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"Congress of Christian Leaders" Called "Congress of Radical Christians" in News Coverage

March 12, 2015, Germany

Known for his bias against Christians, Christian Baars, reporter for, published an article about a Christian Congress which took place in February 2015 in Hamburg. "Scholz unterstützt Kongress radikaler Christen" (in English, "Scholz supports Congress of Radical Christians") is the title of the article. Olaf Scholz is the First Mayor of Hamburg. Christians considered the article to be biased and insulting.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Catholics Insulted by Demonstrators After Mass

March 8, 2015, France

As they left the church in Saint-Epvre in Nancy after Sunday services. parishioners were confronted with a feminist manifestation taking place right in front of the steps of the church. The activists were shouting hate slogans and vulgarities towards the people leaving the church, including young children.

Hate Incident Negative Stereotyping

Abortion Opponents Compared to Jihadists

February 9, 2015, Sweden

Mona Sahlin, the national coordinator against violent extremism at the Swedish Ministry of Justice, stated during a panel discussion on religion and democracy that Ellinor Grimmark, a Christian midwife who refuses to participate in abortion, was an "extreme religious practitioner who is fighting in a similar way as do the people fighting for the Islamic state.”

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Conscience Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Verbal Attacks on Christianity on Romanian National Television

June 9, 2014, Romania

In the Epic Show, a one-man show broadcasted on a Rumanian national television, PRIMA TV, the presenter attacked violently Orthodox Christianity. In his speech he expressed among other things: “You, filthy pieces of s**t, you want to lie to us regarding the existence of a bearded old man who created the world in 6 days and then got tired"….”you teach our children to cast stones and kill homosexuals”….”when you decide to move your corpses and siege our children in schools to teach them the puke of creationism, wait for us to siege you in your sh**y churches to teach you evolutionism with torches in our hands!”

Insult or Incitement Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Insulting and Blasphemous Graffiti Near Entrance to the Chapel of Locmaria

April 20, 2014, France

Near the entrance to the chapel of Locmaria, which is part of the parish of Carnac, sometime during the night of Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday, graffiti was painted on a public signpost. This graffiti made blasphemous and insulting comments that made reference to Catholic fascists and a homosexual Jesus. The rector, Father Jérôme Sécher, filed a complaint with the local authorities.

Hate Crime Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Insulting Graffiti at the Vatican on Right Side of Bernini’s Colonnade

April 5, 2014, Italy

Bernini’s Colonnade, which had been restored in preparation for the canonisation of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, was found to have graffiti on the right side with the words, in poor English, “Catalic is Hitler.” Implying that a Catholic is like Hitler.

Hate Incident Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Offensive Representation of the Last Supper on Cover of Music Album

April 1, 2014, International

The musical group Steel Panther released its new album “All You can Eat” on April 1, 2014. The cover portrays a group of band members in a Last Supper scene among whom are scantily clad women in provocative postures. Underneath is the name of the album, “All You Can Eat”.

Negative Stereotyping

Propaganda Film Offensive to Christians

March 11, 2014, France

The short propaganda film, “14 Millions de Cris”, produced by Liza Azuelos, speaks out against forced marriages of under aged children, but turns offensive when it uses the Christian milieu as its setting. Many Christians find it derogatory to portray Christians in this film as forcing their children into early matrimony. This might be more common in Muslim countries, but to place it in a Christian setting in France is an indication of discrimination.

Negative Stereotyping

Member of Parliament Impersonated a Drunk Priest

January 1, 2014, Greece

A member of the Greek Parliament, Vangelis Diamantopoulos, dressed and acted as a drunk priest conducting a burial ceremony for the EU-IMF memorandum at New Year’s carnival in Northern Greece. Archbishop Ieronymos claimed that he was hurt by this behaviour and described the act as foolish.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Christmas Advertisement Offensive to Catholics

December 24, 2013, Croatia

The Croatian telecommunications operator Tele2, in its Christmas advertisement, had a black sheep/goat named Gregor acting as a priest or Church official. For the faithful, this was perceived as a mockery of the Church and its priests.

