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Violent and Anti-Catholic Placard Displayed in Caen

June 22, 2013, France

A placard by the “Confédération Nationale du Travail“ (National Confederation of Work) was displayed in Caen, France. The placard shows a picture of a woman kicking a priest in his genitalia and the corresponding text says: “Buzz off! My body belongs to me”.

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Stickers Spread in Angers Saying "Catholicism – Enough Annoyance"

May 29, 2013, France

Citizens of the French city of Angers are confronted with stickers on traffic signs saying: “CATHO RAS-LE-BOL” (=Catholicism – enough annoyance). The credit is claimed by a group called “Comité anti-Catholique Angevin” (= anti-Catholic committee of Angers).

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Religion Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Music Video to David Bowie’s Song The Next Day Insults Christians’ Religious Feelings

May 22, 2013, International

The video presented Bowie singing in an outfit representing Jesus. The scene takes place in a dark and bloody brothel. It begins with a priest entering the brothel after having beaten down a beggar. The priest then seduces a nun inside the brothel while Bowie performs. In the end the nun’s hands develop stigmata.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Christianity Portrayed as Judgmental and Dishonest in Government Educational Materials

May 21, 2013, Belgium

The report “Combattre l’homophobie – pour une école ouverte à la diversité” of the public administration in charge for the French-speaking educational system, imposes on public and private kindergartens from first enrolment until the end of secondary education to address homosexuality, stating that religion stigmatises. The report specifically addresses the Christian tradition as judgmental (mentioning Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas) and in an ambiguous analysis says that at certain times, the Catholic Church, and even popes, have performed homosexual rituals.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Anti-Christian Graffiti on Cathedral of St Pölten

May 1, 2013, Austria

Unknown perpetrators spray painted "We do not want your crosses" on the outside wall of the Catholic Cathedral of St. Pölten in the night to May 1st. The graffiti included crossed-out signs in cross-shapes, a swastika and a so-called Kruckenkreuz (an Austrian historic sign for the right-wing government between 1934-38). Next to a clearly anti-Christian message, the Christian cross was unfairly paired with the Nazi swastika.

Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Numerous Human Rights Violations Against Pro-Family Demonstrators

April 23, 2013, France

The recent attacks on pro-family mass-demonstrations included: tear gas against children, overbearing police force, unconstitutional state action and human rights violations, death threats against organisers on social media and stabbing of a protester, as well as violations of freedom of assembly.

Defamation Equality Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Hate Crime Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Defames Benedict XVI and His Secretary

March 2, 2013, Germany

Due to the Pope's resignation, in a caricature on its title page, the German magazine, Titanic, implied Pope Emeritus Benedict and his secretary, Archbishop Gänswein to be engaging in homosexual sex, uttering "Finally - sex!". This hurts religious feelings of the faithful, defames both and deepens a negative stereotype against church hierarchy.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Caricatures Conclave as Group Sex

February 28, 2013, France

The French Magazine Charlie Hebdo comments on the election of the new Catholic Pontiff with a caricature on its title page showing the cardinals having group sex and calling their sexual climax the descendence of the Holy Spirit. The faithful perceive this as hurtful and intolerant to their religious convictions.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Magazine Front Page Caricature Upsets Christians

February 27, 2013, France

On the occasion of the resignation of pope Benedict XVI and the conclave in which a new pope ought to be elected, the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, featured a caricature on its front cover which shows the cardinals engaging in group sex. The words suggest that it is their sexual pleasure which the cardinals mockingly call the Holy Spirit.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

T-Shirt Company in Pamplona Prints Derisive Cartoon Picturing a Catholic Bishop

February 13, 2013, Spain

The Spanish T-shirt company Kukuxumusu, known for its humorous T-shirt designs picturing cartoon animals such as sheep and bulls, printed a shirt with a bull dressed in Catholic bishop’s clothing flanked by two sheep, one of whom he is suspiciously touching. The other sheep is pulling up the “bishop’s”garment to reveal a devil’s tail. Many found this both offensive to their faith and a needless mockery of the serious matter of pedophilia.

Negative Stereotyping

Anti-Pope Protests in Notre Dame Cathedral

February 12, 2013, France

Female activists undress and shout anti-pope slogans to comment the resignation of Pope Benedict XYI in the Paris Cathedral of Notre. Toplessly, they hammered at bells and shouted "Crisis of faith,", “Pope no more!” “Bye-bye Benedict!”, “No more homophobe!” and "In gay we trust!".

Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Catholics Insulted by Depiction of Key Shrine Lourdes

February 11, 2013, France

French Catholics were insulted by an historically inaccurate article published in the French weekly, Le Point, on the 155th Anniversary of the pilgrimage site, Lourdes.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Professor in Zagreb Makes Offensive Catholic Comment

January 29, 2013, Croatia

During a visit by Mrs. Judith Reisman to the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb on January 29, 2013, the dean of this faculty, Prof. Dr. Nenad Zakošek, said, among other things: “If anyone indoctrinated them (students), then it is the Catholic Church.”

