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UK Council Bans Pro-Life Vigils outside Abortion Clinic

April 10, 2018, United Kingdom

A London local council voted unanimously on April 10th to ban pro-life vigils outside a local abortion center that have been taking place without incident for 23 years. The Ealing council voted to use a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to stop pro-life advocates from praying outside the Ealing Marie Stopes abortion clinic and offering help to women as they enter or exit the building. Pro-lifers must now stay 100 meters away from the abortion center. It will be the first "buffer zone" in the United Kingdom.

BBC Scotland Posts Video Mocking Catholics

April 9, 2018, United Kingdom

The Bishop of Paisley criticized BBC Scotland for encouraging anti-Catholic prejudice. It posted a short film entitled ‘Homophobia in 2018, Time for Love’ on its Facebook page which depicts a priest holding a Mini Cheddar in a parody of the Host, and giving it to a woman who makes the sign of the cross, with a voice-over saying, “tastes like cardboard and smells like hate.” Bishop Keenan described the content as “beyond the pale, and unworthy of the BBC as a public service broadcaster.” The Archdiocese of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh also criticized the video for suggesting that Christianity fosters public hatred toward homosexuals. It was also said that "recent government figures on crimes with religious aggravations showed that 57% of these are now directed to Catholics, an increase of 14%.

Woman Stabbed Outside Coventry Church after Service

April 8, 2018, United Kingdom

A woman in her 30s was stabbed after attending the Eritrean community's Orthodox Easter midnight service at St. Margaret's Church in Coventry early on the morning of April 8th. The mother of three was found with a puncture wound in the abdomen at approximately 3:15 in the morning and taken to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition. The attacker, who reportedly fled on a bicycle, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder the following day.

Man Arrested for Graffiti on Churches, Gravestones, and Peace Pagoda

April 2, 2018, United Kingdom

After graffiti appeared across Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire from February 21st and April 2nd, police arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with the incidents. Graffiti painted in red included messages such as "Allah reigns" on a church, "kill all white scum" on the famous Willen Peace Pagoda, and "evil white failures" and "rape and replace" on a memorial in a graveyard.

Great Yarmouth Church Desecrated Days Before Easter

March 27, 2018, United Kingdom

A man walked into St Mary’s Catholic Church, set a couple of small fires and attempted to burn the icon taken off the church’s altar. The perpetrator left a Satanic image in the icon's place. The act was recorded by CCTV cameras and police arrested a suspect days later.

Council Votes in Favor of Buffer Zone around Abortion Clinic

February 7, 2018, United Kingdom

In a vote that would create the second so-called "buffer zone" around an abortion clinic in the UK, the Richmond Council voted in favor of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) around a clinic run by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. If it receives final approval at the next council meeting, the PSPO would make it a crime to hold prayer vigils near the clinic. The broadly-worded PSPO would also prohibit any form of interaction with staff or visitors to the clinic.

Teacher Fired for Sharing Biblical Views; Loses Discrimination Lawsuit

February 2, 2018, United Kingdom

Following a one-day trial, an Employment Tribunal dismissed a discrimination claim by a Christian teacher who was fired for answering students’ questions about her Christian beliefs.

Manchester Votes to Ban Pro-Life Protests outside Clinics

January 24, 2018, United Kingdom

Manchester became the second local authority in England to vote to ban pro-life protests and prayer vigils outside clinics. Councillors in the city agreed on January 24th to "take all necessary actions within its powers" to stop what it said was the harassment by protesters against women using the clinics. After this vote, protests would not be banned, but the city will investigate whether a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is warranted.

Five U.K. Retailers Accused of Insulting Christianity in Five Months

January 22, 2018, United Kingdom

Five major U.K. retailers were accused of using advertising or packaging offensive to Christians in as many months. Ocado, an online supermarket, Fortnum & Mason, a luxury goods retailer, the bakery chain Gregg's, Domino's pizza, and Lidl all faced criticism for insulting Christians or Christianity.

Pastor excluded from volunteering at prison due to allegations of extremism by Imam

January 11, 2018, United Kingdom

Pastor Paul Song was excluded from volunteering at a prison in Brixton, South London after Muslim Imam accused him of being too radical.

