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Member of Scottish Parliament Launched Bill for Censorship Zones Around Abortion Clinics

May 20, 2022, United Kingdom

Gillian Mackay, an MSP for the Green Party, "initiated a public consultation on the Bill" that would allow a 2-year sentence to be assigned to someone who "attempts to influence or persuade someone seeking an abortion inside censorship zones," reported "RighttoLife" News. Some claim, there has been a rise in incidents outside abortion clinics involving pro-life activists, but Robert Colquhoun, the campaign director for "40 Days for Life", disagreed saying that it was actually just increased media attention that made it seem so. The introduction of such zones would negatively impact Christians who often attend such vigils due to their biblically based pro-life belief.

Theft of Memorial statue from All Saints Church graveyard

May 20, 2022, United Kingdom

Between the 16th and 20th May the memorial statue from the All Saints Graveyard was stolen in Glazebury. The police reported that the family that owned the memorial statue was deeply affected and were looking for witnesses.

Theft of Sacred Objects from Church in Innsbruck

May 19, 2022, Austria

A thief, who was later caught, stole a chalice and a chest of hosts from a church in the Saggen district of Innsbruck. The incident happened on May 18th and the thief was arrested by the police. The stolen goods would be given back to the church after the hearing.

Historical 1925 Altar Cross Stolen from Sankt Bonifatius Church in Frankfurt

May 19, 2022, Germany

A €3,000 reward was offered on May 19th for whoever could provide information that would lead to the retrieval of a gilded altar cross, dating from 1925, that was stolen in January 2022. The cross is around 60 centimetres high and was stolen from the Catholic church of Sankt Bonifatius in Frankfurt. It was there when the church was consecrated so it is of high emotional value to the church.

St. Mary's Church in Plau Graffitied With Black Painted Symbols

May 19, 2022, Germany

St. Mary's Church in Plau was graffitied with black paint on May 19th by unknown people. Chairman of the association, Harald Kleinert, was shocked to find a black symbol painted on the south entrance door. A complaint was lodged but the parish fears more attacks.

Suspected Youth Arrested for Arson at Newtown Church

May 19, 2022, United Kingdom

After a fire broke out in one room of the Evangelical Church in Newton, the police arrested one a young suspect. The fire happened on Thursday 19th of May, it was confined to one room and burned a sofa and a chair. The Dyfed-Powys Police commented: “Police are working closely with the church and that there will be a police presence at the site in the short term, with patrols increased in the area beyond that.” The police have arrested a young vandal on suspicion of arson.

Church in Bad Rodach Severly Vandalized (Again)

May 19, 2022, Germany

The 100-year-old windows of the St. Johannis Church were damaged on May 21st in Bad Rodach. The church has been vandalized in the past but this time was especially severe. Also, the gold-plated light cover and light, of the ambo or "reading chair," was smashed. In addition, the stained glass windows with devotional pictures were broken.

Church Arson in Sainte-Croix Church

May 19, 2022, France

A 54-year-old man was taken into custody on the morning of Monday 23 May 2022 as part of the investigation into the fire at the church in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (Vendée). The fire brigade had intervened on the night of Wednesday 18 to Thursday 19 May to extinguish a fire in the church, which destroyed 2 m² of floor in the oratory. Investigators quickly identified other fires and favoured the idea of arson.

Vandals set fire to St. Vladimir's Church in Lviv

May 19, 2022, Ukraine

On 19 June in the Sykhiv district of Lviv, the church of St. Prince Vladimir caught fire. According to the sources, a bucket of liquid, a cloth stick, a lighter, a jacket and a cap were found at the scene of the fire. The evidence was seized by the police.

Anarchist and Communist Symbols Tagged on Chapel in Landsberger

May 18, 2022, Germany

On May 18th, political symbols were found graffitied on the façade of the Altötting chapel in Landsberg, which is a baroque structure from the mid-19th century. A local resident was out on a morning walk when he saw the defacement which was a large anarchist symbol as well as a hammer and sickle (communist symbol) painted in red. The vandalism was reported to the police.

Repeated Hateful Vandalism in Schöppingen Church

May 18, 2022, Germany

Acts of vandalism and disrespect repeatedly took place in the St. Brictius Church in Schöppingen. It was reported on May 18th that vandals had lit prayer notes and placed them under benches, put lighted candles under holy water fonts, and used sacrificial candles to "play football" in the church square. These were only some of the things that were happening and Sexton Andreas Kortüm pleaded with the parishioners to help stop it.

Anti-Clerical Activists Disrupt Mass in Wadowice

May 18, 2022, Poland

On May 18th, mass was held in the basilica of Wadowice to commemorate the 102nd birthday of Pope John Paul II. During the mass, the anti-clerical initiative "Enough of Silence", organized a protest in which they turned on loudspeaker to disrupt the celebrations. Some in the square tried to stop the protestors and were shocked by their presence saying: "How can you be there? On such a day?"

