proposal to the Government of Spain to resume the Holy Masses during the Pandemic. However, the proposal calls for the prevention of giving of communion and the Holy Water stoups. On the other side, the Catholic Church has already been developing strategies to resume the Holy Masses and distribute communion safely, which is the true meaning of the Mass.

Closure of Churches During COVID Lockdown but not Museums and Shops

April 27, 2020, Italy

the Government imposed a Stop for Holy Masses, but allows shops and museums to prevail. Bishops and believers all around Italy showed disagreement and expressed their hurt feelings.

Armed Policemen Burst Into a Parisian Church And Stop a Mass

April 19, 2020, France

On Sunday 19th April, three armed policemen burst into the church and ordered the priest to stop the mass.The parish priest of Saint-Andre-de-l'Europe was celebrating a Holy Mass with an Online broadcast for his parishioners in confinement. Inside the Church there were seven people, all involved in the celebration. The parish priests recall that the police is not allowed to enter a church with weapons, according to the law. The police can only intervene in a sanctuary at the request of the parish priest or in case of an emergency. One of the parishioners was also a policeman, who talked to the officers. It seems that a neighbour had alerted the police.

The Government Prohibits the Procession of the Santa Faz to Bless the City.

April 17, 2020, Spain

The Subdelegation of the Government prohibited on the 17th April the Procession of the Santa Faz relic to bless the city, which would have taken place on the 23rd April. The reason was that the act was not covered by the regulations on the state of alarm for the Covid-19 pandemic. The mayor and priests proposed alternatives for celebrating the procession without danger of contagion. However, the Council has not approved it. In other historical pandemics, the celebration had taken place.

Police Suspended an Open-Air Mass Without the Participation of the Faithful

April 12, 2020, Spain

On the 12th of April, the police suspended a Mass being celebrated on the parish courtyard of San Jenaro de Madrid. Although the Mass was being held without the participation of the faithful, it was interrupted by the police and the priests had to be identified. The Madrid City Council stated that the parish had installed without authorization a megaphone outside the building, which had raised "complaints from neighbors".

The Police Evacuated a Holy Mass in San Fernando de Henares

April 12, 2020, Spain

On Easter Sunday, the Police evacuated the parish of San Isidoro in Valencia, were nine people and the priest were gathered. They also interrupted the prayer of the Rosary in an act of Eucharistic adoration. The temple had space for 700 people, so the ten people could sit with plenty of space between them, using masks and gloves. The police allowed them to finish the Mass and warned them that if they did not suspend the church services and activities from now on, they would be sanctioned.

Priest Fined and Arrested For Processioning a Crucifix Alone

April 6, 2020, Italy

On April 6, a the Priest Father Domenico Cirigliano was fined and arrested for 14 days by the police, as he was carrying the miraculous Crucifix from the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary in Rocca Imperiale. He was doing a personal procession through the streets, keeping enough distance from other individuals and his assistant. The Father had told the parishioners he would bless the city in this form of reduced procession. The police reported the act as public departure, not motivated by employment, need or health reasons and had made a demonstration or religious act affecting the streets. In other cities the processions were allowed by the civil authorities.

The Police Evacuated A Church Even Though the Regulations Allow Mass in Churches

April 3, 2020, Spain

On 3. April, the national Police evacuated the church of San Servando y San Germán, in the district La Laguna of Cádiz. The Police said that the security measures for the Covid-19 Pandemic were not being held at the mass. The parish priest wrote afterwards an open letter, assuring that the fifteen parishioners in the Mass were taking the right measures, and that the evacuation was not justified.

The Police Reported a Priest Who Was Celebrating Mass With 5 People

March 31, 2020, Spain

On the 31. March two police agents knocked on the door of the Church in Valldoreix and said to the priest "It's prohibited to open the Church and you are a murderer." They denounced the priest, although there were only five people present including the priest, and the Mass was celebrated with the regulations and on a legal basis.

Christian Pharmacist Faces Court Case for Refusing to Sell the Morning-After Pill

February 3, 2020, Germany

The now retired German pharmacist, Andreas Kersten, faced court proceedings for refusing to stock or sell the morning after pill. His beliefs and conscience were the reason to not sell a drug that can prevent the implantation of an embryo in the uterus, which would cause the death of an unborn child. He was reported to the Berlin Pharmacists’ Chamber, which took the matter to the Professional Court at the Administrative Court of Berlin. The German court ruled on this issue and upheld the right to act in accordance with his conscience and therefore withdraw from selling the products. The Pharmacists' Chamber appealed against the decision. There are no further developments. (03.02.2020)