London Assembly Passed Motion to Clarify Police Power in "Buffer Zones"

December 21, 2017, United Kingdom

On December 21, 2017 the London Assembly passed a motion calling on the mayor to “clarify the powers available to [police] to arrest and prosecute” pro-life campaigners who pray near abortion clinics, accusing them of “obstruction, intimidation and harassment” and “threatening behavior.”

Government Guidance Ensures "Gender Inclusive School Environment"

December 13, 2017, United Kingdom

New government guidance by the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) encourages schools to “ensure the visibility” of transgender perspectives in the classroom.

Christian Peer Fears Proclaiming Christianity could be a Hate Crime

December 12, 2017, United Kingdom

Lord Pearson of Rannoch posed the question to the British government: "Will they confirm unequivocally that a Christian who says that Jesus the only son of the one true God cannot be arrested for hate crime or any other offense?" The government's representative in the House of Lords refused to comment on the question.

Court Rules Student can be Expelled for Quoting Bible on Facebook

October 27, 2017, United Kingdom

On October 27, Felix Ngole, a Christian student who was expelled from university after posting on Facebook his support of Biblical teaching on marriage and sexual ethics, lost his case in a judicial review of the university’s decision.

Employment Tribunal Rejected Christian's Appeal

October 22, 2017, United Kingdom

A Christian who was dismissed as a Magistrate by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice, after expressing his view that it was in a child's best interests to be raised by a mother and a father, lost his case in a Employment Tribunal claiming discrimination, harassment and victimization against an NHS Trust after being blocked from returning to his role as a non-executive director.

Pakistani Christian Attacked for Displaying Cross, Poppies on Car

October 20, 2017, United Kingdom

Tajamal Amar, a 45-year-old Pakistani Christian man, was beaten and left unconscious outside a restaurant. He reported that he was attacked by a group of Muslims who objected to him displaying a cross in his car and two large red poppies on the front of his car.

Parents' Campaign Forces Church School to Ban Christian Charity Group; Wants Symbols Removed

October 17, 2017, United Kingdom

After a parents' group complained about a Christian charity's "fundamentalist approach" in discussions of sin, St. John's Church of England Primary School in Tunbridge Wells agreed to block CrossTeach from running assemblies or giving lessons. The campaign also demands the removal of crosses, Bibles and clergy from Church of England school assemblies.

Oxford College Student Group Banned Christian Union from "Freshers' Fair"; then Reversed Decision

October 8, 2017, United Kingdom

A Balliol College student group at Oxford banned the Christian Union from its freshers’ fair on the grounds that it would be "alienating" for students of other religions, and constitute a "micro-aggression." They further claimed that Christianity was used as "an excuse for homophobia and certain forms of neo-colonialism" and that students might feel "unwelcome" if the Christian Union had a stall. After being reprimanded, organizers agreed that the Christian Union could participate in future fairs.

Some UK Schools Have Removed B.C. and A.D. Dating from Religious Education Classes

October 1, 2017, United Kingdom

B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini, meaning "in the year of the Lord"), have been replaced with B.C.E., which stands for Before Common Era, and C.E., meaning Common Era. The changes were justified "to show sensitivity to those who are not Christians."

Court Rules Christian Child Can be Returned to Family

August 29, 2017, United Kingdom

A Christian five-year-old girl was placed into foster care with a Muslim family in London. Confidential local authority reports suggest that the foster family removed the girl's Christian cross necklace, suggested she learn Arabic, and forbade her from eating pork. In addition, It was alleged that when she had a visit with her biological mother, the girl said that Christmas was “stupid” and European women are “stupid alcoholics”. The court having jurisdiction ruled on August 29, 2017 that the girl should be placed with her grandmother.

Prison Worker Loses Employment Tribunal Appeal over Sermon

August 4, 2017, United Kingdom

A Christian prison worker has lost his latest appeal in the courts over his discipline by HMP Littlehey. Rev Barry Trayorn who worked as a gardener, but volunteered in the chapel, fell into trouble after delivering a talk to prisoners about homosexuality and sin. Following a complaint, he was disciplined then later resigned. In 2016, an employment tribunal ruled that his employers acted within the law. A judge confirmed in August 2017 that ruling was fair, claiming his words could "legitimise mistreatment of homosexual prisoners." Trayhorn will take his case to the Court of Appeal.