Tabernacle Stolen and Hosts Scattered in French Church

May 18, 2022, France

The tabernacle was stolen from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Amiens on May 18th. The perpetrators entered the church when it was empty and did not only steal the tabernacle but also scattered the consecrated hosts on the floor. The priest only saw the desecration after he was alerted.

Statue of Madonna Stolen form Palidoro Church

May 18, 2022, Italy

On May 18th, the statue of Madonna that is usually in front of the Santi Filippo e Giacomo church in Palidoro was stolen. The parish priest Don Roberto Leoni reported the incident but it remained unknown who committed the theft. The priest said: "Such a silly, bad gesture, offensive towards the Mother of the Lord and towards all her children, who are not few."

Sacred Objects Stolen from Sacristy of Church in Clamecy

May 18, 2022, France

Perpetrators forced their way through the front door of the Collégiale Saint-Martin Church in Clamecy on May 18th and then entered the sacristy. When they left, they took with them chalices, a monstrance, and a censor. It was not known who the burglars were.

Vandalism and Several Sacred Objects Stolen from Church in Luneburg

May 17, 2022, Germany

During the night of May 17th, unknown perpetrators broke into the St. Michaelis Church in Luneburg and stole two silver wine jugs, a host's tin box and two patrons. While in the church, they broke several doors and the property damage and stolen items amounted to a cost of several thousand euros. They left the church unnoticed and the police were asking the public for information.

Civil Agents Mock Catholic Procession on the Streets

May 17, 2022, Spain

A video went viral, where a group of agents from the Guardia Civil is seen carrying another officer who pretends to be the Christ of Good Death in Malaga, while they sing El Novio de la Muerte, the traditional anthem of the Spanish Legion. The agents carried the other officer like they were legionnaires on Holy Thursday, in the streets around the Sanctuary of Lourdes, while laughing, joking, and drinking, which has caused some outrage due to the disrespect to religious feelings.

Update: Spanish Bill Proposal to Allow 16-17-Year Old Girls to Get an Abortion Without Parental Consent

May 17, 2022, Spain

The government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, formed by the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party and Unidas Podemos, presented a draft bill to allow 16 and 17-year-old girls to get an abortion without parental consent, also removing the mandatory 3-day period of reflection. The Council of Ministers approved it on the 17th of May. The Equality Minister, Irene Montero, stated that "the state guarantees them that the decision about their bodies, their life projects, and their maternity will be theirs". She further added that with this reform "rights will now be guaranteed and extended, and existing obstacles to exercising the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy will be removed". This Bill would be in conflict with parental rights.

Thieves Break into Grosseto Church

May 16, 2022, Italy

On May 16th, thieves broke into the S. Maria Goretti church in Grosseto, and stole the offerings. To get in, they broke down the door and then they broke the glass to enter the sacristy. The investigations were ongoing as the damage was significant.

Churches in Venice Graffitied

May 16, 2022, Italy

The church of Sant'Antonin a Castello and the basilica of the Santissimo Redentore alla Giudecca, were smeared with graffiti on May 16th. The façade of the Redentore church had red and black paint on it that looked like a mathematical formula. The Patriarchate of Venice said in a press release: "It was learned, with regret, that the facade of the Basilica del Redentore in Giudecca and the church of Sant'Antonin a Castello were targeted by acts of vandalism that damaged buildings that have significant religious, as well as historical and cultural significance, both for Venetians and for visitors."

Statue of Madonna Vandalized in Dortmund Church

May 16, 2022, Germany

The wooden statue of Madonna and Child in Dortmund's Propstei Church, once again had wax poured over it from the sacrificial candles on May 16th. The statue is from the 15th century so will now have to be restored in a special workshop. The church was considering using lights without wax to prevent this crime from happening again but they still wanted to keep the church open for all.

Report Shows Discrimination Against Protestant Christians in Turkey

May 16, 2022, Turkey

A report from 2021 that examined the situation of Protestants in Turkey, revealed the severe levels of discrimination they face. It showed how decades of expulsions, social pressure, and government intolerance have led to a decline in Christian Protestants. It also exposes the challenges they are currently facing.

Karlskirche in Vienna Tagged with Graffiti (3rd time in 2022)

May 16, 2022, Austria

On the 16th of May, the Karlskirche in Vienna was targeted with graffiti.

Statue of Virgin Mary destroyed and anti-Christian Threats in Madrid

May 16, 2022, Spain

During the night of 15 to 16 May, unknown perpetrators destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, located in the garden of the house of the Heralds of the Gospel in Sevilla la Nueva, also causing other considerable damages to the property. They insulted and threatened the Heralds, cut off the electricity, and damaged other infrastructures on the property.

Half-Naked Protesters Wear Religious Symbols in Front of Churches

May 16, 2022, Spain

The police in Spain had to stop a protest that was taking place at the door of the church "Virgen de la Luz" in Cuenca, in which several half-naked women were wearing religious symbols. This was reported on the 16th of May by the online news "El Debate". Later on, "Abogados Cristianos" opened proceedings against the group for hurting religious feelings, after the same incident took place in other churches.

Church Madonna di Campagna Vandalized

May 15, 2022, Italy

The churchyard of Madonna di Campagna in Verbania was vandalized by unknown perpetrators around the 15. of May. The glass of the board where parish news and notices are posted was broken and all the shattered pieces fell on the base.

Vandalism and Theft from Church in Ursini

May 15, 2022, Italy

On May 15th, offerings were stolen from the Chiesa di Maria SS. Aiuto dei Cristiani church in the city of Ursini. The unknown vandals broke the glass of the rectory to get access to the offerings which they stole, along with a candlestick which is used to put coins into the offering box. They also tore up the curtain of the confessional. The police have investigated the crime.

Windows Broken with Stones in Leipzig Church

May 14, 2022, Germany

A 38-year-old man, thought to be Croatian, was observed throwing stones at an evangelical Church in Leipzig on May 14th. The police arrested him but not before he had damaged a total of five window panes. An investigation was underway.

Arson and Vandalism at Church in Henstedt-Ulzburg

May 14, 2022, Germany

On May 14th, a man and woman broke open the door of the Henstedt-Ulzburger Kreuzkirche and vandalized the inside. They tried to set the carpet in front of the alter on fire, which went out, and they damaged knee cushions and hymnals. The property damage was not yet calculated but the police were notified and wrote a complaint to the Norderstedter detectives who investigated it.

Historic "Weather Blessing" Cross Stolen from Church in St.George

May 14, 2022, Switzerland

A weather blessing cross, that is almost 200 years old and very important to the community, was stolen from the St. Gallen Catholic Church in St. George. It stands 45cm tall and was taken on the 14th of May by unknown thieves. Magnus Hächler, administrator of the church said: "It's a painful loss and very annoying."

Panoramic Church Window of Church in Leipzig Destroyed

May 13, 2022, Germany

The Catholic provost church Sankt Trinitatis in Leipzig was once again targeted by vandalism after the theft of the tabernacle in April. This time, on May 13th, the 20-meter long by 3 three-meter high church window which has the entire Bible printed on it, was destroyed. The property damage was at least 50,000 to 100,000 euros said provost Gregor Giele of the Catholic New Agency (KNA). Police started an investigation.

Extensive Destruction of Church Windows in Leipzig

May 13, 2022, Germany

Six panes of glass were broken in on May 13th at the Catholic Church Sankt Laurentius in Reudnitz-Thonberg, Leipzig. It was not known who completed the vandalism but an investigation was underway. The property damage was in the four-digit range.

Arson Attack and Theft on Pau Chaplaincy

May 12, 2022, France

The Chaplaincy in Pau was the victim of an arson attack on the 12th of May. The fire was started on the ground floor of the presbytery of the church of Saint-Pierre and it was obvious that the tabernacle was deliberately targeted as it was charred. The consecrated hosts were not burned but the police also noticed thefts of a computer and some money.

"Fake" Bomb Placed in Potenza Church

May 11, 2022, Italy

A suitcase that was thought to contain a bomb, was left in the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in the historic city of Potenza. It was placed there during the afternoon on May 11th and due to the ticking sound that the suitcase emitted, a bomb was suspected to be inside. A police squad was immediately notified but as the investigations were made, no bomb was found as it was supposed to be a bad joke.

Intruders Break into Church in Siegen-Eiserfeld and Ransack the interior

May 11, 2022, Germany

Unknown intruders forcibly broke into the church in Siegen-Eiserfeld on May 11th. Once inside, they ransacked several cupboards and using tools from the church inventory forced open locked containers. Nothing was stolen but the property damage was significant.

Insulting Graffiti on Church in Killeshil

May 11, 2022, Ireland

The outer wall of the St. Paul's Church of Ireland in Killeshil was painted with the words "baby killers" alongside a swastika symbol. The attack was labelled a hate crime by the PSNI who were investigating the incident. Frances Burton, the DUP councillor for the Clogher Valley area said: “It really is soul-destroying for the people involved with that church and it’s something that is so uncalled for."

Antique Windows Smashed in Neunkirchen and Church Vandalized

May 11, 2022, Germany

Between May 11th and 12th, intruders broke into the Neunkirchen church on Kirchstrasse by throwing stones through two of the valuable antique stained glass windows. Inside the church, they ransacked cupboards and storage rooms but failed to break open a locked safe. It seemed like they didn't take anything but significant property damage was caused that will cost around 10,000 to repair.

