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Midnight Fire at St. Matthew's Church Treated as Arson

October 15, 2020, United Kingdom

In the early morning of October 15th, a rescue team was called because the St. Matthew's Church in Derby was burning. The facade and the shed of the church suffered most of the damage. There have been another three attacks with arson in Derby in October: On the church in Quarndorn and two schools, the police has not yet found any evidence that would link these cases. The police is investigating.

More Churches in England Added to The List "Heritage at Risk" Due To Criminal Attacks On Churches

October 12, 2020, United Kingdom

In the Year 2020 until now, 90 places of worship have been added to the "Historic England’s Heritage at Risk" register, while only 69 are being taken off. The organisation says this is a New trend they hope will not become the rule. Almost half of the churches are being added because of crimes and thefts of church roofs, which have increased in recent years.

Church in the Isle of Man Vandalised

October 12, 2020, United Kingdom

During the night of October 12th, the Port Erin Methodist Church in the Isle of Man was damaged by unknown vandals. The rear window was broken. The police is investigating and asking the residents for further information.

Attempted Arson at St. Gregory's Church in Kevindale During Funeral Preparations

October 8, 2020, United Kingdom

On October 8th two young men forcefully broke into St Gregory's Church in Kevindale by smashing a window of the side chapel. They were caught by the parish priest while they tried to set fire inside the church. The two also caused some other vandalism inside the church. The priest chased the two perpetrators down the road but did not catch them. The vandals broke in during ongoing preparations for a funeral. The community of the church was shocked and demands reparations. The police is investigating.

Pro-Life Campaigners Banned Outside Abortion Clinic in Manchester

October 7, 2020, United Kingdom

On October 7th, a 'buffer zone' was introduced outside the Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic in Manchester. According to the BBC, the people visiting the clinic felt harassed by the pro-life campaigners. On the other side, the campaigners assured the clinic to be peaceful and stand outside with banners. After the case in Fallowfield, Pro-Choice groups seek to get the same PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) for other abortion clinics.

Church St Mary Damaged by Unknown Perpetrators

October 5, 2020, United Kingdom

On the week between 4th and 8th October at St Mary's Church in Preston, a significant amount of lead was stolen from the roof of the Church. This caused an external and internal damage to the building, as the rainwater could enter. The police are asking for witnesses and told the citizens to be vigilant. The sergeant, Brian Calver, said that they see an increase in this type of crime to churches in this time of year.

St. Kevin's Church Severely Vandalized

October 5, 2020, United Kingdom

On October 5th, the St. Kevin's Church in Bargeddie was severely vandalized by unknown perpetrators. A Jesus statue was found with both arms broken off. The police is investigating.

Devastating Arson at Catholic Voluntary Academy in Derby

October 3, 2020, United Kingdom

On the early morning of the 3rd of October, a fire broke out in the St. Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy. The firefighters spent most of the day tackling the fire. The Derby City Council was told that there was an alarm at 5am for a break-in, which confirms the case as an arson attack. The fire has devastated the school and the pupils will have to be sent to other schools while reconstruction begins.

University of Edinburgh and University of Stirling Accused of Restricting Free Speech by Refusing to Affiliate Pro-Life Societies

September 28, 2020, United Kingdom

The Society for the Protection of the Unborn Children (SPUC) and the Alliance of Pro-Life Students (APS) published a report called Free2Speak on September 28, which analyzed campus censorship in Scotland. Each university was scored according to their policies towards pro-life students, societies and outside speakers and the students' experiences. Both Edinburgh and Stirling university were marked as "fails" in the survey because their students' unions refused to affiliate pro-life societies.

School Worker Lost Discrimination Case for Her Dismissal After Posting Christian Views on LGBT on Facebook

September 25, 2020, United Kingdom

On January 7th 2019, the Farmor's School in Fairford dismissed Mrs Kristie Higgs for committing gross misconduct. The school directive received a complaint about the teacher's posts on her private Facebook disagreeing with LGBT+ agenda (On the 26th October 2018). Mrs. Higgs appealed against the dismissal on January 14th 2019 for discrimination against her religious beliefs. The court concluded on September 25th, that her dismissal was not a discriminating act against her beliefs, but about "gross misconduct" understood by the school directive. During the whole process, Kristie Higgs received commentaries like "Keep your religion out of it" and was called a ‘Pro-Nazi right-wing extremist’. The court ruled against her, even though the government has restricted the Relationships and sex education (RSE) guidelines, to protect religious freedom and although the court acknowledged that Mrs. Higgs behavior was not homophobic or transphobic. Higgs is appealing the court decision.