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Poster Depicts a Lesbian Virgin Mary Couple

January 17, 2013, Croatia

A poster advertisement for the play "Fine Dead Girls" contained an image with two Blessed Virgins embracing each other as lesbians. The play took place in the Zagreb theater Gavela. The poster was withdrawn after protests.

Negative Stereotyping

French Government to “Dissolve Religious Pathology” and “Excesses” in the Church

January 6, 2013, France

Instead of tackling the enormous number of anti-Christian vandalisms, President Hollande announced 'the National Observatory of Secularism' to come into being this year, tasked with closely monitoring religious organisations for any potential 'excesses'. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls highlighted various Catholic organisations, stating that "All excesses are being minutely registered in case we have to consider dissolving it."

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Negative Stereotyping

Pride Parade Hurts Christians' Religious Feelings

December 25, 2012, Slovenia

During the Ljubljana Gay Pride Parade 2012 the protestors for „a proud LGBT community“ carried signs which hurt the religious feelings of Christians: One image satirically said "let us return to the middle ages" showing a pope-like figure cutting apart a rainbow flag. The other one read: "even Jesus had two fathers". Furthermore, the Observatory was told by the organizers of the Iskreni Festival (clf. a pro family event), that Slovenian LGBT lobby organisations attacked their work massively. They tried to pressure benefactors of the festival into seizing any financial support due to the Iskreni Festival's pro life and pro family orientation.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Homeschooling Parents Portrayed as Sectarian Fundamentalists by Spiegel TV

December 12, 2012, Germany

Homeschooling family experiences negative stereotyping by Spiegel TV documentary: “We were not only a little disappointed and upset when we saw the outcome, which offends our Christian convictions and does not give unbiased information about the subject matter. My wife is called the 'chief inquisitor'. The reporter suggests that our children are victims, socially isolated children, controlled by their stubborn fundamental-Christian parents."

Negative Stereotyping

German Christian Rights' Activist Heavily Insulted And Threatened After Opposing Gay Adoption on TV

December 10, 2012, Germany

In the German public service broadcaster ARD’s talk show “Tough but Fair” (“Hart aber Fair”), on Monday, December 3rd, the question whether homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children was debated. Women’s and Family Rights activist Birgit Kelle argued that children need a mother and a father. Following her appearance on the show, a journalist of the said ARD commented on his twitter account: “I think she is a witch. Witches get burned.”

Defamation Hate Incident Negative Stereotyping

TV Team Produces Satire on Church in Cathedral Without Permission

November 16, 2012, Austria

In mid-November an episode of the satiric television serial “Wir Staatskünstler” (We official state artists) was filmed in the Catholic Cathedral of St Pölten without permission. Three actors working for the Austrian public service broadcaster ORF (state TV) were dressed up similarly to the group “Pussy Riot”, entered the church, imitated Islamic prayer moves and called upon “mother heaven”.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

(Scotland) Cardinal O´Brien Declared “Bigot of the Year”

November 12, 2012, United Kingdom

Christian believers and other people in Britain are expressing outrage after the country’s leading homosexualist lobby group declared the Cardinal Archbishop of Edinburgh, Keith O’Brien, “Bigot of the Year” for his opposition to “gay marriage”.

Defamation Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Pro-Life Activists Continuously Attacked

October 3, 2012, Germany

Pro-Life activists continuously suffer attacks from radical groups, including physical attacks and property damages; as well as negative stereotyping by the media; and an infringement on freedom of assembly and expression by a ban mile.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Vatican and Several Cathedrals Virtually „Occupied“ in App

September 29, 2012, International

In the augmented reality app „Junaio“, several of the world’s large cathedrals are decorated with a banner displaying the text “Abortion Pills, A Gift From God” and instructions how to do an abortion yourself with a medicine called misoprostol.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Hate Incident Negative Stereotyping

Entertainer Madonna Creates Negative Stereotypes of Christians at Current World Tour

July 17, 2012, International

American entertainer Madonna tours the world with her show MDNA. The song and video “Nobody Knows Me,” which is part of Madonna’s MDNA Tour, defames Christians and creates anti-Christian stereotypes.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Left NGO Calls for Violence Against Christians

July 17, 2012, Austria

The Salzburg-based NGO „Infoladen“ calls for violence against Christians when expressing pro-life views. In July they called for a counter-demonstration against a pro-life manifestation. „Let’s make their 1000-crosses-manifestation a disaster!“ and „Sink the 1000 crosses!“ are some of the slogans on their website.