Negative Stereotyping

Violent and Anti-Catholic Placard Displayed in Caen

June 22, 2013, France

A placard by the “Confédération Nationale du Travail“ (National Confederation of Work) was displayed in Caen, France. The placard shows a picture of a woman kicking a priest in his genitalia and the corresponding text says: “Buzz off! My body belongs to me”.

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Stickers Spread in Angers Saying "Catholicism – Enough Annoyance"

May 29, 2013, France

Citizens of the French city of Angers are confronted with stickers on traffic signs saying: “CATHO RAS-LE-BOL” (=Catholicism – enough annoyance). The credit is claimed by a group called “Comité anti-Catholique Angevin” (= anti-Catholic committee of Angers).

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Religion Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Music Video to David Bowie’s Song The Next Day Insults Christians’ Religious Feelings

May 22, 2013, International

The video presented Bowie singing in an outfit representing Jesus. The scene takes place in a dark and bloody brothel. It begins with a priest entering the brothel after having beaten down a beggar. The priest then seduces a nun inside the brothel while Bowie performs. In the end the nun’s hands develop stigmata.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Christianity Portrayed as Judgmental and Dishonest in Government Educational Materials

May 21, 2013, Belgium

The report “Combattre l’homophobie – pour une école ouverte à la diversité” of the public administration in charge for the French-speaking educational system, imposes on public and private kindergartens from first enrolment until the end of secondary education to address homosexuality, stating that religion stigmatises. The report specifically addresses the Christian tradition as judgmental (mentioning Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas) and in an ambiguous analysis says that at certain times, the Catholic Church, and even popes, have performed homosexual rituals.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Anti-Christian Graffiti on Cathedral of St Pölten

May 1, 2013, Austria

Unknown perpetrators spray painted "We do not want your crosses" on the outside wall of the Catholic Cathedral of St. Pölten in the night to May 1st. The graffiti included crossed-out signs in cross-shapes, a swastika and a so-called Kruckenkreuz (an Austrian historic sign for the right-wing government between 1934-38). Next to a clearly anti-Christian message, the Christian cross was unfairly paired with the Nazi swastika.

Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Numerous Human Rights Violations Against Pro-Family Demonstrators

April 23, 2013, France

The recent attacks on pro-family mass-demonstrations included: tear gas against children, overbearing police force, unconstitutional state action and human rights violations, death threats against organisers on social media and stabbing of a protester, as well as violations of freedom of assembly.

Defamation Equality Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Hate Crime Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Defames Benedict XVI and His Secretary

March 2, 2013, Germany

Due to the Pope's resignation, in a caricature on its title page, the German magazine, Titanic, implied Pope Emeritus Benedict and his secretary, Archbishop Gänswein to be engaging in homosexual sex, uttering "Finally - sex!". This hurts religious feelings of the faithful, defames both and deepens a negative stereotype against church hierarchy.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Caricatures Conclave as Group Sex

February 28, 2013, France

The French Magazine Charlie Hebdo comments on the election of the new Catholic Pontiff with a caricature on its title page showing the cardinals having group sex and calling their sexual climax the descendence of the Holy Spirit. The faithful perceive this as hurtful and intolerant to their religious convictions.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Front Page Caricature Upsets Christians

February 27, 2013, France

On the occasion of the resignation of pope Benedict XVI and the conclave in which a new pope ought to be elected, the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, featured a caricature on its front cover which shows the cardinals engaging in group sex. The words suggest that it is their sexual pleasure which the cardinals mockingly call the Holy Spirit.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

T-Shirt Company in Pamplona Prints Derisive Cartoon Picturing a Catholic Bishop

February 13, 2013, Spain

The Spanish T-shirt company Kukuxumusu, known for its humorous T-shirt designs picturing cartoon animals such as sheep and bulls, printed a shirt with a bull dressed in Catholic bishop’s clothing flanked by two sheep, one of whom he is suspiciously touching. The other sheep is pulling up the “bishop’s”garment to reveal a devil’s tail. Many found this both offensive to their faith and a needless mockery of the serious matter of pedophilia.

Negative Stereotyping