Increase in Vandalism Against Churches in Northern Ireland

September 16, 2020, United Kingdom

In the last three years, there have been more than 400 attacks recorded against churches. In the last five years it sums up to 600 attacks in Northern Ireland. Most of the attacks happened in Belfast. Most of the incidents are attacks with paint bombs and graffitis, but also various forms of vandalism, arson attacks and general damage to church property are recorded.

Vandalism and Theft at Cemetery in Eastbourne

September 15, 2020, United Kingdom

On September 15th, the war memorial depicting Christ at St Saviour’s Church, was vandalized. It was the second time this year that the memorial was targeted, this time the lead was stolen. The directors of two rootfing companies offered to repair the damage for free.

After Facebook Post Pastor Threatened by LGBT Activists with Arson and Physical Assault

September 8, 2020, United Kingdom

Since the 8th of August, Pastor Josh Williamson and his wife experienced several threats and verbal abuse by the LGBT community, because of posting his belief about homosexuality on Facebook. Among them are the threats to burn his church, to perform sexual acts and protests in front of his church and physical assault. His image was also used on pornographic content and shared online, among other misleading information about him. In his conversation with the Police, Williamson was told to be careful not to break the law by insulting the LGBT community and being charged for hate speech. The threats towards him and his church were not investigated, neither the acts of defamation.

Church Staff in Cheshire Physically Assaulted

August 15, 2020, United Kingdom

During an attack in August, one member of staff at a church in Cheshire was bitten and forcefully and inappropriately touched in his private area by an unknown perpetrator. According to a report by the Countryside Alliance the assault was one of 66 crimes to take place in churches in Cheshire. After several complaints, that too little has been done to raise awareness about crimes at churches, an investigation started.

‘Weapon’ Used to Target Staveley Church

August 7, 2020, United Kingdom

Between the night of 7th to 8th August, the windows of the Methodist Church in Staveley were attacked. Small holes were found in the windows. The size indicates that a sort of weapon was used, and witnesses reported sounds of gunfire. Similar holes were also found in the stained-glass windows at St. John the Baptist Church.The Police are investigating.

Barclays Bank and Online Platforms Closed Christian Charities' Accounts

July 25, 2020, United Kingdom

Two Christian organizations that help people “who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression,” have been notified by Barclays Bank that their accounts would be closed. The move by the bank followed a social media campaign demanding that the bank end its professional relationship with Core Issues Trust (CIT) and The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC), accusing both groups of promoting “conversion therapy.” In recent weeks, the UK government has pledged to ban "conversion therapy." The charities' head, Mike Davidson, disputes the use of the term: “The term ‘conversion therapy’ is being used as a catch-all phrase designed to discredit any help that people may provide to those with mixed sexual attractions who prefer their heterosexual side. This could include a listening ear, formal counselling or spiritual support.”

Proposed Scottish Hate Crime Bill Threatens Freedom of Speech and Worship

July 23, 2020, United Kingdom

The Scottish Justice Committee has proposed a new hate crime bill, which extends the current hate crime law covering race, to include other "protected characteristics" such as religion, sexual orientation, and transgender identity. Christian and secular groups have criticized the bill as too broad and subjective, potentially interfering with freedom of speech and worship. The Parliament has accepted to re-draft the Bill, to protect Freedom of Speech. The new amendment should be known in December 2020.

New Same-Sex Marriage Law in Northern Ireland Threatens Freedom of Conscience

July 17, 2020, United Kingdom

The Parliament of Northern Ireland passed a new marriage law for same-sex couples, which has two implications for the church and Christian business owners. The law prohibits private business to deny service to same-sex couples arguing for freedom of conscience. Additionally, the new legislation allows same-sex couples of faith to have religious wedding ceremonies in church or other religious settings if all parties agree.

Life Sentence for IS Supporter's Bomb Plot on St. Paul's Cathedral

July 3, 2020, United Kingdom

On July 3rd, Muslim convert Safiyya Amira Shaikh was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 14 years in jail for plotting a bomb attack on St. Paul's Cathedral London and a suicide bomb attack on the nearby underground station. Shaikh admitted the crime and showed no remorse; she wanted to kill as many "kufars" (unbelievers) as possible.

Threat of Criminal Sanctions to Churches Because of Covid-19

July 1, 2020, United Kingdom

Church leaders launched legal action against the UK government for unnecessary and bizarre Covid-19 Regulations against Churches. Bans with threat of criminal sanctions were imposed on churches while businesses and restaurants were trusted to take their own decisions. Christian leaders find a total lack of understanding on the part of the Government for matters related to religion and Christianity.

British MP Receives Death Threat after Voting against Abortion Law

June 30, 2020, United Kingdom

In June, a British MP received a death threat and other online abuse after voting in accordance with her pro-life convictions. Dr Lisa Cameron, SNP MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, was sent the threat just days after voting against a pro-abortion bill, which limits support/protest near abortion clinics.

Abortion Allowed up to Birth in Case of Non-Fatal Disability in NI Despite Stormont Assembly Vote

June 15, 2020, United Kingdom

Despite the opposition by the Stormont Assembly, Parliament of Northern Ireland, the House of Lords in the UK backed the abortion regulations for Northern Ireland, which were made on the time when the Assembly had collapsed. The regulations permit abortions up to birth in cases of severe non-fatal disability, such as the Down-syndrome. Lord Shinkwin, a Peer in the House of Lords, who also has a disability asked how they could deny life to a human being diagnosed with a non-fatal disability.

Church Lights and Room Vandalized

May 22, 2020, United Kingdom

On 22nd May, lightning technicians had to visit the Trinity Church in Yarm Road, Stockton, because the lights were not working. Vandals had smashed the church lights, raided it, and put fire to the room, where the tools were stored.

Installation of CCTV After Repeated Vandalism At Church

May 20, 2020, United Kingdom

After repeated vandalism at St. Mary Magdalene Church in New Milton, the Church will install CCTV Cameras along with the reparation of their windows. In the past, a thanksgiving memorial service was interrupted by teenagers banging on the windows and a stone was thrown through a car's rear window when the teenagers were confronted.

Saint Boniface Statue Vandalized with Anti-Christian Graffiti

May 16, 2020, United Kingdom

Residents of Crediton (Devon) have expressed their disgust after the statue of St. Boniface was targeted by vandals. The graffiti, scrawled across the base of the statue, reads: "God is dead. Pagan justice."

Hate Crime Against St. Mary Catholic Church Church

May 15, 2020, United Kingdom

On the night of Friday 15th to Saturday, St. Mary Catholic Church in Ahoghill was attacked with paint thrown in front of the church and across the door. The police is treating the incident as a hate crime.

Cornerstone Adoption and Fostering Service Seeks Judicial Review after Ofsted Downgrade

May 7, 2020, United Kingdom

The High Court in Leeds held a judicial review of the watchdog Ofsted’s actions against Cornerstone Adoption and Fostering Service in North East England on the 6th and 7th of May. The Christian fostering agency took the government regulator to court for downgrading Cornerstone’s fostering service from “Good” to “Requires Improvement.” 

Police Arrested Man after Church Window Smashed With Bias

May 7, 2020, United Kingdom

On 7th May in Glasgow, a 53-year-old man smashed the window of a church. The police captured and arrested the man for vandalism attack labelled as "motivated by prejudice".

Abortion Images Banned After Pro-Life Campaign in Town Square

May 6, 2020, United Kingdom

On 6th May, a judge ruled that the display of abortion images was a visual equivalent of "shouting into a person's face", and was, therefore, right to ban it. The pro-life organizer Mr. Hacking was given a community protection notice forbidding him the display of large photos of a fetus. The reasons were that people felt distressed and emotionally, mentally or even physically harmed through the images of the aborted fetus. Mr. Hacking said, that the real victim isn't the viewer who is negatively impacted by the visualization, but rather the unborn child.