Equalities Minister Said Churches Should Follow Public Opinion on Gay Marriage

July 23, 2017, United Kingdom

Justine Greening, who is also Education Secretary, said churches and other religious groups should “keep up” with public opinion on same-sex marriage.

U.K. May Scrap Single-Faith Schools

July 23, 2017, United Kingdom

Christian schools may soon be required to ensure that half of their students are from different religious backgrounds, due to concerns that Christian-only schools "heighten community divisions."

U.K. Foreign Office Agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South Should “Reinterpret” the Bible

July 17, 2017, United Kingdom

The Barnabas Fund has highlighted a Wilton Park (an executive agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) report from 2016 in which it describes biblical sexual morality as 'hateful' and evangelical Christians in prejudicial terms. A key recommendation of the report is "challenging the interpretation of sacred texts."

Iraqi Man Threatened to Kill Church Members

July 9, 2017, United Kingdom

Zana Hassan interrupted a Sunday afternoon church service in Barnard Castle, County Durham on July 9, 2017 “shouting and swearing.” After being arrested by police, he threatened to “kill all the English,” making references to the war in Iraq. He was later convicted of a racially aggravated offense.

Church in Tamworth Vandalized

June 14, 2017, United Kingdom

Anti-Christian messages were scrawled on three different areas of St. Edythe’s Church, the oldest church in Tamworth by unknown vandals. The ancient doors and walls were tagged with statements such as “Lucifer runs this capitalist ruin,” “God has failed,” and “deliver us to evil.” Reverend Alan Gordon and the church community were devastated that the church was targeted by this vandalism.

ISIS Supporter Jailed

April 29, 2017, United Kingdom

The ISIS supporter Akeem Samuels has been sentenced to jail for four years by a court in the United Kingdom. Akeem Samuels posted videos on Instagram where he encouraged terror attacks on Christians.

Christian Prison Preacher to Appeal Tribunal Ruling

April 27, 2017, United Kingdom

A Christian prison worker who felt he had no option but to resign after being disciplined for quoting from the Bible during a prison chapel service, will challenge an Employment Tribunal's ruling that the prison was right to discipline him. In March 2016, the Employment Tribunal ruled that Barry Trayhorn spoke of God's forgiveness in an "insensitive" way which "failed to have regard for the special nature of the congregation in the prison".

Expelled Christian Student Wins Right to Face High Court

April 26, 2017, United Kingdom

Felix Ngole was expelled from the University of Sheffield in 2016 for writing a post on his private Facebook page in which he quoted Leviticus stating that homosexuality was sinful. Deputy High Court Judge James Lewis has allowed Ngole to take his case to the High Court in London and a ruling is expected after a trial this fall.

Longford Church Broken into and Tabernacle Stolen

April 16, 2017, United Kingdom

St Michael’s Church outside Longford was due to open its doors for Easter Sunday Mass when the break-in was discovered. The church window was broken and the altar was severely damaged. Several items were stolen, including the tabernacle.

Social Worker Discouraged Parents from Christening Son

April 13, 2017, United Kingdom

A social worker from Kent met with parents who were considering placing their child for adoption and told them the chances of their son being adopted would be hindered if he were “christened into the Christian faith,” after they expressed their wish to have their son baptized.

Church Leaders and Prime Minister Criticized National Trust

April 4, 2017, United Kingdom

The Church of England accused the National Trust of “airbrushing” Christianity out of Easter festivities, after it renamed “Easter Egg Trail” as the “Great British Egg Hunt.” Cadbury, which sponsors the event, said it wanted the event to appeal to non-Christians, saying: “We invite people from all faiths and none to enjoy our seasonal treats.” The Prime Minister said “[Easter is] a very important festival for the Christian faith for millions across the world. So I think what the National Trust is doing is frankly just ridiculous.”

Anti-Christian Crimes Recorded as "Islamophobia"

March 18, 2017, United Kingdom

Freedom of Information inquiries made by the Network of Sikh Organisations revealed that the London Metropolitan Police recorded 1,227 incidents of Islamophobic hate crime in 2016, but in 57 of these incidents the victim was not contacted, in 86 the religion of the victim was unknown, and 85 of the reported cases were ‘blank’. 19 Hindus, 11 atheists, 43 Christians and four Sikhs were victims.