Defamation Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Religion Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Catholic NGO Defamed By Government Report, Confirmed by Court

June 1, 2012, France

Georges Fenech, the president of the interministerial mission MIVILUDES, an acronym for Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires (Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances), appointed to this position by François Fillon in 2008 and renewed in 2011, was convicted by the Paris criminal court on June 1, 2012 for public defamation.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

French Anti-Sect Governmental Mission Raids in Catholic Communities

April 13, 2012, France

Since the presidency of MIVILUDES (Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against Sectarian Drifts) by Georges Fenech, several small Catholic communities have increasingly been targeted, the last one being "Amour and Miséricorde" (Love and Mercy).

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Mockery of the Last Supper on French Television

March 16, 2012, France

The French Channel Direct8 has streamed a new episode of the show "Very bad blagues" called "When one’s an apostle" ("Quand on est apôtre") which mocks the last supper.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

New York Times Ad Calls Catholic Church "Autocratic, Woman-Hating, Sex-perverting Old Boys Club"

March 13, 2012, International

Catholics and non-Catholics alike have reacted to a viciously anti-Catholic full-page advertisement in Friday’s New York Times. The ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad, which takes the form of a letter to a “liberal Catholic”, asks “Cafeteria” Catholics, “Why are you propping up the pillars of a tyrannical and autocratic, woman-hating, sex-perverting, antediluvian Old Boys Club?” The Freedom from Religious Foundation is led by Annie Laurie Gaylor and her husband, Dan Barker. Gaylor is author of the book, Abortion Is a Blessing.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Celebrity Suggests "Homophobic" Clergy Should be Jailed

March 12, 2012, United Kingdom

The celebrity singer Will Young has suggested that clergy should be put in jail for speaking out too strongly against same-sex marriage.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Negative Stereotyping

Negative Stereotyping on Belgian Television

March 6, 2012, Belgium

The Belgian TV series “A tort ou à raison” drawn up by Marc Uyttendaele, repeatedly streams negative stereotypings of Catholics. The first episode, “l’affaire Sainte-Maxime” stages tendentiously a case of pedophilia in a Catholic high school; another episode “la plume empoisonnée” depicts how a fanatic Catholic woman forces her son to become a Catholic priest.

Negative Stereotyping

Christians Compared to Radical Muslims

February 23, 2012, United Kingdom

Trevor Phillips, the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has ignited public controversy by comparing Christians who do not believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children to “Muslims who demand the introduction of Sharia Courts”.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Exhibit "Obscenity" Targets Christianity and Shocks Believers

February 16, 2012, Spain

A photo exhibit at the Fresh Gallery in Madrid displays pictures by Bruce LaBruce displays intolerance against Christian symbols, deepens negative stereotypes and disregards feelings of believers.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Mockery of Christian Worship

February 13, 2012, Italy

A commercial advertising Red Bull broadcast on Mediaset mocked Christian confession and worship.

Desecration Negative Stereotyping

Pro-Abortion Activists Spread False Claim That Bishop Said It Was OK to Rape a Woman Who Had an Abortion

January 10, 2012, Spain

Pro-abortion forces on the internet are engaged in an ongoing campaign accusing a Spanish bishop of legitimizing rape during a sermon denouncing the killing of the unborn.

Defamation Negative Stereotyping

Anti-Christian Sculpture Displayed in Art Gallery

December 25, 2011, United Kingdom

An anonymous artist donated a stone bust of a cardinal with his face covered in pixels to a gallery in Liverpool. The sculpture implies that Church officials are criminals. "’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity - the lies, the corruption, the abuse," says the producer. Reyahn King, the art gallery's director is "thrilled".

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Business Leader Says "Christians who Defend Marriage are Evil"

December 20, 2011, United Kingdom

“I’m…campaigning against evil Christians (that’s not all Christians, just bad ones) who think that gay people should not lead happy lives and get married to their same-sex partners,” said Nick Lansley, TESCO Head of Research and Development for the Tesco website.

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Study Reveals: Christians are a minorty at the BBC

December 3, 2011, United Kingdom

A diversity survey conducted internally by the BBC revealed that only 22.5 of its employees are Christians. In a country where the majority of the population identified themselves as Christians, the fact that the BBC staff do not constitute a fair representation of the public constitute a factor that needs to be corrected, said BBC veteran Roger Bolton.

Equality Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Negative Stereotyping

Theater Play Advertisement Portrays Jesus as King of Lies and Meaninglessness

November 30, 2011, Germany

"Die Präsidentinnen" - "The female presidents" is a theater play by Werner Schwab, first shown in Vienna. In November 2011 it was restaged in Cologne. It is a play about the "lies of life", disappointed hopes and meaninglessness. The advertizement poster of the restaged performance shows a crucifix hanging on a toilet. For Christians, this implies that Jesus Christ was the king of lies and ought to be flushed down the toilet in the cleansing process. This is offensive and hurtful to Christians.