Church Window in Stipshausen Damaged

May 11, 2022, Germany

A window in the Catholic Church of Stipshausen was damaged by an unknown vandal on May 11th. Witnesses found a medium-sized hole, which was probably caused by an object in the framed glass. The police were looking for witnesses with more information.

Burglars Steal Sacred Objects from Bad Doberan Monastery

May 10, 2022, Germany

Thieves broke into the Bad Doberan Monastery on the 10th of May but have not been found. They ransacked the interior of the church and broke open a safe from which they took keys and an unspecified quantity of cash. In addition, they stole some sacred objects which were made of brass or gold and silver plated. The police launched an investigation but have not been able to track either the thieves or the stolen objects.

Arson and Desecration in Romsthal Church

May 10, 2022, Germany

On May 10th, a church on Kirchstrasse in Romsthal was the victim of an arson attempt. The criminals set fire to several parish letters under a stool and burned some prayer texts near the altar. In addition, they knocked over an offering box, and some candles, and spread the wax over the floor. The fire was out by the time it was discovered and the property damage was around 150 euros but could have been much more. The police were looking for witnesses.

Cross and Candlestick Stolen from Church in Addington

May 10, 2022, United Kingdom

A cross and candlestick were stolen from the medieval church of St. Mary in Addington on the 10th of May. Reverend Debbie Forman said that the items have "little intrinsic value" but the church is "not the same without them." The church remained open and the hope was that the thief, who was not known, would return them.

Church in Rotherham Trashed by Illegal Party

May 10, 2022, United Kingdom

On May 10th, vandals broke into the Rotherham Church and trashed the interior. They drank wine and left broken bottles everywhere as well as destroying the church-run nursery which is used to help single mothers with childcare. The incident forced the nursery to close for a week.

Bad Wörishofen Cementery Ransacked by Vandals

May 10, 2022, Germany

Unknown vandals have rioted in the cemetery of Bad Wörishof and knocked over a large gravestone. The cemetery caretaker, Frank Stehr, says that the cemetery is the target of thieves and vandals almost every day. He says flowers and grave arrangements or even gravestones are stolen regularly. "Again and again, people come to me and report that they have lost various such objects," he reports. Still, the last incident was unprecedented. "It was vandalism in its purest form," said Stehr.

Family Father Stabbed to Death in Marseille

May 10, 2022, France

On May 10. 2022, an army doctor was stabbed to death in front of his two children. The 40-year old man was quietly picking up his children from a catholic school in Marseilles, when he was attacked from behind by Mohammed L. (23). The suspect claims he committed this crime "in the name of God".

150 kg Bell Stolen from Baranow Church

May 9, 2022, Poland

A bronze bell, weighing 150 kg, was stolen from the Baranow Parish Church on May 9th. The bell has images of the Crucified Christ and Madonna and Child on it and was made in 1853. The parish priest notified the police and appealed to the villagers.

Aggravated Theft in Crotone

May 9, 2022, Italy

Two burglars entered a church in Crotone on May 9th and after removing the entire offering column, they took it outside, forced it open, and took the coins within. A passerby noticed the unusual activity and immediately notified the Carabinieri arrived on the scene with the State Police who caught the offenders. They were then charged with aggravated theft and taken to the Catanzaro prison.

Relic containing the blood of a Polish priest was stolen from a church

May 9, 2022, United Kingdom

The St. Nicholas Church in Boston was the victim of a burglary on the night between the 9th and 10th of May. One of the stolen items was the reliquary containing the blood of Jerzy Popieluszko, a Polish priest who was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church in 2009. The police are investigating.

Church in Lomellina Vandalized

May 8, 2022, Italy

On May 8th, vandals forced their way into the interior of the Santa Croce church in Lomellina. There, they damaged the the votive candle lighting system and ransacked the priest's office. No valuable appeared to be stolen but extent of the damage had not been properly assessed.

Destruction of Tombs and Crosses in Piekary Śląskie Cemetery

May 8, 2022, Poland

Around 30 graves were destroyed by unknown vandals in the St. Józef cemetery of Piekary Śląskie on May 8th. Tombstones were pushed over and crosses were broken in an act that showed complete disrespect for a place that is sacred to so many. The crime was investigated with the support of forensic technicians who were trying identify the villains.

Anglican Chapel Severly Vandalised and Mocked

May 8, 2022, United Kingdom

St. Mary's church near Saxton, Yorkshire, which is an important listed building, was vandalized by anonymous intruders on May 8th. A volunteer group that takes care of the chapel wrote on Facebook: "A sickening sight this morning...litter, smashed vases, glass everywhere, and worst of all the crosses broken too. To add insult to injury, a note of apology with a fake phone number," was also left there. The chapel stands in an isolated field and has often been a place of refuge.