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Government Announces Compulsory Sex Education

February 28, 2017, United Kingdom

The government announced that sex and relationships education will become compulsory in all of England's schools. Relationships education will be compulsory for all pupils from the age of four years, but parents will have the right to withdraw their children from sexual education program. Critics view the law as weakening the influence of parents' right to educate their children about sex and relationships.

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Humanist Society Scotland Challenges Parental Opt-Out for Religious Observance in Schools; wants Children to Decide

September 12, 2016, United Kingdom

The Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is seeking judicial review after the Scottish Government rejected calls for a change to the current rules which permit only parents to opt out on their children’s behalf.

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Green Party a Threat to Religious Liberty in Australia

May 21, 2016, International

Archbishop Anthony Fisher warned that religious liberty is at stake in Australia's national elections because of the Green's proposed $32 million "Safe Schools" Program which would charge parents, schools, and churches with discrimination if they fail to conform.

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Norway Begins Adoption Process for 5 Children Seized From Christian Parents

December 31, 2015, Norway

Norwegian child services have begun the adoption process for five children who were seized from a Romanian Pentecostal family in November after concerns were expressed about the parents' Christian faith, the family says.

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

Norway's Child Welfare Services Removes Five Children from a Pentecostal Christian Couple

November 16, 2015, Norway

According to a petition in support of the family which has attracted more than 22,600 signatures, the couple have been charged with "Christian radicalism and indoctrination".

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

Student Physically Forced to Attend Sex Education

June 22, 2015, Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a 10 year old boy was forcefully removed from his home and forced to attend sex education without his parents’ consent.

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Parents Protesting Against Aggressive Sex Education Attacked by Counter-Demonstration in Hamburg

January 25, 2015, Germany

Protesters demonstrated against the "violation of parents’ rights in education" of their children.150 parents were attacked by about 600 left-wing radicals who threw eggs, fireworks and bottles into the crowd of demonstrators. A 15 year-old girl had to be taken to the hospital. Police intervened.

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Organized Campaign Against Building Religious Schools in Madrid

November 28, 2014, Spain

A group of people organized a campaign against building religious schools in Spain and painted slogans "Your education - our destruction” on walls of the church of Santa Monica in Rivas Vaciamadrid. Moreover, some protesters in green jerseys (as a symbol of public schools) broke into the church with praying people to express their opinion. Local right-wing party PP decalred that it was another example of the radical atmosphere in the town.

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German Father Imprisoned for Opting his Child out of Sex Education

April 7, 2014, Germany

On Monday, April 7th, Arthur Wiens was jailed for opting his child out of a sex education class in which nine-year-olds are taught about sexual intercourse with a plush vagina and rubber penis. Wiens spent a week behind bars, and his wife is threatened with a similar punishment.

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Christian Parents Convicted for Home-schooling, Appeal Rejected

October 24, 2013, Germany

On May 22nd the district court sentenced the parents of nine to pay a fine of 700 Euro each for their violation of the compulsory school attendance for all children in Germany. The public prosecution department demanded six months in prison for the married couple due to their repeated offense. An appeal was rejected in October.

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Government Takes Children From Christian Community

September 5, 2013, Germany

In the early morning of September 5th, a massive police raid of 100 police and 60 social workers descended on two of the Christian Twelve Tribes Communities of Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz. The police seized 40 children from 16 families and took them away in 25 vans on allegations of physical abuse.

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

No Parental Consent with Regard to Abortion

May 21, 2013, Belgium

Parental consent with regard to abortion virtually does not exist. There is no legal requirement to inform the parents of a minor wanting abortion. However, if the minor needs full anaesthesia, the parents will need to give their consent.

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State Claims Political Correctness in Schools

May 21, 2013, France

The state is very strict with regard to political correctness in schools. It is very difficult for Christian teachers to debate with their pupils about abortion. One of the most striking cases was Philippe Hisnard, a French Catholic teacher who was revoked and suspended from teaching because he organised a debate about abortion in a class of “civic education”.

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

Home-schooling Prohibited

May 21, 2013, Germany

“Home-schooling” is prohibited. Parents’ rights are commonly understood to include the right to choose the form of education of one’s children, including the possibility of non-institutional education, such as so-called home-schooling. Germany, however, allows home-schooling only in the most exceptional circumstances. In general, parents do not have the option to home-school their children. Offenders have to pay fines, and occasionally prison sentences are pronounced.

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Home-schooling Severely Limited

May 21, 2013, Slovakia

Home-schooling is severely limited in Slovakia. In fact, it is allowed only for pupils of 1st - 4th class in basic schools, for disabled children, or for children in custody and who are not able to go to school for longer than two months for health reasons. Permission for “individual education” must be granted by the director of the district school of the pupil. Another major problem is that the person who teaches the pupils must have a pedagogical university qualification. As a consequence, home-schooling is very rare in Slovakia.

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

State Educational Programme Angers Christian Parents

May 21, 2013, Spain

Spanish educational law includes a set of mandatory subjects under the generic category of Education for Citizenship which are indoctrinatory and violates the rights of parents. The Education for Citizenship curriculum is mandatory for primary and secondary education (children ages 10-16), and must be implemented into all Spanish schools (public and private).

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Home-schooling Practically Prohibited

May 21, 2013, Sweden

According to the Education Act (2010:800) home-schooling is practically forbidden in Sweden. Home-schooling is allowed only when exceptional circumstances apply, which is hardly ever granted. According to the preparatory work of the government bill, permissions should be granted with great restraint, stating explicitly that religious and philosophical reasons are not to be considered as exceptional circumstances.

Freedom of Religion Rights of Parents

No Opt Out of Sex Education

May 21, 2013, Sweden

In 2011, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, a public service company (UR), launched a sex education campaign in Swedish schools, called “Putting sex on the map” (co-produced by RFSU, a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation), targeting children of lower secondary school age. Parents objected to the content of the materials, including explicit images and sex scenes, and scientific information, including physical and psychological risks of early sex debut and many sexual partners or abortion.

Rights of Parents

No Parental Consent Necessary for Minors' Abortion

May 21, 2013, Sweden

There is no parental consent with regard to abortion. Much attention was drawn to a case where an eleven-year-old girl had undergone two abortions in a very short period of time without parental consent. The Parliamentary Ombudsman held that it had gone too far and concluded that “it is obvious that a child of this age (11 years) does not have the maturity to consider the consequences of an abortion by herself.”

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Home-schooling Prohibition Challenged at European Court of Human Rights

April 22, 2013, Sweden

Alliance Defending Freedom and the Home School Legal Defence Association have asked the European Court of Human Rights to hear the case of a Swedish family heavily fined for home-schooling their daughter. Although the 13-year-old girl flourished in her home-schooling environment, local Swedish authorities fined her family the equivalent of more than $28,000.

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