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Hate Mail Received for Disagreeing with Same-Sex Marriage

February 12, 2014, Ireland

Breda O’Brien, an Irish teacher, journalist and pro-life feminist has been receiving hate mail from people because of an article she wrote disagreeing with same-sex marriage and discussing homophobia and liberal intolerance.

Freedom of Expression Insult or Incitement

Elderly Street Preacher Falsely Arrested and Assaulted by Police

February 11, 2014, United Kingdom

73-year-old Bill Edwards was ordered by a police constable to stop preaching outside the Magistrates Court House in Banbury as some people in the building found his preaching “offensive”. He refused to move and was arrested and charged with assault and breach of peace. In the police station Mr Edwards was grabbed by six officers and pinned to the ground.

Freedom of Expression

Street Preacher Arrested for Mentioning "Sexual Sin" in Scotland

January 8, 2014, United Kingdom

Tony Miano, a street preacher addressing lunchtime shoppers at Dundee High Street, Scotland, was arrested and held in custody to appear before the Dundee Sheriff Court. He was talking about “sexual sin” including “adultery, promiscuity and homosexual practice”. A woman called the police, who on arrival snatched away the camera of a friend who was filming the preaching and arrested the street preacher.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

LGBT-Friendly Guidelines Limit Freedom of the Press

December 16, 2013, Italy

The Italian National Anti-Discrimination Office published guidelines on how to report on LGTB issues. The guidelines restrict freedom of the press and journalists’ freedom of reporting by requiring, amongst other things, that they must positively promote homosexuality and gay marriage and must not speak of “the right of a child to a mother or father, e.g. a male or female role model”.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Insults and Incitement to Violence Surround a Pro-Marriage Referendum

December 10, 2013, Croatia

The Christian position was discredited in the liberal-leftist media, portals and on Facebook, as harmful to society. Media asserted that believers should not be permitted to express their religious beliefs in public. Inciting comments were not always deleted by the portals. Fifty reports were filed with the police due to verbal and physical violence in response to the attitude toward marriage as a union of a woman and a man. Criminal charges have been filed.

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident Insult or Incitement

St. Eulalia, Patroness of Madrid, Secularized

October 10, 2013, Spain

An initiative driven by Ignasi Ventura Diaz hopes to reinstate the cross symbol on images of St. Eulalia, patroness of Madrid. Currently, public images of the saint contain a young girl on an eagle instead of the traditional cross upon which the saint was crucified at the age of thirteen. Groups such as e-Christians wish for the City Council to acknowledge the Christian roots of St. Eulalia, currently called “La Laia”, a nickname which also hides the Christian roots of the city’s patroness.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Intolerance towards Religious Symbols

Croatian Television Breaks Agreement with Catholic Church

July 19, 2013, Croatia

Croatian Television (HTV) one-sidedly cancelled the autonomy of its religious program, which had been guaranteed by the Agreement signed in 2000 by HTV and the Croatian Conference of Bishops (in reference to the implementation of the international contract between the Holy See and the Republic of Croatia).

Freedom of Expression

European Affairs Minister Forced to Resign

July 11, 2013, Ireland

Lucinda Creighton, European Affairs Minister of Ireland had to resign after voting against the Government on an amendment to the abortion bill. The so-called “whip” does not permit to deviate from party policy. Mrs. Creighton however felt that she could not compromise on matters of “life and death”.

Freedom of Conscience Freedom of Expression

Street Preacher Arrested For Preaching on Sexual Morality

July 1, 2013, United Kingdom

The police arrested a street preacher in Wimbledon under suspicion of offences under the Public Order Act. He had been speaking about sexual immorality in general and the importance to abstain from such practices.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Police Brutality Directed Against Pro-Family Demonstrators

June 26, 2013, France

Tear gas attacks and beatings by the police, arbitrary arrests, solitary confinement, illegal finger print storing, and countless other human rights violations were conducted by the French police against a peaceful mass demonstration opposing government policy on gay marriage and adoption.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

Gathering Disturbed by Insults and Shouting in Montpellier

June 13, 2013, France

A gathering of “Les Veilleurs”, a peaceful manifestation group in favour of the traditional family of was disturbed by shouting from students and radical LGBT activists. Anti-Catholic insults were yelled as “Les Veilleurs” gathered to pray and sing together as they do every Tuesday evening before the prefecture in Montpellier.

Freedom of Conscience Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Hate Incident Insult or Incitement

German Publicists Suffer Defamatory Statements

June 10, 2013, Germany

Berger, chief editor of the gay magazine “Men”, said that some publicits made defamatory statements and should not be allowed on TV any more. He had labeled Gabriele Kuby, a Catholic German publicist and also Martin Lohmann, chief editor of the Catholic television channel K-TV, and Katherina Reiche, member of the German parliament, as “homophobic protagonists” and had demanded: “Homo-haters get out of the talk shows”. Gabriele Kuby renounced these false accusations and explicitly stated that she is not homophobic and that the term “homo-hater” was invented by the homo-lobby to criminalize critique of the “homosexual movement”.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Overly Strict Hate Speech Legislation

May 21, 2013, France

Hate speech laws are very strict in France. Since the law of December 8th, 2004, any discrimination in speech against homosexuals is forbidden. Christians for example are unable to publically say that having a same-sex relationship is a sin. The consequence is that nobody criticizes homosexuality in itself on TV, radio or in newspapers.

Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws

Hate Speech Legislation Curbing on Freedom of Expression

May 21, 2013, Sweden

Swedish penal law contains the crime “agitation against a national or ethnic group,” a crime that carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison. The Swedish government charged four activists who wanted to “start a debate about the lack of objectivity in the education in Swedish schools” by distributing leaflets on the "homosexual agenda".

Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws

"Insulting Speech Laws" Cause Legal Problems for Christians

May 21, 2013, United Kingdom

According to section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, it is criminal offence to use “insulting words or behaviour” which is “likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.” Originally enacted to combat football hooliganism, this provision has led to the arrest and prosecution of many Christian street preachers in recent years.

Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws

Stalking Law Used Against Freedom of Assembly of Pro-Life Christians

May 21, 2013, Austria

Anti-stalking legislation is used against side-walk counselling or picketing. On October 25th, 2011, the state court of Graz, Styria, upheld a judgement of the first instance condemning pro-life side-walk counsellors to pay fines on the grounds of “stalking.”

Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Assembly Limited by Court Order in Germany

May 21, 2013, Germany

Christian-inspired non-governmental pro-life organisations often express their faith and their convictions by protesting in front of abortion clinics, or by simply standing in front of clinics or counselling centres in order to offer conversation and alternatives. In the German cities Freiburg and Munich, this activity has been severely limited. Local courts have given in to the pressure by the targeted locations, which could have been mainly financial ones. Courts have restricted the form of manifestation as well as established a geographical ban. Appeals are on-going.

Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

Pro-Life Manifestations Frequently Prohibited

May 21, 2013, France

Law 93-121 of January, 27th, 1993, so- called “loi Neiertz” made it a specific offense to obstruct abortions. Therefore manifestations in front of hospitals are frequently not permitted. A well-known doctor and embryologist, Xavier Dor, was condemned and sentenced to prison several times because he prayed together with a few others in front of a hospital and obstructed legal abortions. At 83, his latest trial is on-going.

Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

Public Funding Restricted for Organisations with Christian Convictions

May 21, 2013, Netherlands

Organisations may base their work on whatever beliefs or convictions - but to receive public funding, they must not object to current legislation. This creates a problem for Christian organisations especially with regard to objecting to medical procedures.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion

Homosexual Activists David Berger Claims "Gay Haters Get Out of Talk Shows"

April 21, 2013, Germany

In an appeal to the media in Germany, Mr Berger, writer and theologian, claims that people critical of the homosexual life style must not be allowed to voice their thoughts in talk shows any more. In the name of human dignity and human rights, critics ought to be silenced.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Ban on Christian Teacher from Deptford Green School in London

April 12, 2013, United Kingdom

A classroom ban on a Christian school teacher who condemned the “homosexual lifestyle” in front of year 11 pupils aged 15 and 16, has been upheld by the High Court. Science teacher, Robert Haye’s appeal against the decision to ban him indefinitely was rejected by the judge. After telling his class that the way homosexual people lived was a “sin”, according to the bible, he was sacked and prohibited from teaching at any school.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion

University Assistant Professor Loses Job Due to Opposition to “Gay Marriage”

February 7, 2013, Germany

A Cologne university professor lost his job because he had spoken for Christian values and against “gay” marriages in a TV appearance. The university claimed that such views were not to be tolerated.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Topless Feminists Protest Against Vatican's Policy on Gay Adoption

January 13, 2013, Italy

When Pope Benedict XVI gave his weekly Sunday address on January 13, 2013, on St. Peter's Square, four women of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen took off their shirts to reveal the slogan they had written on their bare skin, "In Gay We Trust". This took place while the pope lead the Angelus prayer. The women screamed "Homophobes shut up" as they were taken away from St Peter's square by the Italian police.

Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Intolerance towards Religious Symbols

Bishop of Trieste Barricaded After Reiterating Church Teaching on Homosexuality in Church Newspaper

January 12, 2013, Italy

In the January edition of the Diocesan newspaper, the Bishop of Trieste had published an article restating the Church’s teaching on homosexual unions. Because of this, on the 12th of January about two hundred homosexual activist demonstrated in front of his home effectively barricading him in for the afternoon.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Hate Incident

TV Host Suspended for Critical Show on Government's Sex Ed Programme

January 1, 2013, Croatia

Ms Karolina Vidović-Krišto, a well-respected journalist with HRT/HTV, was the editor and host of a popular program “Slika Hrvatske”, produced specifically for Croatians living overseas. She was suspended after editing and hosting a show which criticised the government's sex ed programme on December 29, 2012.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Catholic Intellectual Threatened For Opposing Gay Adoption on TV

December 12, 2012, Germany

Following his appearance in a talkshow opposing homosexual adoption on German public service television, Martin Lohman, a Catholic intellectual has received severe threats via Email. He was sent an anonymous email stating the following: "I am homosexual, I have AIDS and I live in Bonn and I am now set on giving the gift of my immune disease to you, too. Should you feel a little prick of a needle soon, then that was most likely me with my needle."

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident

Secularists Condemn Churches Involvement in Public Life

November 5, 2012, France

The Grand Society of France (the largest among Masonic organizations in France) declared that "... churches are restricted only to the spiritual sphere, and not to interfere legitimate public debate leading to evolution and progress of civil rights."

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Pro-Life Activists Continuously Attacked

October 3, 2012, Germany

Pro-Life activists continuously suffer attacks from radical groups, including physical attacks and property damages; as well as negative stereotyping by the media; and an infringement on freedom of assembly and expression by a ban mile.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression Hate Incident Insult or Incitement Negative Stereotyping Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Christian Pro-Life Group Legally Threatened by Abortion Giant

September 28, 2012, United Kingdom

Maria Stopes International (MSI), one of the biggest abortion providers worldwide located in the UK, threatened to take legal action against a pregnancy pro-life center (Good Counsel) for distributing and providing some information about the negative effects of abortion on mental health.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Teacher Flunks High School Student for Saying that Homosexuality is an “Abnormal Orientation"

September 1, 2012, Sweden

During a biology class a Swedish high school student spoke up and called homosexuality an “abnormal sexual orientation”. As a result of this comment the teacher flunked the student. The reasoning of the teacher is that it is the task of the educational system to teach pupils respect for all sexual orientations. The opposing view of the student doesn’t correspond to the curriculum’s goal.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws Rights of Parents

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested for Displaying Abortion Posters

August 2, 2012, Poland

Mariusz Dzierżawski, founder of the Warsaw-based PRO Foundation – Right to Life, and a fellow PRO Foundation member were arrested by the local governmental authorities during an approved anti-abortion rally at the entrance of the Woodstock Festival held in the western Polish city of Kostrzyn.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Christian on Trial for Reaching Out to Woman on the Way to Abortion

June 30, 2012, France

A French retired doctor faced police investigation for trial because of giving a woman who intended an abortion knitted baby shoes and a medallion. In France “moral and psychological pressure” seen as an “hindrance of abortion” is punishable.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion

Christian Blogger Under Investigation by Gov’t Ad Authority for Running Pro-Marriage Ad

May 18, 2012, United Kingdom

A prominent British Christian conservative blogger is under attack from a government agency, at the behest of a homosexualist activist group, for supporting the defence of traditional marriage.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws

Catholic Bishop to be Charged of ‘Inciting Hate’

April 19, 2012, Spain

Homosexual activists lobby for the proscecution of Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla of Alcala de Henares for preaching the Catholic Church’s position on homosexual acts. An international group of Catholic doctors defends the bishop.

Defamation Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Celebrity Suggests "Homophobic" Clergy Should be Jailed

March 12, 2012, United Kingdom

The celebrity singer Will Young has suggested that clergy should be put in jail for speaking out too strongly against same-sex marriage.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Negative Stereotyping

Gay Activist Disrupts Mass With Video Cam

March 11, 2012, United Kingdom

A homosexual activist disrupted a Mass held in a parish in Teignmouth, Devon, with a video camera last week as a priest prepared to read a letter from the country’s bishops conference opposing government efforts to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Hate Incident

Vatican Website Hacked by Anti-Catholic Group

March 7, 2012, International

Hackers claiming ties to the group Anonymous are taking credit after the Vatican website went down Wednesday. They displayed the following message: “Anonymous decided today to besiege your site in response to the doctrine, to the liturgies, to the absurd and anachronistic concepts that your for-profit organization spreads around the world."

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion Hate Incident

Left Wing NGO Attacks Christian Information Event on Gender Mainstreaming

March 7, 2012, Germany

Left wing radicals in an NGO called "Antifa Action Heilbronn" protested against the event “Gender Mainstreaming- Overthrow of the Value System - the Secret Revolution”, organized by the Christian Democratic Union and called it a “provocation”. On their webpage the radical group smears the speaker of the event, Gabriele Kuby, who is committed to Christian values, calling her a "reactionary, antifeminist and homophobic agitator" and denoting the “Forum for German Catholics” as “collecting pool right wing activists”.

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident Insult or Incitement

‘Intolerant’ Campaign Against Tory MP Over Gay Marriage

February 13, 2012, United Kingdom

Tory MP, David Burrowes, is facing an ‘intolerant’ campaign against him because of his opposition to homosexual marriage. The campaign is led by the treasurer of his local Conservative association, Phillip Dawson, who is homosexual.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Fines for Criticising Homosexuality OK for European Court of Human Rights

February 9, 2012, European Institutions (EU, ECHR,

A Swedish law foreseeing prison sentences for criticising the homosexualist agenda in public was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights which has ruled that there it was not in violation of freedom of expression. Four people were fined for a distributing leaflets.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

Irish Bishop Investigated After Upsetting Humanist in Homily

February 2, 2012, Ireland

Bishop Philip Boyce of the Raphoe diocese in northwestern Ireland was investigated by the police for “hate crime” after arguing that the Catholic Church in Ireland is under attack from “aggressive secularism”.

Defamation Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Expression

University Motion Orders Human-Life-Defending Groups to Invite Pro-Abortion Speakers

January 31, 2012, United Kingdom

The students’ union of University College in London has passed a motion to officially make the campus “pro-choice” and to impose a “restriction of freedom of speech”.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

Pro-Abortion Attack Pro-Life Activists at Barcelona Hospital

January 27, 2012, Spain

Peaceful pro-life protesters against abortions at Barcelona Catholic hospital were attacked by pro-abortion counter-demonstrators, some of whom reportedly threw rocks and trash and shouted obscene insults.

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident Insult or Incitement

Attacks against Gender-Mainstreaming Information Event at Student Fraternity

December 6, 2011, Germany

German writer Gabriele Kuby spoke at the student organisation KDSTV Saarland in Jena on December 6th on the issue of Gender Mainstreaming. Due to her critical take on current developments in this regard, the association “Diversity Life” (“Vielfalt Leben”) convened about 30-40 demonstrators who gathered in the stairway of the building, yelling, knocking at the doors, throwing eggs. The police had to clear the building. “Diversity life” had been supported by the working group “Queer Paradies” as well as by the “coordinating body of the city programme of Jena and contact office of the round table for democracy” (“KoKont”).

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident

Prefecture Prohibits Pro-Life Manifestation, Allows Left Wing Counter Protests

November 19, 2011, France

The French Christian pro life group "SOS Tout-petits" registered a manifestation against abortion to take place on Nov 19th in front of the Paris Hospital Tenon. Even though the request for the permit came in due time, the prefecture withdrew the permission last minute. Reasons given were that the manifestation could be a disturbance of the public order and safety could not be guaranteed. At the same time, pro-choice groups which had organized a counter manifestation, and who had violently attacked the pro-life group during previous manifestations were allowed to hold their manifestation by walking around the hospital.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Freedom of Association and Assembly Freedom of Expression

(Scotland) Former Leader Becomes Victim of Religious Discrimination

October 31, 2011, United Kingdom

Former Scottish National Party leader Gordon Wilson has said a “lynch mob” booted him off the board of Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) because of his support for traditional marriage after Mr Wilson had responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on redefining marriage, saying that he was opposed to the idea.

Defamation Freedom of Expression

Pro-Life Side-Walk Counsellors Condemned by Court

October 25, 2011, Austria

On October 25th, the state court of Graz, Styria, upheld a judgement of the first instance condemning pro-life side-walk counsellors to payments between 350 and 6200 Euro.

Freedom of Expression

Demotion and 40% Pay Cut After Critizing Gay Marriage on Facebook

October 24, 2011, United Kingdom

Adrian Smith (Christian, 54, father of two) of Manchester was demoted by his employer Trafford Council and Trafford Housing Trust after making a comment regarding the controversial plans of the ministers that could allow same-sex couples by law to „marry“ in Church although the Church of England refuses to participate.

Freedom of Expression Militant Equality Laws

Police Visits Christian Cafe for Display of Bible Passages

September 30, 2011, United Kingdom

UK, Blackpool: Jamie Murray, Salt & Light Coffee House's owner, has been visited by the Lancashire Police and threatened for the display of Bible versicles on a TV screen inside his property. The police told Murray that the Bible passages use offensive, insulting words, and this constitutes a violation of Section 5 of the Public Order Act. The officers warned Murray that if he didn’t stop, he could be prosecuted for hate speech. The coffee house TV screen connected to a DVD displays images with no soundtrack from "Watchword Bible", which contents verses from the New Testament.

Freedom of Expression Freedom of Religion

Left Wing Extremists Violently End Pro-Life Rally in Düsseldorf

September 30, 2011, Germany

Left-wing extremists prevented a pro-life group from showing a short movie about the development of the human embryo on the square in front of Düsseldorf’s main railway station.

Freedom of Expression Hate Incident