Arson at Historical All Saints Church

April 25, 2020, United Kingdom

On Saturday 25th April, unknown perpetrators set fire to the historic Leicester city center All Saints Church, which was hosting a virtual Van Gogh exhibition. The motives remain unclear whether this was an act of vandalism or an attempt to steal a painting of the artist. The fire alarm raised in the morning. A large wooden door at a side entrance was badly damaged.

Break-In, Theft of Nativity Scene, and Vandalism in Church

April 24, 2020, United Kingdom

On the night of Friday 24th April, thieves broke into St. Andrew's Church in Congresbury and stole two characters from its Christmas nativity display, Jesus and Mary and damaged wooden crosses. In addition, they snatched one of the three Kings, an ox, and the manager of baby Jesus. They also stole donations and several smaller figures from another nativity set. The thieves were captured on a neighbour's camera, and the incident was reported to the police.

Arson In St. James Church in Southhampton

April 16, 2020, United Kingdom

Arson attack took place in the St. James’ Church in Southhampton. The fire is believed to have started in a toilet area inside the church between 9pm and 8am between the 15th and the 16th of April. After smoke was seen out of a window at around 10.37 o’clock, the firefighters came and put the fire down. The foyer was also full of smoke.

Church of England Clergy Banned by Bishop from Ministering to Sick and Dying

April 9, 2020, United Kingdom

Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, wrote to all Church of England clergy and volunteer hospital chaplains warning them not to minister to any sick or dying hospital patients showing symptoms of the Corona virus. The intention of this effective ban is to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. However, according to Christian Today reporting on 9 April 2020: “The guidance applies only to temporary volunteer chaplains. Full-time NHS chaplains are permitted to continue ministering face to face”.

Priest Spoke out About Church Vandalism

April 7, 2020, United Kingdom

The Church of St. Edward was found vandalized with graffiti on the 7th April. The Priest of the Church, Father Callum Brown, expressed his concern.

Chick-fil-A Closes its Reading restaurant

March 20, 2020, United Kingdom

In October 2019, the American restaurant Chick-fil-A signed a six-month lease and opened a franchise in The Oracle shopping center in Reading. LGBT protesters promptly began a "Get the Chick Out" boycott campaign, due to the company's previous support of a Christian charity which opposed same-sex marriage. The company indicated that the closure was part of its strategy of opening "pilot license locations“ with limited menus in partnership with local organizations to test the waters while expanding.  

Glasgow: Anti-Catholic Words Hurled at Nurse

March 19, 2020, United Kingdom

A nurse in Glasgow, was met with the words "f****** Catholic," from the woman she was trying to help. The incident happened at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and was heard of in the Glasgow Sheriff Court.

All Saints Church Vandalised

March 18, 2020, United Kingdom

Between 4:00 pm on Wednesday and 8.20 am on Thursday, an unknown perpetrator broke into the popular All Saints Church and damaged the interior. Crockery was broken, a leaflet table was turned over, and bandages from a first-aid box were laying all over the floor.

Parent's of 13-year-old Girl Complain to School For Mentoring Their Child Into Thinking She Is Transgender

March 17, 2020, United Kingdom

The Parents of the 13-year-old girl accused the school of allowing mentoring sessions with the Head of the LGBT group, trained by Eikon Organization. The girl showed no signs of gender dysphoria until September 2019, and was comfortable in her body. By November, she had cut her hair and said she identified as a boy. In the school, she was then called by male pronouns and allowed to use men’s bathroom. The parents were not informed about the identity change of their child, until they accidently found out in a meeting. The teaching assistant also gave the teenager a YouTube website of a trans activist, where he showed his mastectomy scars and told how well the operation had gone. The girl was then sent to a psychologist, who also didn't approve the mentoring of the school.

British Supreme Court Rejects Hearing Ms. Dulgheriu`s Case against Prayer Ban

March 12, 2020, United Kingdom

When Alina Dulgheriu got pregnant she received help from a now-banned pro-life group in front of an abortion centre. She now fights against a Public Protection Order (PSPO), which prohibits any kind of pro-life activity including peaceful protests, the offer of counseling and silent prayer within 100-meters around an abortion facility in the London Borough of Ealing. But the British Supreme Court has now announced that it will not hear appeal on clinic buffer zone. She is now considering all her options including an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Burglars Smash Stained Glass Window at Leicester Cathedral

March 4, 2020, United Kingdom

Sometime between 6 p.m. on March 4th and 7:20 a.m. on March 5th, burglars smashed a stained glass window in the chapel of Christ the King at the eastern end of Leicester Cathedral, next to the room where Richard III is buried at Leicester Cathedral.

Surveillance System Installed in Church due to Vandalism

February 23, 2020, United Kingdom

Due to repeated vandalism, drug-dealing, and abuse of volunteers in the Holy Trinity Church in Exmouth, a surveillance system with seven cameras will be installed as a "necessary security measure."

Broken Church Windows In Dorchester

February 19, 2020, United Kingdom

On February 19th and February 21st an unknown person broke the rear windows of The Storehouse Church in Dorchester by throwing stones at them. The police are investigating and searching for witnesses.

Soldier's grave at Northwich church Vandalized

February 18, 2020, United Kingdom

On February 18th, an unknown person placed traffic cones on a soldier´s grave inside the churchyard of Saint Helen church in Northwick. The traffic cones have been removed from the grave.

Iranian Christian Convert Faces Deportation

February 16, 2020, United Kingdom

Reza Karkah, an Iranian Christian, faces the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his wife and child after the UK Home Office rejected his application for asylum on the basis that he was ‘fabricating’ his Christian faith.

Vandalism of Isle of Man Church

February 15, 2020, United Kingdom

Between the afternoon of February 15th and the morning of the 16th, an unknown person or group broke into and vandalized the Christ Church in Laxey. The incident disrupted the Sunday morning services. Police are investigating and searching for witnesses.

Paint Bomb Thrown at Catholic Church in Larne

February 15, 2020, United Kingdom

During the night between the 15th and 16th of February, an unknown perpetrator threw a paint bomb at St. MacNissi's Parish Church in Larne. The police treated the incident as a sectarian hate crime as they investigated and searched for witnesses.

All Scheduled UK Venues Cancel Franklin Graham Tour Events

February 6, 2020, United Kingdom

On January 24th, the ACC Liverpool Group announced that it would no longer hold the previously-scheduled Graham Tour Event due to objections from LGBT activists over Graham's past statements about homosexuality. Graham responded by saying “I’m not coming to the UK to speak against anybody, I’m coming to speak for everybody. The Gospel is inclusive. I'm not coming out of hate, I'm coming out of love.” As of February 11th, the other venues that cancelled events were: International Convention Centre Wales in Newport, Glasgow SEC, Sheffield Arena, Arena Birmingham, and Stadium Milton Keynes.

Rare Relic of Saint John Henry Newman Stolen from Chapel in Birmingham

February 2, 2020, United Kingdom

The relic of British Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890), canonised only last October, was stolen from his chapel in Birmingham. “Sadly, the only piece of bone thought to have been St John Henry’s was stolen from its casket in the Newman Shrine,” read a notice in the Oratory’s February newsletter. The Fathers have appealed for anyone who had seen any suspicious activity to come forward.

Employment Tribunal Judge Investigated after Sarah Kuteh Trial

January 27, 2020, United Kingdom

Judge Brian Doyle, the President of the Employment Tribunals in England and Wales, has re-opened an investigation into Employment Judge Martin Kurrein’s conduct during the high-profile trial of Sarah Kuteh in 2017, following a Christian Legal Centre (CLC) complaint.

Judge Investigated For Anti-Christian Bias in Trial Agains Christian Nurse

January 27, 2020, United Kingdom

On the 27th January, the investigation of the judge Martin Kurrein for anti-christian bias has been re-opened. The judge approved the dismissal of the nurse Sara Kuteh for talking about her faith to her patients. The trial of Mrs.Kuteh took place in 2017, where the judge was accused of having a hostile treatment to Mrs. Kuteh and her representative and dramatically reduced the time of procedure.