University Students Want Pro-Life Posters Removed

March 16, 2017, United Kingdom

Aberdeen University students petitioned to have a pro-life poster removed from campus, claiming it was “actively harmful” to women. The Catholic chaplaincy on the campus displayed posters for a 40 Days of Life event, featuring people holding signs and prayer vigils outside the city’s maternity hospital during Lent.

Two Street Preachers Convicted of Public Order Offenses

February 28, 2017, United Kingdom

Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell were convicted on February 28, 2017 after a public prosecutor claimed that quoting parts of the King James Bible in the context of modern British society "must be considered to be abusive and is a criminal matter". After a four-day trial, the men were found guilty under Section 31 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, for using "threatening or abusive words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress, thereby, and the offence was religiously aggravated."

Government Announces Compulsory Sex Education

February 28, 2017, United Kingdom

The government announced that sex and relationships education will become compulsory in all of England's schools. Relationships education will be compulsory for all pupils from the age of four years, but parents will have the right to withdraw their children from sexual education program. Critics view the law as weakening the influence of parents' right to educate their children about sex and relationships.

Oxford Lecturer Refused to take Christian Convert's Questions about Islam

February 27, 2017, United Kingdom

A trainee Church of England priest at Oxford University, an Iranian-born convert from Islam, claimed he wasn’t allowed to ask critical questions about Islam during a seminar and has accused the university of discrimination and bias and made a formal complaint.

General Pharmaceutical Council Launches Guidance on "Religion, Personal Values and Beliefs in Pharmacy Practice"

February 22, 2017, United Kingdom

In May 2017, the British Pharmaceutical Council published new professional standards, stating that pharmacists would have to “take responsibility for ensuring that person-centred care is not compromised because of personal values and beliefs.” The previous conscience "opt-out" provisions were removed. Previously, a pharmacist who did not wish to issue an abortifacient drug could refer the patient to another colleague. In June 2017, the Council developed new guidance called “In practice: Guidance on religion, personal values and beliefs.” This guidance made clear that in some circumstances, pharmacists were expected to dispense a drug against his or her conscience.

National Secular Society Proposes Removal of Bishops' Bench from House of Lords

February 21, 2017, United Kingdom

The group made the recommendation to a parliamentary inquiry to examine how to reduce the size of the Upper House. The House of Lords currently has more than 850 members, and the Bishops' Bench contains two archbishops and 24 bishops who can vote on legislation.

Humanists Demand Religious Radio Program include Non-Religious Perspectives

February 14, 2017, United Kingdom

The British Humanist Association sent a letter to the BBC demanding that its publicly-funded "Thought for the Day" Radio 4 program, which includes reflections from Christians and other faiths, also include non-religious speakers.

Historic Church the Victim of Arson

February 12, 2017, United Kingdom

The Church of the Ascension in Salford was completely destroyed by a fire which was described as arson by police. It was built in 1869 and had recently undergone a £250,000 restoration with funds raised over three years. CCTV footage reportedly shows a young man running from the church at the time the fire broke out.

NHS does not Record Religious Discrimination

February 2, 2017, United Kingdom

The National Health Service has confirmed, in response to a question from a Member of Parliament, that it does not collect information on instances of discrimination against NHS staff on the basis of their faith.

Magistrate Disciplined for Refusing to Hear Same Sex Parenting Case

January 30, 2017, United Kingdom

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office ordered Susan Preston to stand down from hearing future family cases, after she declined to sit on a case involving same-sex parenting due to her personal views.

Gender-Abortion Whistleblower Ordered to Pay Costs

January 20, 2017, United Kingdom

Aisling Hubert, who began criminal proceedings against two doctors who were filmed offering 'gender-abortion', went to court to challenge £36,000 of the costs that were awarded against her after she tried to bring two 'gender-abortion' doctors to justice. The judge said he could not amend or reduce the costs. Instead a settlement was reached for the amount Aisling has to pay. She now has until 18 August to pay the agreed amount.

Policing and Crime Bill Proposes to Raise Penalty for "Religiously Aggravated Offense"

January 18, 2017, United Kingdom

During the debate in the House of Lords, the Government was asked what would qualify for a "religiously motivated offense" and whether it could include a Christian preaching the "supreme divinity of Christ." The Government responded that this would be up to prosecutors and courts.

Goverment Still Supports Plan to Register & Inspect Sunday Schools

January 11, 2017, United Kingdom

Education minister confirmed that the program to regulate "out of school" settings, which could include Sunday school and youth group meetings, remains a government priority. Opponents say that this would leave churches open to complaints if they teach religious principles relating to traditional marriage.

UK Considering Secularist Oath of Allegiance to British Values

December 21, 2016, United Kingdom

The UK government has proposed that all office holders and employees of the State swear an Oath of Allegiance to British Values that conflicts with traditional Christian teaching about sexuality.

Hindu UKIP Member Racially Harassed for Calling Britain a "Christian Country"

December 7, 2016, United Kingdom

Anish Patel, a UKIP member and practising Hindu took to Twitter with a message defending Britain’s Christian identity. In response, Twitter users responded with racist epithets.

Student Union Bans Pro-Life Group

December 5, 2016, United Kingdom

Pro-life supporters have been banned from setting up an official campus group by the University of Strathclyde Student Union on the grounds that such a group would violate "safe space."

Equalities Watchdog Calls for Review of Catholic Schools Hiring Rules

December 5, 2016, United Kingdom

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has told the Scottish government that the Scottish Catholic schools’ legal right to examine teaching staff for religious suitability should be reviewed.

Christian Archbishops from Iraq and Syria Denied Visas to UK

December 4, 2016, United Kingdom

Despite a formal invitation from Prince Charles to attend a consecration ceremony of Britain's first Syriac Orthodox Cathedral, the Home Office denied the visa applications of Archbishops Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf of Mosul, Timothius Mousa Shamani of St Matthew's in Nineveh valley of northern Iraq, and Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh of Homs and Hama in Syria because they "did not have enough money to support themselves and might not leave the UK."

Christian Couple Blocked from Adopting Foster Children

November 9, 2016, United Kingdom

A Christian couple has been blocked from adopting their foster children, after expressing views based on their belief that children should have a mother and a father wherever possible.

Christian Family Forced to Flee their Home

November 9, 2016, United Kingdom

A family have been forced to flee their home under armed police guard amid fears for their safety after suffering what they say is eight years of persecution for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Christian Bakers Lose Appeal

October 24, 2016, United Kingdom

The owners of Ashers Baking in Belfast lost their appeal of 2015 discrimination conviction for refusing to bake a cake ordered by homosexual activist Gareth Lee showing two Sesame Street characters and the message: “Support Gay Marriage.” The case was heard by the Supreme Court in May 2018.

Christian parents fear 'gender-confused' daughter will be taken away

October 23, 2016, United Kingdom

Christian parents fear their 14-year-old daughter will be taken into foster care unless they allow her to change her female name to a male one.

Armed Police Patrol Canterbury Cathedral

September 29, 2016, United Kingdom

Police with guns patrol Canterbury Cathedral due to concerns about terror attacks. The extra security is in response to a series of jihadist attacks across Europe, including the murder of French priest, Father Jacques Hamel.

Humanist Society Scotland Challenges Parental Opt-Out for Religious Observance in Schools; wants Children to Decide

September 12, 2016, United Kingdom

The Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is seeking judicial review after the Scottish Government rejected calls for a change to the current rules which permit only parents to opt out on their children’s behalf.

Security Guidance Sent to UK Churches after Murder of French Priest

August 31, 2016, United Kingdom

The organization National Churchwatch issued a new security guidance to every church in the UK in the wake of the murder of French priest Jacques Hamel by Islamist terrorists.

Nurse Fired for Talking about Faith with Patients

August 31, 2016, United Kingdom

A Christian nurse was fired for "gross misconduct" by the NHS for talking to her patients about her faith and occasionally offering prayer to help them prepare for surgery. Part of her job was to help patients complete a questionnaire, which included a question about religion.

Parliamentary Inquiry Finds UK Doctors Risk Losing Jobs For Refusing To Perform Abortion

July 21, 2016, United Kingdom

British pro-life doctors and nurses face hostility, loss of advancement, and pressure to perform or refer for abortions despite legislation guaranteeing their right to conscientiously object, according to a parliamentary inquiry.

Street Preacher Arrested for Hate Crime for Quoting Bible to Gay Teenager

July 17, 2016, United Kingdom

Gordon Larmour, a Christian evangelist, was charged with behaving in a "threatening or abusive manner aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation" and "assault", after he referred to the Book of Genesis and stated that God created Adam and Eve to produce children in response to a 19-year-old's question about God's views on homosexuality. He spent one night in prison. Six months later, a court in Kilmarnock, Scotland acquitted him of all charges.

Co-Workers Found Not Guilty of Religiously Aggravated Offense

June 24, 2016, United Kingdom

A York jury heard evidence about sustained bullying of a teenage apprentice, a Catholic, by tying him to a cross in a mock crucifixion, among other acts, during a trial. They found the accused guilty of assault, but not guilty of religiously aggravated assault.

Large Pentagram and 666 Painted on Church Graveyard

June 19, 2016, United Kingdom

A vandal sprayed satanic symbols, a large pentagram, and the number 666 onto the lawn of the graveyard at All Saints Church in Hull, Yorkshire.

Church of England Accused of Discrimination

June 16, 2016, United Kingdom

The Church of England has been accused of discriminating against a lesbian couple by refusing to conduct their wedding.

Parliamentary Report Finds Inadequate Assessment of Religion-Based Asylum Claims

June 7, 2016, United Kingdom

The All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief released a 35-page report in which it said the questions used to assess conversion asylum claims demonstrated a "lack of understanding and misperceptions of religion."

Christian Union Banned From Holding Meetings on College Premises

June 7, 2016, United Kingdom

A Christian union has been banned from holding meetings on college premises, as a result of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy "Prevent".

Television Presenter Calls Christian a "Homophobe"; Receives No Sanctions

April 12, 2016, United Kingdom

Piers Morgan will not face sanctions after asking a Christian who opposed same-sex marriage whether he was a "homophobe".

Magistrate Removed from Office, Suspended from NHS Trust, for Christian Belief in Traditional Family

March 29, 2016, United Kingdom

A Christian magistrate Richard Page has been removed from office by the Lord Chancellor after sharing his personal conviction in a media interview that there is not enough evidence to show that placing children in the care of same-sex couples is in their best interest.

Christian Postgraduate Student Expelled for Opposing Gay Marriage

February 27, 2016, United Kingdom

A Sheffield University social work postgraduate student, Felix Ngole, was expelled from his course for posting on his Facebook page that homosexual activity is against the teaching of the Bible.

Image of St. John the Evangelist Banned from Rochester Train Station

December 27, 2015, United Kingdom

Network Rail, partly funded by taxpayer money, argued it was "overtly Christian" and that it would offend "multi-cultural values".

Proposed UK School Regulations May Put Christian Sunday Schools and Summer Camps at Risk

December 13, 2015, United Kingdom

Plans for Ofsted to regulate out-of-school settings could burden churches, discourage volunteers and cause unnecessary distress to children, a Conservative MP has warned.

Lord's Prayer Advertisement Produced by Banned in Cinemas

November 23, 2015, United Kingdom

The advertisement shows the Lord’s Prayer being recited by a members of the public ranging from bodybuilders to children.

Christian Convert Violently Attacked Outside His Home

November 17, 2015, United Kingdom

Nissar Hussain, who has helped to promote Christian Concern's Safe Haven initiative to help protect Christians who have converted from Islam, was beaten with a pickaxe handle by two men while on the way to his car in Bradford (United Kingdom).

Public Funds Used for Play Depicting Jesus Christ as Transsexual

November 12, 2015, United Kingdom

The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven is part of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival in Belfast, and is advertised with the tagline: “Jesus is a transsexual woman. And it is now she walks the earth.”

Proposed Mandatory LGBT Education in Scotland Would Violate Parents' Rights & Put Teachers' Jobs in Jeopardy

November 1, 2015, United Kingdom

Pro-LGBT group Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) has launched a petition demanding that children as young as five learn about homosexual, bisexual and transgender issues, and this week it addressed the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee.

Prison Minister Fired for Preaching "Homophobic" Bible Verses

October 31, 2015, United Kingdom

Reverend Barry Trayhorn, volunteering as a chaplain at a prison for sex offenders, recited verses from Corinthians which include homosexuality in a long list of sins, along with adultery, theft and drunkenness during a service.

UPDATE: No Registry for Faith Leaders in Published UK Counter-Extremism Strategy

October 19, 2015, United Kingdom

After a leaked report indicated that the strategy would include the following provision, "pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders will be subject to Government training and security checks and will have to enrol in a 'national register of faith leaders'," the Government's final strategy only calls for "training."

Case update: Christian Punished for Praying with Colleague Allowed to Appeal

October 8, 2015, United Kingdom

A Christian disciplined by an NHS trust for praying with a colleague has won permission to appeal an employment tribunal’s decision against her.

British "Values Monitor" Says Opposing Homosexuality Could Be a Crime

September 18, 2015, United Kingdom

Voicing criticism of homosexuality “might be breaking the law”, a British values monitor claimed.

UK Burglars Urinate in Holy Water

September 10, 2015, United Kingdom

Burglars broke into a Sunderland church, smashed a window (causing more than £1,000 in damage) and used fire extinguishers to try to break down doors. Although nothing was stolen, someone urinated in the holy water font.

UK Schools Watchdog Ignores Bullying of Christian Students

July 30, 2015, United Kingdom

Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, has said Ofsted and the Department for Education (DfE) have given “inadequate attention” to the “bullying of Christian pupils”.

Baker Found Guilty After Refusing to Bake Cake Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

May 18, 2015, United Kingdom

A bakery in Northern Ireland was found guilty of "direct discrimination" after its Christian owner declined to provide a decorated cake with the words 'support gay marriage’. The owner said he could not fulfill the order because it conflicts with his Christian beliefs about marriage.

Street Preacher Fined, Judge Rules on Appropriateness of Bible Verses in Public

March 24, 2015, United Kingdom

Taunton street preacher Mike Overd has been convicted of a Public Order offence for using a particular bible verse in a public conversation with a man who identifies as homosexual. The judge ruled that another bible verse would have been more appropriate and would have prevented the fine.

Employment Tribunal Hears Christian Educator "Rightly" Dismissed for Faith

March 5, 2015, United Kingdom

Christian nursery educator, Sarah Mbuyi, was dismissed from her job after "gross misconduct" for saying that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman in conversation with a colleague. In an employment tribunal hearing, witnesses testified that Christian views on the topic should not be expressed in the workplace.

“Christ” and “Jesus” Considered Abusive by Marks & Spencer

March 1, 2015, United Kingdom

A pastor’s wife order for bouquet of spring flowers was blocked when she had tried to use words: "Thank you for your care and practical help for Margaret in her last days... With love from her church family, Christ Church Teddington". She was confronted with an on-screen warning: “Sorry there’s something in your message we can’t write.”

Pensioner Dismissed from Red Cross After Protesting Same-sex Marriage

November 1, 2014, United Kingdom

71-years-old Bryan Barkley was dismissed from the British Red Cross after his one-man protest in front of his church holding a placard saying “No same sex marriage” and “No redefinition of marriage”. His views were found incompatible with the principles of impartiality and neutrality of Red Cross.

Marriage Registrar Dismissed for Refusing to Perform Same-sex Ceremony But Subsequently Reinstated

September 1, 2014, United Kingdom

A Christian registrar was dismissed for indicating she would not be willing to perform same-sex marriages. Finally, she was reinstated after a successful appeal in which it was ruled that her employer had failed to take a “balanced view” of her religious beliefs.

Travelodge Removes Bibles from Hotel Rooms in Britain

August 15, 2014, United Kingdom

One of biggest hotel chains in Britain, Travelodge, has decided to remove Bibles from the hotel rooms to avoid upsetting non-Christians. Travelodge bases its decision on ‘diversity reasons’ and explains that the country has become increasingly multicultural.

(/Northern Ireland) Arson Attack on a Church in North Belfast

July 20, 2014, United Kingdom

The Catholic church in Newtownabbey has been a target of several hate crimes already. On July 20th, it was an arson attack. The wooden doors of the church were damaged by flammable liquid.

Northern Ireland Bakery Facing Legal Action For Not Support Gay Marriage

July 7, 2014, United Kingdom

A bakery is facing legal action for refusing to produce a cake decorated with Sesame Street characters saying ‘support gay marriage’ on grounds of their religious beliefs. While gay marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland, the equality commission demands from the directors of the bakery to „remedy your illegal discrimination“.

Police Advice: Record Christian Street Preacher To Sue Them

June 30, 2014, United Kingdom

Police advice people to record a Christian street preacher Mr Michael Overd on a video if he makes offensive remarks as some passers-by in High Street were upset when he expressed his views about homosexuality and sex outside marriage.

Street Evangelist Tried for Talking about the Live of Mohammed in Taunton

June 27, 2014, United Kingdom

Street evangelist, Mike Overd, is being prosecuted for an alleged religious aggravation public order offence. The charges followed a complaint to police in Taunton, that Mike Overd made a comparison between the life of Jesus and the life of Mohammed, allegedly "causing offense."

Christian Conscientious Objectors to Morning-After-Pill Barred from Sexual Health Care Diploma

May 1, 2014, United Kingdom

British doctors and nurses who refuse to dispense the morning-after pill on grounds of conscience will be unable to receive a specialist diploma in sexual health care. Guidance issued by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare states that medical professionals who, for religious reasons, refuse to hand out "emergency" contraception cannot receive the qualification. The diploma is considered to represent the "gold standard" of sexual health care training.

Christian Worker in London Claims She was Fired for Refusing to Read Children’s Books About Gay Couples

April 30, 2014, United Kingdom

Sarah Mbuyi, 30 year-old nursery worker from north London will bring her case to court as she claims she was fired on the grounds of her religious beliefs because she said that she would have scruples about reading children’s stories involving same-sex couples.

Muslim Interrupts Religious Remembrance Ceremony in Alfreton, Derbyshire

April 26, 2014, United Kingdom

In Derbyshire, England on the 11th of November, 2013, a 52 year-old Muslim man named Mohamed Dar entered New Life Church in Alfreton as the community was holding a remembrance service for English World War I soldiers. He was shouting "turn to Islam" while wearing a scarf tied over his face and a kind of turban on which was written in Arab, “Allah is great.”

Christian Claims he was Denied a Job at a Country House Hotel near Colchester on Account of His Faith

March 13, 2014, United Kingdom

Graphic designer Jamie Haxby was interviewed for a job at Prested Hall Hotel near Colchester in the United Kingdom. He says his interviewer, Celie Parker, asked him if he was Christian, to which he answered in the affirmative. On looking through his portfolio and seeing that he had done previous work with churches and Christian groups, she commented that she and other members of staff were atheists and that they could never work with a committed Christian. She is also reported to have apologized for wasting Haxby’s time.

Government Seems to Discriminate Against Religious Education

February 25, 2014, United Kingdom

The failure of the government to provide bursaries for those wishing to teach Religious Education (RE) has been described as “rank discrimination” by a leading RE body. Childcare minister Elizabeth Truss MP confirmed this month that no bursaries would be offered for religious education teachers in training this year. This cut in the bursaries has made it increasingly difficult for those studying to teach RE.

Elderly Street Preacher Falsely Arrested and Assaulted by Police

February 11, 2014, United Kingdom

73-year-old Bill Edwards was ordered by a police constable to stop preaching outside the Magistrates Court House in Banbury as some people in the building found his preaching “offensive”. He refused to move and was arrested and charged with assault and breach of peace. In the police station Mr Edwards was grabbed by six officers and pinned to the ground.

Scottish Secularists Want to Curb Churches’ Role in Education

January 14, 2014, United Kingdom

Secularists in Scotland have called on the government to remove religious representatives from education committees. Under the Local Government Act 1973, local authority education committees are required to appoint three representatives from religious organisations and the Edinburgh Secular Society wants to see a change in the law.

Street Preacher Arrested for Mentioning "Sexual Sin" in Scotland

January 8, 2014, United Kingdom

Tony Miano, a street preacher addressing lunchtime shoppers at Dundee High Street, Scotland, was arrested and held in custody to appear before the Dundee Sheriff Court. He was talking about “sexual sin” including “adultery, promiscuity and homosexual practice”. A woman called the police, who on arrival snatched away the camera of a friend who was filming the preaching and arrested the street preacher.