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Clothing Company Ad Disrespects Christians Through the Image of the Pope

November 17, 2011, International

An advertisment campaign of the clothing company Benetton featured the Pope kissing intensely the Islamic Shek of the Al-Azhar Mosque on the lips. The campaign is called UnHate and claims to stand for peace in the world. The image of the pope kissing the imam implies that the Pope would currently "hate" the Imam, or be intolerant towards Muslims. After many protests, Benetton removed the photo montage off their website. It seems however, that the provocation - as well as the removal - was planned as a PR campaign from the beginning.

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Heated Debate on Anti-Christian Theater Play Portrays Christians Negatively

November 16, 2011, France

The Golgota Picnic (Golgotha Picnic), a provacative anti-Christian play written by the Argentine-born author Rodrigo Garcia, has drawn the anger of French Christians who protested outside the Garonne Theatre in Toulouse. While the theater's manager, Jacky Ohayon, insisted the play be harmless and ran previously in Spain "with no trouble", Catholic Bishop Dominique Rey of Frejus-Toulon said that "Garcia's play shows Christ as 'madman, dog, pyromaniac, messiah of Aids, devil-whore, no better than a terrorist'."

Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Blasphemous Christmas Movie Screens at European Cinemas

November 1, 2011, International

The Warner Bros production "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas", profanes Christian symbols and traditions. It contains sacrilegious humor, graphic non-marital and aberrant sexual activity, full nudity, a benign view of drug use, about a half-dozen instances of profanity and pervasive rough and crude language."

Insult or Incitement Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Blasphemous Play Hurts Feelings of Christians

October 31, 2011, Ireland

At the Dublin Grand Canal Theatre „Jerry Springer: The Opera“ was screened in the country for the first time on October 31th, 2011. Christians protested outside the theatre before the performance, several people walked out during the show.

Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping

Marketing Campaign for Canal+ Series Smashes Holy Images

September 29, 2011, France

„Borgia“ TV series produced by the French TV channel "Canal+" in association with EOS Entertainment and distributed by Beta Film GmbH, used holy symbols for promotional advertisements in a profane way.

Negative Stereotyping

Campaign Against Catholic Church's Tax Exemption

August 31, 2011, Italy

A political campaign supported by a social media campaign advocated the removal of the tax exemption granted to the Catholic Church. The supporters of the proposal claim that the Church money would help Italy to overcome its financial crisis, and would therefore make other governmental spenditure cuts unnecessary. The Catholic Church properties are exempted from tax because of the community service they provide and the social function church buildings serve. In the fall of 2011, the issue was dropped.

Equality Negative Stereotyping

Norway Killer Anders Breivik Wrongly Labelled a "Christian Fundamentalist"

July 29, 2011, International

Shortly after his ruthless murder of at least 76 innocent men, women, and children Anders Breivik has been called a “Christian fundamentalist,” “Christian terrorist,” and “Christian extremist.” The media picked up the solitary, premature and unjust comment of a police officer right after the incident.

Negative Stereotyping

French Daily Smashes Jesus Christ and Christianity

July 16, 2011, France

French daily „Liberation“ smashes Christianity by depicting Jesus as a loser, drug user and egocentric. The French Catholic bishops’ conference issued a statement in support of freedom of expression but saying that this requires respect of the one it actually offends. The bishops also mention that Christians always forgive.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Negative Stereotyping

BBC Survey: Viewers Think Broadcaster is Anti-Christian

June 1, 2011, United Kingdom

The BBC is widely regarded as displaying an anti-Christian attitude in its programming, according to the Corporation’s own research.

Negative Stereotyping

Catholic Church Blamed for Unemployment

May 31, 2011, Spain

Cayo Lara, General Coordinator of the United Left party has blamed the Catholic Church for 400,000 Spanish citizens currently unemployed. According to Lara the Catholic Church received public funds amounted in 10.000 millions of euros per year, money that could be used to create job positions for those without a jobs.

Freedom of Religion Negative Stereotyping

Socialist Party Member and Government Representative Slams Christianity on Facebook

May 26, 2011, Spain

Sandra Yagüe, member of the PSOE and second in command to the City Hall of Azuqueca de Henares, one of the largest cities in the district of Guadalajara, has created a Facebook page to called "public sinners wishing excommunication". On this page she displays profane and pornographic materials using the images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in disturbing contexts.

Insult or Incitement Intolerance towards Religious Symbols Negative Stereotyping

Anti-Pope-Campaign Sues Pope at International Tribunal

May 16, 2011, International

The campaign “Calling the Pope to Account” sued Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity. The charges are: “the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion, which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats; the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-AIDS infection exists; and the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes”. The campaign is supported by posters and a book publication.

Defamation Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping